Norka Luque, Latin America’s Phenomenon

Norka Luque’s message of hope and optimism has carried her up the ladder of stardom with voracity. She consistently remains on the charts with her soul rendering lyrics. Born in Venezuela, Norka lived a life sometimes wrought with peril, which she uses to fuel the fire behind her songs. Her parents were extremely supportive of her love for music and the arts from an early age and she enjoyed tutelage in song, dance and instruments. Once she graduated high school, she went on to study in France and achieved a Bachelor’s degree in business management. Norka also earned degrees in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.

She joined a band in hopes of being able to convey her spiritual message to others and was soon discovered by a successful producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. He spotted her and gave her a chance at a solo career. He took her under his professional wing and she was able to work with greats such as Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo. Her first single, “Can I do it Tu”, earned her a nomination for Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year. The song, Milagro, was her second big hit. Its sound is a mix of Reggae, dashes of Mediterranean vibes and Caribbean resonances. The song stayed at Venesuala’s number one for 14 weeks. It hit the Latin Music Billboards with a vengeance and people all over the world are enjoying her hopeful message, something she has always dreamed of.

Norka’s hope is to make a better world through her music. Her unique trademark of using her own experiences in life to write her songs is what spurs her popularity. Her fans know that she sings from the heart each time and that each song is a message from her own personal survivor story. It is inspiring and encouraging to all listeners. There is nowhere to go but up for this Venezuelan talent musician. Her newest single release is entitled “Tomorrowland”, released in 2016. It conveys the message of belief, hope and faith in an uncompromising world.

The Incredible Ingredients In Wen By Chaz

It seems like every time you turn on the television you’re bombarded with advertisements for hair care products. The QVC commercials all feature women with gorgeous, flowing, hair. They twirl and bounce their tresses while promising that you too can have luminous, healthy hair. As a woman with coarse, unruly curls I can assure you that most of these advertisements are misleading. So, how do you know what products actually work? I’ve tried everything to make my ringlets more manageable, and the one thing I’ve learned is that quality ingredients make a difference. Quality ingredients are one of the many reasons Wen by Chaz has become my go-to hair product.


Glycerin is a humectant. Humectants attract water from the atmosphere, retain moisture, and prevent water from disappearing through evaporation. This makes Glycerin the perfect solution for dry, frizzy hair.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile has been used for centuries for its calming properties. It stands to reason that it will also calm and soothe damaged hair cuticles.

Wild Cherry Bark

Wild cherry bark is widely used as a hair conditioner for smooth, silky hair. It may also remove free radicals from your scalp.


The key to stronger hair.

Sulfate Free

Sometimes the omission of an ingredient is also important. WEN Hair by Chaz does not use sulfates in their products. Sulfates allow typical shampoos to form a lather, but they are also known skin irritants and strip hair of its natural oils. Wen by Chaz utilizes a cleansing conditioner that doesn’t need to be worked into a lather, hence their slogan “say goodbye to lather”.

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Securus now Have Tangible Proof of Their Quality

According to a press release made by Securus in May, the company is now BBB accredited with an A+ rating. This rating followed the voluntary action by the company to work in accordance to the guidelines of BBB. Now this not only means a lot for Securus, rather it means that their clients too are to benefit. So, what exactly does this mean for Securus’ clients?

Improved Customer Service

To achieve and maintain an A+ BBB rating, one has to be exceptionally good at customer service. Securus are already investing heavily on enhancing their customer service. A proof of this is the 220- seat call center that the company established prior to being BBB accredited. This call center, notably, is the largest that the correctional facility technology industry have seen. The call center will increase responsiveness to customers. Customers will now get help promptly. To meet the BBB recommended points for customer service, the company manages to serve about 25 million people. Other than this, they have managed to make their services better than ever, receiving a review of 4.3 points out of the possible five, from their customers.

