Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Located in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is sought after for his expertise in conducting augmentations of the face and body, with sensitivity and warmth. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also a proud member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Clients of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar are welcomed to a state-of-the-art facility, where they can undergo surgical or noninvasive cosmetic procedures. To better serve patients who desire to undergo a breast augmentation, facelift, or tummy tuck, Dr. Jejurikar provides a sneak peek at the before and after effect using Crisalix 3D imaging.

Dr. Jejurikar is an experienced specialist in cosmetics and skin care. He has produced a line of medical-grade creams and moisturizers to address fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity of the skin.

It’s no wonder why patients of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar are more than satisfied with the results of their procedures. Dr. Jejurikar is reputed for his excellent bedside manner, attention to detail, and care that he has for all of his clients. In 2012, Dr. Jejurikar received the prestigious award of Most Compassionate Doctor, which was only bestowed upon 3% of active physicians that year.

Clients find satisfaction with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar because he has nearly 20 years of experience in plastic surgery. Procedures can be covered using various types of insurance as accepted by Dr. Jejurikar’s practice, and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has ties with multiple hospitals in the Dallas area. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan Medical School.

How Sujit Choudhry is Helping Countries in Constitution Making

Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer with an extensive background in comparative constitutional law and political subjects. Sujit Choudhry has been an advisor to many countries across the world in the constitution building process such as South Africa, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and many others. Sujit has been advising nations on governance for over two decades in both situations of political violence and during consensus. In his job, he proposes on technical issues, conducts public debates, engages with stakeholders including the government and then comes up with a report on how the problems could be handled. The experience he has accumulated in publishing reports on similar issues help to compare the situation and provide clues to the solution, useful updates on sujitchoudhry.com.

The Center for Constitutional Transitions, which assists in constitutional building, was founded by Sujit Choudhry, read (Instagram.com). The centre researches knowledge and mobilises resources that are helpful in constitution building process. To achieve this, the centre partners with a network of experts including international organisations and universities. With the support and knowledge gained from the centre experts on constitutional matters can provide evidence for their policy solutions.

Sujit Choudhry recently gave his thoughts on the current lawsuits between the State of California and the Trump Administration. It was worthy to note that the Trump Administration does not agree with the State of California regarding the deportation of immigrants, combating climate change and on the war on drugs. Sujit Choudhry suggests that the cases could direct how powers will be allocated between federal and state governments. Some of the battlegrounds are greenhouse gases, the citizenship question and sale of federal land within the state. Sujit Choudhry observes that time and money will be spent both ways and everyone eventually will have something to lose.

Sujit Choudhry is an author with over ninety published reports, articles, book chapters and working papers. He has a master in law from Harvard school of law and a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Oxford, get info on (Facebook.com). He has worked in various capacities in his profession including being the law clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada and lecturer at New York University and the University of California. He currently works as a researcher at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Center for Global Constitutionalism, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKLFd6DxqzfF1AlWuyXnI1w.

NewsWatch TV review taking business to another level!

Businesses are always looking for that edge, that advantage, an useful, productive tool which can elevate them to that next level. Of course, this can be easily stated but not as easy to implement. This is where smart, efficient strategies come into play to allow a business to flourish. Enter NewsWatch TV to the arena of business.

NewsWatch TV is an award winning television program that focuses on technology, consumer and entertainment news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, editorials, sponsored consumer electronic reviews and numerous topics effecting our lives everyday. It usually broadcasts during the Monday morning news hours on the AMC Network bi-monthly,and all Ion Television affiliates, as well as independently syndicated local stations across the nation weekly at 7 am. They have been on the air for 28 years becoming a staple in the industry.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and features special reports by Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges. The show has featured more than 10,000 stories on numerous topics like medical breakthroughs, finances, travel, public policy issues and new product introductions. A prime example of how effective NewsWatch can be was shown in their story with Avanca. Avanca is a technology company who was creating a pocket PC called “Ockel Serius B”. They created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo looking for funding on their Ockel Serius B Pocket PC. Avanca hired NewsWatch TV to produce and air a promotional segment as part of their NewsWatch TV Reviews to promote the campaign. They ended up raising $456,551, 29 times above their goal. Now, that’s one effective tool for business bar none. Nathalie van Wijkvliet Avanca’s Marketing Director, stated, “We [worked with] NewsWatch, it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. Its great working with NewsWatch… We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team”.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: https://newswatchtvreviews.wordpress.com/

