All The Love For Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime is a revolutionary cosmetic line that was created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur that was born in Russia. When she was just a little girl, She and her family migrated to the United States. Deere was a woman that always liked to be unique and she thrived on color, beauty, and fantasy. Deere knew that when she got older she was going to be in the fashion industry, but she did not exactly know what she wanted to do. Deere went to college and she got her degree in fashion design. Deere immediately started to make her own clothes and she would sell these clothes on eBay. Deere loved to be her own model, and she would wear different styles and colors of makeup when modeling.

Many of the individuals that would buy clothes from Doe Deere would make comments about how much they liked her make up. That is what inspired her to want to get into the makeup industry. Deere could not find make up that was highly pigmented enough for her, and so she decided to make her own makeup. Deere really did not know how she was going to be able to start her own business, because all that she had was an idea and a couple hundred dollars. Through her hard work and innovation, she was able to create the company that is now called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime sells cosmetics to boys and girls all around the world through retailers like Amazon. Deere encourages her fans to live a life that is completely and totally unapologetic. Deere’s makeup comes in bright pigmented colors that are very unconventional. Deere usually combines colorful eye colors with bright lips and blush. Even though that is generally not the way that fashion dictates that a woman should wear make up, Deere lives a life of her own and does not apologize for her unique style.  Now Doe updates Instagram with new Lime Crime looks to give other women inspiration.  She’s also very involved on Pinterest, which has a huge makeup community.

FreedomPop’s Growth Is Stunning

FreedomPop is expanding from one frontier to the next. Commerce has a tendency to be successful when a company offers an enormously popular service.

FreedomPop’s origins are like many startups in the United States. The company launched an incredibly affordable budget phone service. The concept was novel. A heavily discounted smartphone would be sold to customers along with a set monthly amount of free service. The CEO of the company notes 40% or more customers upgrade to expand service and pay additional fees.

FreedomPop entered the U.K. market to great success. In the U.K., the company connected with frugal shoppers looking to save money on mobile phone service. The success was so overwhelming, and the reviews say FreedomPop has been able to sign carrier agreements with two dozen more countries. The raising of $50 million in additional venture capital funding has helped this cause.

Several different plans are being put into motion. The venture capital funding is intended, in part, to set up a global Wi-Fi hotspot. Even without the hotspot, FreedomPop offers the ability to avoid paying roaming charges thanks to the expanded service in 25 countries.

Consumers all over the world enjoy cutting costs. The cheapest mobile phone service of all definitely helps with the cutting of expenses. Look for this amazing startup in grow even more in additional global markets.

RCR Wireless has more on the story.

Kheradpir Brings More Success to Coriant

Coriant, one of the world’s largest networking solutions providers, was founded in 2013 as a merger between Tellabs, Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, and Sycamore Networks. Nine of the top ten Tier 1 Communications Services Providers utilize Coriant’s products and services, marking Coriant’s necessity in the world of networking solutions. Coriant provides networks, information systems, and physical routers and networking equipment to facilitate any business’ databases.

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently hired as the CEO and Chairman of Coriant, a career 29 years in the making. Kheradpir most recently provided his services for Marlin Equity Partners, the primary financier of Coriant. Coriant’s board felt Shaygan would synergize well with the firm from familiarity with both Coriant and the study of electrical engineering.

Mr. Kheradpir attended high school in Iran and was fortunate enough to gain acceptance to Cornell University. He earned a doctorate degree in electrical engineering before entering the workforce at GTE Corporation. Bell Atlantic and GTE Corporation merged as Verizon in 2000, where Shaygan was initially appointed as CIO and EVP. Kheradpir implemented a success-spurring performance review cycle, oversaw to the development of FiOS, and sliced Verizon’s budget in half.

Kheradpir was invited to Barclays as COO/CTO, where he helped create Pingit. Shaygan also heavily contributed towards TRANSFORM, a layout that spread Barclays across 50 nations. Next, he found employment at Juniper Networks as CEO. Unsurprisingly, he created a new operating plan that encouraged the growth of cloud computing.

