Ted Bauman tells how he achieved his success

Some influential individuals in the society want to live their lives helping others to achieve the success they have gained. They want the others to be happy and change their lives because of the helpful insights they have. Ted Bauman is one of such people. He decided to retire from working for an international organization to help others succeed in business. Bauman felt many people were willing to venture into entrepreneurship, but they lacked the knowledge of how to invest. Ted was born in Washington but most of his life he spent in South Africa where he was educated. As a young person, Ted wanted to excel in the corporate world and gain a solid understanding of how businesses work. He went to the University of Cape Town where he studied economics, and this gave him the foundation he needed to start his financial career.

He graduated with excellent results, and he was ready to launch his career. After completing his education, he did not want to go back to his country because he felt South Africa had opportunities. There was a lot he could do in South Africa, and he also wanted to help those who lived impoverished lives in the streets and slums. For two decades Ted Bauman had the experience working with many organizations including government entities in South Africa. He engaged in many jobs, and this gave him a lot of experience on the movement and patterns of the financial charts. That is why Bauman can effortlessly predict the financial markets. He has worked as a fund manager for a nonprofit organization, and the project was successful expanding even to other countries.

After many years of success in South Africa, Ted Bauman decided to go back to the United States where he continued working with organizations. He landed a chance to work with Habitat which is an international organization, but he felt he needed to assist investors in the United States of America to make the best investment decisions. That is why Ted Bauman decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing to offer sound and actionable advice to entrepreneurs.


Upwork Has All The Answers

Everyone usually has that bad day when he/she overwhelmingly numerous tasks that have to be completed within a particular time. At most times, such situations are arrived at when one doesn’t take enough time to plan on what to do at a specific period. Upwork is a very reliable website for those who often find themselves in such kind of situations. The site has solutions that are captured by numerous people who give their views on such sensitive topics. The following are some of the answers that can be found on Upwork concerning having a manageable to-do list:

  1. Capture everything in writing

Most times, people tend to try remembering the tasks that they need to do at a particular time. This leads to forgetting some of the vital details as well as forgetting some tasks wholly. To avoid such an occasion, it is advisable to write down what you need to achieve. This way, you’ll be having a reference point that you’ll be checking against when you begin doing the tasks.

Those who strive to remember the tasks that they require to achieve suffer from a psychological situation called the Zeigernik Effect. This means that the unattended tasks keep flashing on the mind causing one to have a minimal concentration on the activity at hand. Writing down tasks eliminates this tendency, and one is more focused on completing the current work first.

  1. Prepare in advance

It is always vital to have a to-do list. However, according to Upwork, the most common mistake that most people do is spending the best part of their morning hours preparing the tasks to do for the new day. While this is a crucial exercise, doing it in the morning makes it a waste of time. This is because the morning hours are usually the best period to do the tasks instead of planning them as the mind is fresh. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare for what to do on a particular day on the previous night.

There are loads of other solutions on Upwork. All that you need is to visit the website and search for your query. Also, the site provides an opportunity to interact with professionals from all the walks of life.

Bachelorette Bombshell Attends the Academy of Art University, San Francisco

If your guilty pleasure is watching Bachelor in Paradise, you are in good company. The most recent season has viewers captivated with Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile. Because of her charming and quirky behavior, Kendall quickly became a fan favorite on the show. During the show, Kendall made it to the final 3, while “Joe” went home empty handed after appearing separately on The Bachelorette. Since wrapping the season, “Joe” has been spending quite a large amount of time in California where Kendall studied at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. The school focuses on building artists’ report throughout a variety of art professions, and has been doing so since 1929.

Neither Kendall nor Grocery Joe have confirmed whether their fling is the real-deal. But, they have left a digital trail on social media. On reddit, fans speculate that they are in love by digging up clues from Instagram stories and deleted videos. The photos and film clips definitely point to a lot of share time together, which seems more than just a coincidence. Kendall continues to reside on the west coast after school as she is a California native.

While at the Academy of Art University San Francisco, Kendall Long earned her bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications. Afterwards the 26-year-old worked in the entertainment industry as a creative director before joining the Bachelor’s 22nd season.