Creating a Better Campaign with NGP VAN Tools

To start a progressive campaign similar to that of NGP VAN’s, you’ll first need to be aware of what tone you want to use when communicating your movement through social outlets. This is so people know what to expect when they see your campaign page. For instance, if the past few blog posts from your company take on a more informal tone, it might confuse your audience if you start making funny videos.


Next, you will want to focus on the best possible supporters, which can make or break your campaign. If you take the time to track levels of supporter engagement, you will be much better equipped at fundraising events or volunteering events. NGP VAN’s new digital tools make it easier than ever to track your supporters and their donations. The tools help by differentiating the various donors who help with your campaign by using different categories.


You can also use NGP VAN’s other new phone tool, the predictive dialer, which allows volunteers and candidates to not have to deal with disconnected and automated numbers because they are talking to a real person, which almost always improves the outcomes of the campaign. It keeps your phone from just sitting there silently because it calls people for you. Robocalls are standard when it comes to campaigns because it allows voters to connect with you, therefore participation rates likewise increase. This is a cheap tool that can really improve the effectiveness of your campaign that will pay for itself ten-fold.

Lastly, you can try using surveys or polls on your website so you can better understand the problems the public is facing, which will allow you to gain insight into how you can improve your campaign. Using surveys and polls with a small prize attached may be a great way to reach out to the younger crowd as well.


As long as you pay attention to your social media goals and focus on your supporters with the help of NGP VAN’s tools, you can increase the likelihood of having a good outcome of your campaign. It takes time and persistence to work, but like anything good in life, you have to work hard to get it!





Sightsavers-Saving Sight

Sightsavers has some impressive accomplishments. They have transformed the lives of countless people suffering from blindness or other eye diseases. They are an organization that does charitable work in thirty countries. Some of these countries are among the very poorest in the world. Sightsavers has been a presence in India since 1966 and screens people to intervene before permanent blindness has the chance to set in.


Sightsavers provides antibiotics to thousands and they also teach the people in the countries they visit how to care for their eyes properly. Proper eye care is very important because it can prevent many eye diseases, prevent eye infections and even prevent blindness. Sightsavers may not always be able to help those who have the permanent blindness to be able to see, but they are able to help those who are blind to live productive lives and even support their families and to be independent rather than dependent on others.


Roughly 15 million Indians face blindness, and most of those cases are preventable. Many eye infections and diseases are simply caused because of unsanitary living conditions. Many people in India live in very remote villages, and they become recuse and dependent on their families. Many become so depressed that they even commit suicide. Sightsavers works with programs such as the Ganjam District Rehabilitation projects which helps to train people from these areas to help those living with blindness.


Sightsavers concentrates their efforts in the areas afflicted with poverty and the lack of resources the most and in areas that need the most help. Their volunteers and staff are involved in the lives of those they help and have a love for them. They want to help, and they are doing all they can to give them the tools that they need to get better and to become self-sufficiency.


Sightsavers is also forming alliances with key corporation s in order to do more good. They have already established a good partnership with many organizations and continue to be global leaders. Companies who partner with Sightsavers also get many benefits from helping out such a powerful organization. They become a good role model, and that boosts their popularity and ultimately their success. Sightsavers will not stop until they rid the world of preventable eye diseases such as glaucoma and they are dedicated to making a difference. They care, and they are dedicated to those they are helping.