Today, Shaygan Kheradpir provides Coriant with relevant work experience and formal knowledge of electrical engineering. Coriant is by far the largest networking solutions provider in the world, lending help to companies is more than 100 countries. Coriant securely connects businesses and customers in both communications and transactions. Coriant extends network lifetime, simplifies service delivery, and lightens TDM migration with encrypted technologies.

Companies around the world trust Coriant with their networking needs. Shaygan Kheradpir brings unmatched leadership to the company with both work experience and formal study. Coriant provides networking products and services at competitive prices, unmatched speed, and with superior reliability. More than 500 companies rely on Coriant — why don’t you?

Igor Cornelsen Concern About The Brazilian Banking Industry

Igor Cornelsen is prominent in Brazil for being one of the top bankers in the country. However, he is retired from the industry despite management the largest bank institutions in Brazil. He contributed to the great gross product that the country received from the growth of the bank industry. His concern, however, is the state of the Brazilian banks that is not appealing at all. One the country has to prepare itself for the devaluation of its currency which has been playing high for years. The banks are now experiencing huge profits after the top most banks have been making huge profits in 2014 and 2015. The secret out of this problem Cornelsen says is having the basic knowledge about the market. The state of the banks has even made private banks in Brazil loan money only to those borrowers they see with a high potential to pay back.

Igor Cornelsen hence advises everyone interested in investing in Brazil to take notice of the top performing banks and conduct proper market research of the banks before embarking on investments. Investing in Brazil according to Igor might not be bad especially with the new financial minister who is most likely going to reform financial policies to favor investments. Brazil is the 8th largest economy I the world and it complements itself with China; Brazil produces more agriculture products and China more of energy and fuel which they trade in exchange. With the coming up of Olympic champions in Rio possibly there could be a great shift of improvement of the current state. Igor is for the cautious look at the basics and the background of a firm before embarking n investing in it.

After retiring from the Brazilian banks, Igor according to igorcornlsenwordpress joined Bainbridge and is concentrating on stock market investment. He is also an expert in trading with commodity and foreign exchange. Currently, he stays in South Florida after retirement and uses most of his retirement time to play golf. He is also a great consultant person rated from his expertise, and the bank industry and investments have been his career all his life. Despite retiring, he pursues an investment from time to time.

His greatest caution for investors is to avoid investing without enough knowledge about the commodity in the market. In addition, he advises on comprehensive market research on the background of the company, the present holdings, and how well it is likely to perform in the future. A great investor has to sacrifice his investments for decades if he/she wants to make huge profits from it. Igor himself has made millions from long-term investments. Plus he warns investors over risk and getting committed to one huge large stock. One has to be prepared to make smaller but successful and numerous investments in addition to staying in the playing field long enough.

Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism And Bernie Sanders

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen recently did an interview on the Fox Business channel. Mr. Halvorssen discussed socialism as a policy and as a governmental structure. He also weighed in on the 2016 primary race to determine the presidential candidate for both the Republican and Democratic party.

Here is what Mr. Halvorssen said about socialism. Thor Halvorssen does not believe that socialism is the best way to lift people out of poverty. Creating wealth, by utilizing natural resources and technology is a way to create jobs and lift people to better economic conditions. Halvorssen did highlight that socialism on its own does not lead to repression of rights, poverty and oppression. The problem in some socialist countries states Halvorssen is that some executive heads or presidents decide to seize power and effectively become dictators. This is what has happened in his native country of Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez seized control.

An important insight offered by Thor Halvorssen in socialism involves the fact that the socialist country of Sweden is relatively prosperous and its citizens enjoy relative property. People should not be so shocked by the ideas of Bernie Sanders, who proclaims himself openly as a socialist senator.  This includes the labor and social democratic governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Halvorssen also discussed his view of outside candidate Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nominee. Sanders is a candidate that Thor Halvorssen wholeheartedly supports. The Vermont senator’s policies are aimed at reducing inequality and eliminating poverty. This will be party achieved by redistributing wealth, which is how socialist governments and policy function to a large extent.

Why does Thor Halvorssen support Bernie Sanders? He said that Bernie does not accept any donations from foreign governments with a history of oppression and censorship. This in stark contrast to current Democratic front runner Hilary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has accepted millions of dollars from oppressive governments in Algeria, Qatr, Bahrain and Oman. These countries also have no freedom of the press.