The Academy of Art University San Francisco is a brick and mortar art institution which allows online learning as well. They boast multiple studios and media rooms, which can be viewed on an in-campus tour. They offer different financial options which make paying for your education simple. Lastly, they have produced alumni that work creative roles in highly prestigious companies such as Samsung, Disney, the fashion house of Chanel, and Google to name a few.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: https://www.niche.com/colleges/academy-of-art-university/

How Impressive Is Guilherme Paulus?

I’ll tell you how impressive Guilherme Paulus is. Guilherme Paulus is so impressive that he joined the ranks of the billionaires in 2013 and has a net worth of 1.9 billion. He is so impressive that he has been recognized and honored by many international governments all around the world.

He has managed to found his own travel agency company, the CVC, in 1972. He has founded his very own Hotels and Resorts network in 2005, the GJP. He has even managed to own his own airline in 2006, Webjet.

Guilherme Paulus is so impressive that he was able to turn the CVC travel agency into the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America. Guilherme’s original partner left the business venture only four years after the founding and sold his shares to Guilherme. Guilherme was able to make the CVC so successful, that it caught the attention of a global investment firm called the Carlyle Group He sold a large portion of the company to the Carlyle Group in 2009 and is still owner of a third of the company. The CVC now generates approximately $5.2 billion in annual revenue.

The Brazilian entrepreneur is so impressive that he founded his own Hotels and Resorts network, the GJP. The GJP network has grown to have 19 Hotels and Resorts in its control all over the country of Brazil. It has 7 hotels in the South Region, 5 in the Southeast Region, and 7 in the Northeast Region. Guilherme knows that a commitment to customer satisfaction will make anyone successful in their business. His favorite characteristics are:

– Do not be afraid to take risks
– Be optimistic
– Be determined
– Love what you do

Guilherme Paulus is so impressive that he even acquired his very own airline. In 2006, he acquired the Webjet airline. At the time of its acquisition, Webjet had only one aircraft in its fleet. Guilherme Paulus was able to transform this tiny airline into the third largest airline that operates in Brazil. It also now has 20 aircraft in its fleet.

See: http://revista.turismocompartilhado.com.br/2017/11/22/top-seller-2017-guilherme-paulus-fala-sobre-empreendedorismo/

Malcom CasSelle Thinks Gaming Will Bring Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream

Cryptocurrency is moving out of the shadows of the internet and into mainstream transactions. According to Malcolm CasSelle, the gaming industry may play an important part in this movement. As the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has a lot of experience when it comes to small transactions being made over the borders of different countries.

Malcolm CasSelle’s OPSkins is launching their own virtual asset trading platform that incorporates blockchain technology known as the Worldwide Asset eXchange. Malcolm CasSelle and his team at WAX designed the platform to allow for peer to peer trading that is both efficient and safe for users located all around the world. The widget that WAX is powered by uses the blockchain technology associated with cryptocurrency in order to prevent fraud and issues with fragmentation that have been plaguing the gaming community.

As the president of WAX and CIO os OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle is responsible or the biggest marketplace on the internet for selling virtual items associated with different video games. He has an education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University in Computer Science. He earned a bachelors from MIT and a Masters from Stanford. Before becoming involved with these companies he served the company tronc as their Chief Technology Officer which was also highly involved with digital assets. Malcom CasSelle is familiar with the process of creating content that is both useful and engaging to a wide audience.

At tronc, formerly Tribune Publishing, Malcolm CasSelle was praised for his accomplishments with the company. He developed an impressive investment strategy that aided the company in their efforts to grow while creating a work culture that cultivated innovation. With a knack for discovering talent, he built a team that was able to disrupt the current business models that were in use while building advanced technology.