A Snapshot of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a force to be reckoned with, she is the founder and CEO of an empowering billion dollar dating application, Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has been highlighted in Forbes magazine as being an innovator, revolutionizing the world. Have you heard of Bumble? If you have not, you will.

As a non-voting member of the board of directors of Imagine Entertainment, Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be an asset by providing her natural, fresh perspective of which is both inspiring and admirable. Landing the seat on the board of directors has never been an easy task, however, Whitney Wolfe has made it appear effortless. So far she has overcome many tribulations, dealing with a previous falling out from a company whom possibly underestimated her worth. Ironically enough there is much to be said about the commitment to empowering women not only within the date scene but also in the business world to say the least. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Wolfe, a young powerhouse and role-model for women young and old in putting their minds to work. As an example, Wolfe turns challenges into triumphs and continues to succeed in other platforms aside from the dating app world. A new avenue Bumble has joined is the launch of her new Application called Bumble BFF, where women are able to make friends in almost the same fashion as the dating app. Also, Bumble Biz has been created for networking and making connections with other business professionals therein improving the lives and careers of women.

At 28 years old, Whitney Wolfe has found a way to empower women by creating and providing a dating application where women make the first move, going against the traditional way dating had been taught and shown to us. Thankfully, times have changed and are still changing because the old ways of society’s past are being challenged as well as ultimately updated to a new way of thinking and living within the first quarter of the 21st century.

Read more: https://pagesix.com/2018/04/16/bumble-founder-feared-shed-be-blacklisted-after-tinder-lawsuit/


Dr. Mark McKenna: Medical Care That Is Also Convenient

“A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” is a way for people to understand some of the motives that drive this talented entrepreneur and physician. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to find a way to integrate everything that he loved about business in medicine. He found that he had a very strong desire to work in real estate. Real estate seems to be a good fit for him for a few years, but his business was based in New Orleans and it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. After helping with the relief efforts in the area, Dr. Mark McKenna believed that it was time for him to relocate his family to Atlanta. In Atlanta, he began to focus more heavily on his medical practice. This is when he came up with the idea to integrate his love of real estate, business, and medicine into one beautiful organization called OVME aesthetics.

OVME aesthetics is pronounced “of me” for reason. The eventual goal of the elective surgery practice is to allow patients to be more assertive in their medical goals. One way to do this is by offering patients the opportunity to visit with their physicians in their private homes and offices. This will allow them to have the best of both worlds. They will not have to deal with the cumbersome nature of an in-office visit and they don’t have to cancel important meetings or family time. The use of aesthetic services is growing but people are wanting it on their individual terms.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can develop something through app technology to help with that goal. He hopes to even help people obtain consultations through this software so that they can make decisions about their medical care. This would allow them to schedule visits without ever coming into the office for any type of pre-workup. What motivates Dr. Mark McKenna to do well in his industry is the exciting potential available for his patients. He wants them to receive the procedures and consultations that they are looking for in a way that it is convenient for them.


Chain Smokers, One After the Other

If you haven’t heard of the Chain Smokers yet then you must be living under a rock, but that’s not problem because I’ll fill you in about them right now. The Chain Smokers are a dance music duo fully formed in 2012, at least that’s when the current group first started producing together. Akin to any other band or group of artists the lineup has changed from time to time. Altogether since 2012 they’ve stayed the same.

Alex Pall is a DJ who started playing venues in New York before he decided to really make a living out of dance music. Andrew Taggart a producer based in Maine, was in college at the time of forming the current Chain Smokers. Andrew also had some gigs under his belt and produced sets to post on Sound Cloud. The two met through a mutual connection of Pall’s manager.

One day Andrew was approached by their manager’s friend, explaining to Andrew or Drew as most people call him. There’s a kid in New York who’s got a group named the Chain Smokers. The other guy left and Pall was looking for somebody to replace him. Shortly after speaking together, Andrew made the trip to New York by bus, and the two immediately started working together.

