Former Hawks Owners Sue Insurance Company

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC—the prior group owning the NBA franchise organization has proceeded to file suit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The suit involves breach of contract, relative to settling claims made by the prior GM, Danny Ferry. The prior Hawk’s ownership organization of AHBE also included Bruce Levenson—who was controlling partner. The suit did not include Tony Ressler—the principal owner.

The suit was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13th. The insurance company is also known by the acronym of AIG. The action is a civil action. AHBE has made the claim it was insured for coverage of particular losses with respect to employment practice inclusive, however not limited to acts of Wrongful Termination and Torts. AHBE provided notice to AIG on April 2, 2015 that claims had been asserted by Ferry—which were believed covered.

Ferry and ownership of the Hawks ended on June 22,2015. The approval of the sale reached the Ressler group on June 24th of 2015.

A spokesman for the current ownership of the Hawks mentioned that they were aware of the legal complaint. The principal parties, though, involved with the complaint, are no longer associated with the Atlanta Hawks.

The amount of the claim is undisclosed-publicly. The suit states confidential limits as to the policy’s liability are enough to address the claim of AHBE. The suit states AIG has refused acknowledgement of the claim and refused, too, acknowledgement that the policy was reinstated. AIG refused to participate in defending the claims or accept coverage during meetings between that of Ferry’s counsel of law and the Hawks.

The lawsuit further notes that despite an obligation to pay; certain claims made by Ferry triggered the coverage provided by that of the AIG policy. The claims made fell within the coverage provided by the policy.

Notes regarding Bruce Levenson:

A US businessman, Bruce Levenson is a Forbes listed billionaire, philanthropist and former team owner in the NBA. He co-owned the Atlanta Hawks LLC. The corporation manages the Philips Arena as well as the basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks.

Mr. Levenson served on the NBA Board of Governors for the Hawks from 2004. In 1977, he was one of the co-founders of the United Communications Group, or UCG. Levenson’s tenure includes director on the board of TechTarget, a publicly traded media company in the technological sector, among other notable positions.








The Many Values Of Evolution Of Science Lip Balm

When it comes to selecting the right type of lip balm, it is vital to have one that contains all of the essentials. That is what Evolution of Smooth lip balms have. They are full of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and shea butter. While they have all of these beneficial things in them, they also are flavored in such a way that makes them enjoyable to use.

Passion Fruit, Mint, Honeydew, and Blueberry are all good examples of the types of flavors that one will find in their Evolution of Smooth lip balm selections. Each and every one of them comes in a cute sphere shape that is easy to carry around. It is easy to pull this sphere out and use the product no matter where one is in the world.

These are organic products that are free from petroleum and have been dermatologist tested to ensure that they are a top quality product for those who are serious about the type of lip balm that they use.

Perhaps the best feature of the EOS lip balms on the market today is that they are reasonably priced. For just a few dollars, one can have the lip balm of their choosing. Even though they have all of these wonderful features packed into them, the maker has still made sure to keep the price reasonable so that it is not out of reach for anyone who wants to try it out. See for pricing.

Finally, one can feel good doing business with a company like EOS. They work on projects to make sure that the communities they operate in benefit. They also focus on national campaigns from time to time as well. Currently, the company is donating all of the profits from their Berry Blossom body lotion to help raise breast cancer awareness and find a cure. Campaigns like this add to the corporate good that this company does. Learn more about the company, visit their Linked In page.

Staffing Agency Services That Brian Torchin Offers

Staffing is one of the overwhelming tasks in the medical industry. However, staffing agencies have become game changers. This is because it serves as a bridge that connects prospective employers to the employees at minimal cost. One of the primary tasks of Brian Torchin is to oversee the staffing needs of different companies while helping the employees build their careers.

It would be substantial for one to note that it is easy for the medical industry to employ once the employees are prepared for the job. The aim of HCRC is to develop many people so that they could meet the surging industry demand for specialists.

It is daunting trying to find the appropriate profession to specialize. However, clients need not worry anymore when Brian Torchin is here to give them advice that is related to job specialization. Job rotation is often detrimental to building one’s career; this is because, during the exercise, people have to do different job descriptions thus reducing the experience.

It is a good thing however for the medical experts to specialize but due to the multiple operations that render them unable to concentrate while some are frustrated. Brian Torchin offers job counseling concerning the areas that one may specialize in. The movement from one position to another is minimized thus increasing the possibility of gaining experience thus increasing specialization.

Job placement is a difficult exercise for the prospective employers; this is because one needs to be connected to available jobs and employers’ needs to get connected to as many potential employees as possible. Services from HCRC allow employees to find jobs when there are vacancies while at the same time give the employers an ample time not only to the management of the human resource but also payment and appraisals.

With the clients at heart, Brian ensures that employees are verified. There is a myriad of advantages of having tested employees. One of the major benefits is that would be sure that the staff they have are best in the industry. Verification is done by vetting of the job candidates and ensuring that the necessary qualifications are met.

Global Lender Notices Trend In Using Stock As Collateral

In the current financial landscape banks are getting stricter with the requirements for loan applicants. To meet these stricter standards applicants are now using their stock as collateral to acquire a loan. Traditionally, most lenders would require applicants to have a certain credit score before getting loans and if an applicant was below that level the applicant was denied. Now applicants can use their stock to acquire loans that are often greater than what could be achieved with credit based loans.

Known as equity lending, the practice of using stocks in this manner to acquire loans differs greatly from other types of fixed interest loans. Applicants do not have to be pre-qualified and there generally fewer restrictions on how the loan can be used. Equity loans have been ignored in the past because some lenders would take the stock of their borrowers and dump into the market. With those fears receding equity loans are gaining appeal.

Equities First Holdings is an example of a lender specializing in equity loans. Building on its success as a global leader in the lending world, the company has expanded its workforce and operations extensively over the years. It has purchased other equity lenders like Meridian Equity Holdings to further advance forward in providing its financial services. Since 2002 Equities First Holdings has been offering securities based loans to clients across the world. Over the course of the last 14 years the firm has rapidly grown into an international giant with over 700 transactions completed for its clientele.

Yahoo Finance mentions that, overall, Equities First Holdings represents the direction financial lending is going in the future. The economic problems that shook the world in recent years have made credit based lending less appealing and forced the financial world to consider alternatives to the status quo. Equities First Holdings has shown an example of how to handle the new world of money lending.

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