Get Addicted to the Queens of Drama featuring Crystal Hunt

Die hard soap opera fans know that their favorite daytime television programs are hard to top. They love soap operas with all of their dramas, suspense and many surprises. While all of this makes for great television; soap opera fans should know about Queens of Drama. This is a fairly new reality show that appears on the POP network. The program is in its second season and features a really hot cast of former soap stars. One in particular is name Crystal Hunt and she brings some of her original style and flavor like she did when she played Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live.

Metacritic showcases how Crystal Hunt has been working in television and on films since the early 2000’s. Since she departed from the world of soaps back in 2012 she has appeared in films such as Magic Mike XXL and 23 Blast. She has also tried her hand at producing. Crystal and her good friend Dania Ramirez produced this film in 2015.

Crystal is not only working on film and television she also operates her own business. She owns My Pets Dream Botique which is a high end pet boutique for dogs and cats. Her business is based in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. When she is not away on projects or filming television programs she is devoting her time to this organization.

Hunt is not the only big time soap actress on the show. Other former soap stars appear on the program as well. Remember Lindsay Hartley who played Cara on Day of our Lives? How about Tylo Hunter’s charter Tyler form General Hospital? Well both of these actresses are on the program. So is, Chrystee Pharris, Venassa Marcil and the lovely Donna Mills. Joan Collins even guest stars on the program. The show is loaded with former soap opera talent and is considered a blast by many fans.

Queens of Drama is a scripted reality show and not everything is real. Most of the “drama” on the show is scripted but the ladies are allowed to confront each other at times. The goal of this show is to entertain and not to get the women into a serious squabble.

The premise of the show is about former soap stars coming together trying to manage their own production company. An interview with the actresses indicated Crystal Hunt and Donna Mills are the leaders of the group and the rest of the women have their own roles as well. The show takes place primarily in a television studio the ladies have purchased. All of the stars even have alternate characters that they play on the program. This too helps to keep the drama going.

Many soap opera fans love Queens of Drama and they are really glad that the show features so many former but great soap opera actresses. The first season of the show debuted in April of 2015 and the second season is scheduled to begin in April of 2016. Many people are starting to find out about this program and plan on turning it on once the season starts.  For more background on the actresses, Crystal Hunt has an acting reel from her various soap opera roles online.

Sam Tabar: How to Attract Investors

For an investment firm to succeed, attracting investors is vital to get the firm and its clients to the highest levels of success each year. However, attracting investors is not as easy as it sounds. While there are always plenty of people looking for a good investment opportunity, finding them and convincing them you should be their first choice can be a difficult task. To ensure this key component is done well, the person in charge of investor relations needs to be one who has excellent communication skills as well as extensive knowledge of financial markets. In today’s highly competitive world of international finance, perhaps no one is better at investor relations than Sam Tabar.

With a multicultural educational background detailed on SlideShare, Sam has had the opportunity to work with many different people in the years since he graduated with honors from Oxford University. Once he received his law degree from Columbia Law School, Sam decided to hone his skills in investor and client relations by going to work with the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom, where he spent the first several years of his career counseling clients on various aspects of hedge fund management.

However, after working in the legal field to start his career, Sam decided to use his training and experience in other areas of financial advising. Thus, he left the law firm and accepted a position in Hong Kong with the Sparx Group, a global investment company. Given the position of Head of Business Development and Strategy, indicates Sam immediately set out to gain numerous new investors for the firm’s massive $2 billion hedge fund. Speaking with investors in Hong Kong as well as many cities in the United States and other countries, Sam began to show the industry just how investors could be sought out. In fact, while in the process of doing so, Sam built up a personal file of investors that numbered more than 2,000 people. Showing that it takes dedication, knowledge, and experience to ensure the best investors are found, Sam continues to work on new and innovative methods to implement global marketing strategies with his new firm FullCycle Fund. By doing so, it’s certain more investors will be coming his way very soon.  You can read more about Sam Tabar’s personal life mission from his AWI Go Fund Me campaign.

Sanjay Shah: Creator of the Solo Capital Empire

Sanjay Shah was born in London to immigrant parents. His parents had immigrated to the United Kingdom from Kenya in the 1960s in search of a better life for their family. Shah pursued this dream by starting medical school at King’s College. Before long, he realized that medicine was not for him so he switched to accounting. After graduating, Shah worked at KPMG as a trainee chartered accountant. He then moved into investment banking and worked for companies like Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, ING and Merrill Lynch.

In 2009, many people were let go because of redundancy during the recession, Shah was among them. Shah did not want to look for another job. He had no desire to continue the long commute from home to work everyday. He also did not want to work the long hours that a job required when he knew he could do the work in less. Shah decided to start his own firm, Solo Capital. The firm is also known as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited.

The firm is controlled by Shah’s Solo Group Holdings, which is controlled by Shah’s Aesa S.a.r.l. The firm is headquartered in London and the United Kingdom regulates it. Solo Capital was incorporated in 2011 and the only employees were Shah and a few traders and graduates. The firm quickly grew and an office was opened in Dubai, where Shah now lives with his family.  As of March 2015, the firm had a cash flow of 30 million pounds, assets equal to 67 million pounds and a net worth of 15 million pounds.