Malcolm CasSelle has been involved with many different startups in the technology sector. Some of these include Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent, a Groupon venture in China. While he is an expert at developing his own tech companies, he is also known for getting on at companies as an investor at an early stage such as Zynga and Facebook.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: https://twitter.com/malcolmcasselle?lang=en

Madison Street Capital Has Plans for Austin

Austin, Texas is the birthplace of many brands that have become household names such as Dell, Whole Foods Market, and Yeti. In addition to these household brands, the capital City of Texas has also become an adopted home for many other well-known brands such as Facebook, Dropbox, Apple, and Google. Austin will soon be able to add the award-winning boutique investment banking firm of Madison Street Capital to that list. The Chicago based firm has plans to expand to the Austin area and is currently reviewing potential office locations.


In addition to many of the largest technology companies in the world, Austin also plays host to a variety of companies of all sizes in a wide number of fields. It is this variety of businesses that have made Austin a highly attractive destination for Madison Street Capital. The banking firm provides public and private businesses in the middle market with corporate financial advisory services.


The Madison Street Capital reputation of upholding the highest standards of integrity and excellence has made the international investment banking firm the first stop for companies requiring leadership as well as top quality financial services. Madison Street Capital delivers a host of corporate financial services such as valuation services, financial opinions, merger-and-acquisition expertise and financial advisory services. The firm’s clients use the services to position themselves to achieve success within the current global marketplace. With each new project Madison Street Capital develops an understanding of the client’s goals which may include raising capital, transfer of business ownership or mergers and Acquisitions among others to determine the best course of action to provide a successful result for their client.


Madison Street Capital understands that emerging markets form the key component that drives global growth for many of their clients and the firm plans to continue focusing a significant amount of resources into these markets. Madison Street Capital has developed a reputation among their clients the world over for providing unwavering dedication to upholding extremely high professional standards and delivering the highest level of service.


Read https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/madison-street-capital-announces-plans-to-expand-with-austin-location-300692666.html?tc=eml_cleartime to learn more.

Achievements of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has a B.S. in earth science that he got from the Penn State University. Matt also has a master’s degree in geology that he obtained from Florida Atlantic University. At the time Matt began his PhD, he began to talk to his friend who show him the right way to financial career path. The friend of Matt wanted to get some help in developing strategies that an average investor can use to invest cash. Matt Badiali did not resist reason being that he saw how his father faced problems of investing. This made Matt to have a desire of finding a way that would make it is simpler for other people to gain profit and not to lose their money.

When you read the articles of Matt Badiali, you will realize that through his advice the number of the people he has managed to help has doubled as well tripled the cash that they have managed to invest. Badiali love to travel all over the world so that he gets the chance of sharing his ideas as well as his advice. Matt knows well the time to worry concerning the process of the market and the time he can relax since he is a geologist hence he is an expert when it comes to investing in the financial related markets. Matt Badiali has travelled to many places across the world so that he could inspect oil wells as well as mines in several countries.

Some of the countries that Matt Badiali has visited are Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea and many more. During his tour, Matt has managed to ask some Chief Executive Officers of different countries several questions to enable him to determine if they were telling the truth regarding their investments or not. The skills of Matt as a geologist gave him an opportunity for analyzing the geological data he was able to collect and come up with a real picture of investment. Mr Badiali was able to invest in gold stocks, and the investment was doing well. Badiali explained that people start abandoning their positions the moment they to see S&P going through volatility.

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Ara Chackerian: Introducing Technology in Healthcare

Ara Chackerian spoke about his latest business venture in an interview with Interview.net where he revealed the inspiration behind TMS Health solutions. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Chackerian is a well known philanthropist that has been largely invoked in youth development and environmental conservation programs. Together with his long-term business partner, Chackerian has been able to set up a network of outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California. However, Ara decided to venture into the outpatient psychiatry space that was yet to be fully explored. Check out interview.net to see more.





The suggestion to explore the psychiatry space was made their long-term provide partner who made them to start thinking about developing a technology for treating depression. As a result, Ara Chackerian developed a device based treatment to help treat depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the name of the new treatment that informed Chackerian’s latest venture. The technology has the potential to become a major pillar in psychiatric care because its efficacy.