Now that you’re caught up let’s speak a little about their song release covered by Rolling Stone Magazine. Their new single “Side Effects” is based in a hotel during an employee’s unexpected weekend shift. Throughout the video she is seen dancing to the duo’s single. The song features Emily Warren providing a welcome addition of female vocals. Although, female vocals are not a new thing for The Chain Smokers or for any other Dance Music group they make a good pairing. The video of the lonely and overworked employee fits perfectly to the dark and more subversive sound of Side Effects. The lyrics help to bring more of the dark atmosphere to the song. As the song goes on the videos shifts through different areas of the hotel. Some are covered in party decorations, balloons, confetti, some regular hotel areas and of course the pool. The video highlights different views of the inhabitants hotel rooms. As well as their lonely live’s comparative to the actresse’s life as a hotel maid.


Wes Edens continues to celebrate BrightLine’s achievements

The Transport and Infrastructure division at Fortress has been one of the most active in recent years. This was clear to all observers when Wes Edens the current CEO of the private equity division launched the new Miami-Fort Lauderdale route for Brightline. The private passenger railroad operator was increasing its presence in the area having established other similar routes earlier. This means that the commute is reduced to a 35-minute rider in trains that offer free WIFI, leather seats, charging ports and wide Isles. This for Wes Edens was another dream come true for the group. They had envisioned this for a long time, and their investment was paying off. Wes Edens speaks passionately about investments in the transport and infrastructure area. He is fully aware of the potential competition, but is also confident that the company has put in place some of the best infrastructures to support any investment they make. Brightline found an American company to make the passenger trains. This would guarantee that the quality of the trains would be excellent and at the same time would not compromise on comfort and speed. The train will move at more than 90 miles an hour which is fast enough for a distance considered too short to fly yet too long to drive. All this will cost only 10 dollars considered a steal given the comparable cost of an Uber over the same distance not even considering the extra hour that would be spent on the road at peak hours.

Wes Edens was one of the founding members of the Fortress Investment Company and has been with the group since then. The group will be hitting twenty this year as a private company following its acquisition by SoftBank. This, however, is something Edens considers a positive development as they are now able to make more decisions independently without the need to consult shareholders. The acquisition also comes with extra cash for investment and its one of the reasons which make Wes Edens see the deal as a win-win situation for Fortress and SoftBank. He, however, remains in the management team even after the acquisition.


Ted Bauman tells how he achieved his success

Some influential individuals in the society want to live their lives helping others to achieve the success they have gained. They want the others to be happy and change their lives because of the helpful insights they have. Ted Bauman is one of such people. He decided to retire from working for an international organization to help others succeed in business. Bauman felt many people were willing to venture into entrepreneurship, but they lacked the knowledge of how to invest. Ted was born in Washington but most of his life he spent in South Africa where he was educated. As a young person, Ted wanted to excel in the corporate world and gain a solid understanding of how businesses work. He went to the University of Cape Town where he studied economics, and this gave him the foundation he needed to start his financial career.

He graduated with excellent results, and he was ready to launch his career. After completing his education, he did not want to go back to his country because he felt South Africa had opportunities. There was a lot he could do in South Africa, and he also wanted to help those who lived impoverished lives in the streets and slums. For two decades Ted Bauman had the experience working with many organizations including government entities in South Africa. He engaged in many jobs, and this gave him a lot of experience on the movement and patterns of the financial charts. That is why Bauman can effortlessly predict the financial markets. He has worked as a fund manager for a nonprofit organization, and the project was successful expanding even to other countries.

After many years of success in South Africa, Ted Bauman decided to go back to the United States where he continued working with organizations. He landed a chance to work with Habitat which is an international organization, but he felt he needed to assist investors in the United States of America to make the best investment decisions. That is why Ted Bauman decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing to offer sound and actionable advice to entrepreneurs.