Achievements of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali has a B.S. in earth science that he got from the Penn State University. Matt also has a master’s degree in geology that he obtained from Florida Atlantic University. At the time Matt began his PhD, he began to talk to his friend who show him the right way to financial career path. The friend of Matt wanted to get some help in developing strategies that an average investor can use to invest cash. Matt Badiali did not resist reason being that he saw how his father faced problems of investing. This made Matt to have a desire of finding a way that would make it is simpler for other people to gain profit and not to lose their money.

When you read the articles of Matt Badiali, you will realize that through his advice the number of the people he has managed to help has doubled as well tripled the cash that they have managed to invest. Badiali love to travel all over the world so that he gets the chance of sharing his ideas as well as his advice. Matt knows well the time to worry concerning the process of the market and the time he can relax since he is a geologist hence he is an expert when it comes to investing in the financial related markets. Matt Badiali has travelled to many places across the world so that he could inspect oil wells as well as mines in several countries.

Some of the countries that Matt Badiali has visited are Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea and many more. During his tour, Matt has managed to ask some Chief Executive Officers of different countries several questions to enable him to determine if they were telling the truth regarding their investments or not. The skills of Matt as a geologist gave him an opportunity for analyzing the geological data he was able to collect and come up with a real picture of investment. Mr Badiali was able to invest in gold stocks, and the investment was doing well. Badiali explained that people start abandoning their positions the moment they to see S&P going through volatility.

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Ara Chackerian: Introducing Technology in Healthcare

Ara Chackerian spoke about his latest business venture in an interview with where he revealed the inspiration behind TMS Health solutions. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Chackerian is a well known philanthropist that has been largely invoked in youth development and environmental conservation programs. Together with his long-term business partner, Chackerian has been able to set up a network of outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California. However, Ara decided to venture into the outpatient psychiatry space that was yet to be fully explored. Check out to see more.





The suggestion to explore the psychiatry space was made their long-term provide partner who made them to start thinking about developing a technology for treating depression. As a result, Ara Chackerian developed a device based treatment to help treat depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the name of the new treatment that informed Chackerian’s latest venture. The technology has the potential to become a major pillar in psychiatric care because its efficacy.




Industry Trends




In one of his articles on Medium, Ara Chackerain observes that the First World countries are worried about their healthcare. This is surprising considering the fact that the countries have some of the best healthcare policies when compared to developing and Third World countries. However, the reality is that some of these countries have their own challenges when it comes to healthcare. Their systems are not in any way perfect as citizens from low income brackets still struggle to pay for their healthcare costs. This is the trend in major countries such as France, Japan, and the United States. The sustainability of healthcare systems in these countries is not guaranteed, and this has become a major point of concern. Most of these countries are worried about the funding of their free healthcare plans because they are not sure if their budgets will continue to take up the cost of universal healthcare. You can visit to know more.





Ara Chackerian Bio




Ara Chackerian is a dedicated philanthropist and entrepreneur with a lot of interest in healthcare. His objective is to revolutionalize healthcare services in the country by investing in growth healthcare companies. Ara has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry where he has played a major role the establishment of companies likeTMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and ASC Capital Holdings, LLC.





William Saito; Leader In Business and Technology

William Saito is among the most influential people in Japan and provides advisory services to various governments. Mr. Saito started software programming while in elementary school and launched his company in high school. He is recognized as one of the central authorities in encryption, authenticating biometric systems and cybersecurity. His success in these realms coupled with his business skills enabled him to be named the Entrepreneur of the year by various organizations including Ernst and Young, and the USA today.

He sold his first business to the Microsoft Corporation and relocated to Tokyo and founded a new company called InTecur. The company deals with venture capital and provides consultancy services concerning innovative technologies. The company is also involved in developing and nurturing global talent and assisting upcoming entrepreneurs to be successful.

William Saito was appointed a council member that dealt with the development of national strategies and policies. He reported to Japan’s prime minister with regular updates of the best recommendations for policy development and implementation. He was also the chief technology officer while working at the Fukushima Nuclear accident where he led the independent investigation of the nuclear incident. Besides the provision of advisory services to the national governments, he also provided these services to other scientific and technological institutions.