Industry Trends




In one of his articles on Medium, Ara Chackerain observes that the First World countries are worried about their healthcare. This is surprising considering the fact that the countries have some of the best healthcare policies when compared to developing and Third World countries. However, the reality is that some of these countries have their own challenges when it comes to healthcare. Their systems are not in any way perfect as citizens from low income brackets still struggle to pay for their healthcare costs. This is the trend in major countries such as France, Japan, and the United States. The sustainability of healthcare systems in these countries is not guaranteed, and this has become a major point of concern. Most of these countries are worried about the funding of their free healthcare plans because they are not sure if their budgets will continue to take up the cost of universal healthcare. You can visit norluyce.com to know more.





Ara Chackerian Bio




Ara Chackerian is a dedicated philanthropist and entrepreneur with a lot of interest in healthcare. His objective is to revolutionalize healthcare services in the country by investing in growth healthcare companies. Ara has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry where he has played a major role the establishment of companies likeTMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and ASC Capital Holdings, LLC.


Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ara-chackerian#/entity



William Saito; Leader In Business and Technology

William Saito is among the most influential people in Japan and provides advisory services to various governments. Mr. Saito started software programming while in elementary school and launched his company in high school. He is recognized as one of the central authorities in encryption, authenticating biometric systems and cybersecurity. His success in these realms coupled with his business skills enabled him to be named the Entrepreneur of the year by various organizations including Ernst and Young, and the USA today.

He sold his first business to the Microsoft Corporation and relocated to Tokyo and founded a new company called InTecur. The company deals with venture capital and provides consultancy services concerning innovative technologies. The company is also involved in developing and nurturing global talent and assisting upcoming entrepreneurs to be successful.

William Saito was appointed a council member that dealt with the development of national strategies and policies. He reported to Japan’s prime minister with regular updates of the best recommendations for policy development and implementation. He was also the chief technology officer while working at the Fukushima Nuclear accident where he led the independent investigation of the nuclear incident. Besides the provision of advisory services to the national governments, he also provided these services to other scientific and technological institutions.

When not occupied with consultancy and advisory services, Mr. Saito works as a lecturer at various universities. He is also a board member at multiple companies and comments publically on TV regarding political, economic and social issues. Mr. Saito has also authored various publications and writes several articles for a newspaper column weekly. He is an accomplished writer with a bestselling book on management and his autobiography. He is a member of the World Economic Forum board and was named by the organization as an accomplished global leader. Mr. Saito is also a council member of the global agenda. William Saito is driven by his unique outlook on business and technology. He believes although not all business and technological concepts will be successful, entrepreneurs cannot succeed without establishing the areas that worked well and those that did not implement the idea. Without this, entrepreneurs will never develop ideas and use them to create well-finished end products.



Growing the finance world-the story of Peter Briger.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts at Princeton University, Peter Briger would begin working for Goldman Sachs. At the time he was not sure how far his career in finance would take him, but he was determined to make the best out of it. He began ascending the ranks in the bank, and by 1996 he was made partner. This meant that Briger was doing something right at Goldman and he would continue to ascend through the various levels as the years went by. During this time a lot was happening, and the need for private equity firms was rising. Seizing the opportunity three investors who all had a background in finance came together and began Fortress Investment Group.

This group was founded in 1998 and at the time it had about four hundred million in assets under its direct management. Over the next five years, Fortress Investment Group would experience exponential growth, managing to bring its total assets under management to about 3 billion dollars. This was a turning point for the group as they quickly realized that there was a need to bring in more talent and experienced managers who would take Fortress to the next level. At this point, Peter Briger was brought in, and he joined the management team. His work at fortress would become immediately noticeable, and by 2006 he had joined the board of directors.

This would mark a turning in his career. The following year, Fortress made a decision to list on the NYSE to be able to raise more capital while at the same time give more investors the opportunity to experience the Return on Investment the private investors were experiencing. Peter Briger would face one of his toughest tests at fortress during this time as he was tasked with overseeing the same even as his former employer Goldman Sachs provided liquidity for the same. The listing went on smoothly and the value of Fortress Investment Group or FIG as it was now listed skyrocketed. Following the success of this event, Peter Briger would be made Co-chairman of the group a move that saw him consolidate his role within the organization.

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