The firm offers specialized services in 3 different areas. The first area is proprietary trading, which includes commodities, FX and derivatives. The second area is consulting, which includes human capital, performance and investment. The third area is professional sports investments, which includes commercial advisory and representation, asset and performance management and talent acquisition.

The firm and Shah’s other investments have made him a net worth of 280 million dollars. Shah owns over 35 companies around the world. These companies are in the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg and Malta.

Last year was its first year and it successfully brought in several thousand people to see acts like Joss Stone and Aloe Blacc. Shah is also heavily involved in philanthropy and even founded his own charity, Autism Rocks.


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Skout Surveys Users About Friendship

Making friends online is easy today because there are some really great applications that allow users to easily mingle and chat. The main application that I use to make friends on the internet is called Skout. It is available for free on your mobile phone, and it is free to sign up for, as well. There are some options to upgrade, but the free version of Skout is packed with so much value that you will be happy that you downloaded it.

Friendship Day

We just celebrated international online friendship day at Skout. Everyone got really into it because we all like having friends to talk to online. The users from Skout actually participated in a survey that was published on PR Newswire about different peoples’ perceptions of friendship. The survey includes some fascinating statistics about having online friends. Have you ever tried having friends online? It can be fun to get to know people from around the world without leaving your couch. With Skout, you can get to know people in your city or across the planet.

The survey had some statistics that I wanted to share. Skout conducted the survey by asking 23,000 people on its platform the same series of questions. One interesting result was that three out of four of the people interviewed for this survey claimed to have at least one online friend that they talked to on a regular basis.

Skout is practically a marketplace for friendship. It’s simple to start. You can download the app for free. Then, you create your log in information. The app prompts you through creating your profile. You will be able to give as much or as little information as you would like. You can upload a picture if you would like to show people who your are. People with pictures get better results in making friends. People use Skout for finding friends and for finding romantic relationships. It’s up to you how you use your account, but you can always change the status of your account at any time. You can log on to Skout at any time from your mobile device and begin letting the new friendships roll in. To learn more about Skout and the survey the conducted, visit PR Newswire.

Eucatex And Ethical Standards

President Flávio Maluf Leads With Confidence
Flávio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He leads this company with strong sense of confidence. He is a well-educated leader who brought his own solid experience to this company. He is a respected businessman and he is also a mechanical engineer. On Twitter Flavio has said he is a graduate from FAAP. He is a president who is confident in the products that Eucatex offers. He also seems to also place his confidence in the team of professionals that he is leading. He is the president of a growing company that remains ethical and innovative in every way. He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since the year 2005.

The Brazilian Company and Social Responsibility
Eucatex is a Brazilian company that has an ethical framework that has guided this company in many ways. Social responsibility is incorporated within the overall Eucatex way of running this business. This is true because the environment has been well-cared for by this company since 1951. The term “social responsibility” may be a duty that maintains a clear balance with the ecosystems and the economy. Eucatex has done their part in keeping the environment clean and safe. This is a company that chose to use eucalyptus as a material to create the offered products.

The Products Provided
Eucatex is a company that has continued to expand and grow. They offer the following products:
* ceiling tiles
* panels for third-party companies
* paint
* laminate flooring
* vinyl flooring
These are a sample of the fine products that is provided. They offer environmentally friendly items that provide quality in all of their products while thinking of the environment.

Flávio Maluf Is The Son of A Politician
Serving and leading in society may be instilled in Flávio Maluf. He is the son of Paulo Maluf. His father is a politician. He is also a Brazilian engineer. Including social responsibility and Eucatex clearly displays a high ethical standard for the CEO of Eucatex.  After joining the family business, Flavio has done his all to make Eucatex more successful than ever.

Service Extended For FreedomPop Customers

FreedomPop is the only free phone service that I am aware of, and I know how expensive having a phone bill can be for some people, so I try to let as many people as I can know about this company and their services. They have recently upgraded their network capabilities to allow folks to travel throughout the world on their data network. FreedomPop is a great service that gives people a free allowance of data, phone calls and text messaging each month. Some people use their service to supplement their existing phone plan, so it acts as a barrier to prevent them from going over on their monthly usage.

Service Extended For FreedomPop

The service for FreedomPop has been available in the United States ever since the company started in Los Angeles, California. They have recently extended their service, however, to allow for residents in the United Kingdom to take part in their programs. The service has been available to U.K. residents as of fall of 2015.

The global wifi program that FreedomPop is starting is going to allow people in the countries that the company services to travel to any one of 25 countries in the program, and it will include 40 countries by the end of the year. It is only available to U.S. and U.K. residents, but the company plans to extend the program outward soon. The program will be a great thing for travelers to take advantage of. If you would like more information on FreedomPop’s programs, take a look at this article by PC Mag.