When not occupied with consultancy and advisory services, Mr. Saito works as a lecturer at various universities. He is also a board member at multiple companies and comments publically on TV regarding political, economic and social issues. Mr. Saito has also authored various publications and writes several articles for a newspaper column weekly. He is an accomplished writer with a bestselling book on management and his autobiography. He is a member of the World Economic Forum board and was named by the organization as an accomplished global leader. Mr. Saito is also a council member of the global agenda. William Saito is driven by his unique outlook on business and technology. He believes although not all business and technological concepts will be successful, entrepreneurs cannot succeed without establishing the areas that worked well and those that did not implement the idea. Without this, entrepreneurs will never develop ideas and use them to create well-finished end products.


Growing the finance world-the story of Peter Briger.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts at Princeton University, Peter Briger would begin working for Goldman Sachs. At the time he was not sure how far his career in finance would take him, but he was determined to make the best out of it. He began ascending the ranks in the bank, and by 1996 he was made partner. This meant that Briger was doing something right at Goldman and he would continue to ascend through the various levels as the years went by. During this time a lot was happening, and the need for private equity firms was rising. Seizing the opportunity three investors who all had a background in finance came together and began Fortress Investment Group.

This group was founded in 1998 and at the time it had about four hundred million in assets under its direct management. Over the next five years, Fortress Investment Group would experience exponential growth, managing to bring its total assets under management to about 3 billion dollars. This was a turning point for the group as they quickly realized that there was a need to bring in more talent and experienced managers who would take Fortress to the next level. At this point, Peter Briger was brought in, and he joined the management team. His work at fortress would become immediately noticeable, and by 2006 he had joined the board of directors.

This would mark a turning in his career. The following year, Fortress made a decision to list on the NYSE to be able to raise more capital while at the same time give more investors the opportunity to experience the Return on Investment the private investors were experiencing. Peter Briger would face one of his toughest tests at fortress during this time as he was tasked with overseeing the same even as his former employer Goldman Sachs provided liquidity for the same. The listing went on smoothly and the value of Fortress Investment Group or FIG as it was now listed skyrocketed. Following the success of this event, Peter Briger would be made Co-chairman of the group a move that saw him consolidate his role within the organization.

How Sheldon Lavin Handles the OSI Group in America’s Food Industry

OSI Group has vastly dominated the American food industry since its inception. The company started off as a boutique firm that supplied meat to the people of Chicago. With its leader Mr. Otto, assisted by his sons, the company developed into a major food supplier that offered quality products and services. For that reason, more clients flocked into the base in search of better food. As time went by, Otto and sons realized that there was the need to supply more food to the people. For that reason, he called upon a finance guru to help in the strategic planning. The finance guru turned out to be Sheldon Lavin, a man who had started his consultation firm and was performing exceptionally well.

The Preview

Sheldon Lavin had just graduated from the school of business when Otto and sons contacted him to help with managing the finance department. At the same time, he was good at the business. That explains why it was relatively more comfortable for Otto to trust him with manning the most sensitive part of the business. Over the years, the company continued to register excellent performance thereby attracting more clients. As such, Otto thought that it was wise to rebrand the firm thus naming the company OSI Group. At that moment, Sheldon Lavin bought off the majority shares. That is how he became the CEO of the firm. Until today, Sheldon Lavin has been nothing but supportive of the growth and development of OSI Group.

The Outline

For starters, he is the man behind the numerous global expansions at OSI Group. For instance, in 2016, OSI Group acquired many facilities including Tyson Food and Baho Food. With the help of Lavin, all that was readily achievable.

The latest acquisition of OSI Group is the Spain Toledo facility that contributed to the development of the company. Moreover, he has also contributed to the expansion of the client base. For Lavin, there is more to owning a business. Lavin uses the resources to develop the company and the community. That is why he has received numerous accolades over the past few years.