Richard. A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus, speaking on the event seemed to be very pleased with the company performance in the industry. He argued that their haters would now be quieted. Also, he pointed out that other companies in the industry should not go exaggeration on their quality. Instead, they should get themselves accredited to give real proof of their excellence.

About Securus Technologies

Securus is a Texas-based technology company. They are a leading provider for technological solutions to correctional facilities. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They serve most parts of North America. Currently, they service more than 3,450 correctional facilities and over 1.2 million inmates.

Recalling the Brilliant Life of Stephen Murray as CEO of CCMP

Death is such a cruel reality we have to live with for the rest of our lives. Its impact becomes more severe when your loved one is taken away from you. They say that brilliant people die young. If by chance this common judgment is true, then we will live to know that Stephen Murray left us because of the natural system. We can live to say that he may have worked out much of his karma and the bit that was holding him also went away.

Stephen Murray was one of the most brilliant business leaders in the modern world. He had the instincts of an intelligent person and the mindset of an entrepreneur. He was one of the few individuals who could dare to dream and make their dream a reality in a short span. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 52. At such an age, Stephen was still full of potential and energy.

He was the president and CEO of CCMP, a privately-owned equity firm operating in the United States. He was a recognized business leader with an impressive track record spanning 20 years. Before Murray died, he served in several companies under different capacities as a leader. He was also a member of several boards. He served as the chairman of the Board of Directors ant Crestcom International. He also served as board member of Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospitals, Octagon Credit Investors and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.

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At CCMP, Murray was charged with overseeing the operations of the company. He was fully responsible for every decision the company took during his ensure as the CEO. He guided CCMP through thick and thin for 16 years. The company now brags as one of the best equity dealers.

One month before he died, CCMP, thorough its website, announced his resignation as the CEO and board member. However, the company did not reveal more details about his resignation on Crunchbase. However, sources close to the company’s hierarchy later revealed that Stephen had resigned because of health issues. He was immediately replaced. Also, the exact cause of his illness was not revealed. He was one of the CCMP’s two executives who were listed by SEC as the custodians of the company’s assets. He was also listed in SEC’s ADV form.

His legacy as a brilliant executive will continue to live on for many years. CCMP will remember him as the individual behind its current success.

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FreedomPop Has Made Overseas Calling As Easy As Can Be

Getting to travel the world can be one of the most amazing things to happen to a person in life, but one thing most people don’t think about is making phone calls when they travel. It can be so hard to make one phone call or many phone calls when a person is overseas in another country. Some feel that they have to have an unlocked phone and must purchase a local calling plan to make phone calls when they are overseas, but a Freedompop review proves that the company is changing things. Those who have a Freedompop cell phone currently with a sim card can get great benefits.

Freedompop has enabled their 3-in-1 sim card to be an international sim card, which means that as long as a customer is using the card within one of the 25 countries that Freedompop works in, they can get free calls from country to country, especially back to the USA. No roaming charges are assessed when the plan is used. The CDMA phones from Sprint will not do this, but the sim cards that Freedompop sells will operate in 25 different countries. This means that a sim card user in the UK can call different countries like Spain, Denmark, and the USA for free.

As long as a Freedompop cell phone user has a plan in place, they can make their phone calls with their international sim card. Fortunately, even those that have a free cell phone plan that Freedompop offers can take advantage of the international calling plan from Freedompop. So many countries love to take advantage of people when they go to other countries and need to make a phone call, so it’s not unusual for users to get charged five dollars or more for a single minute of talk time.

With Freedompop’s great international calling plan, one never has to miss a beat and can call anyone back home when they’re ready. Those that want to get a Freedompop sim card only need to purchase it online. The Freedompop sim cards vary in price but are usually around $4.99. Any phone that uses a Freedompop sim card must either be directly from Freedompop or must be unlocked to work with the service. Also, those that may want an international calling plan to call other countries that are not included in the 25 country calling plan can get international calling minutes from Freedompop as well.

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