The Forex report on equities first holdings

Equities first holding has come up with new strategies of lending. Mr. Al Christy has achieved many goals by lending to a better prosperity status of the company. Christy who is a well-educated person and works at a better firm pledges to build up the company and help people in raising their financial status. Their partnership is set to build a foundation in order to make things easier for the well being of their customers future. This improves the company and its relationship with its customers.The company ensures that people should get stock-based loans since they are easier and fast.Equities first holdings have offices in London since many investors have offered to have shares in the company. The step taken by the CEO is currently not taking place in other banks so this makes them special.Equities first holding has grown across the world where its main headquarters are in Indiana. To know more about the company click here.

How Is Mathew Fleeger’s Joint Ventures Changing The Oil And Gas Industry?

Vast lands in America’s Gulf coast remained unexplored. This implies that their potentially unmatched potential in terms of gas and oil and other equally economically viable resources remain untapped. The imagination that these grounds continue to harbor vast resources would become Mathew Fleeger’s driving force into establishing Gulf Western LLC. The company serves as the managing venture for the Oi and Gas General Partnerships, also referred to as Joint Ventures.

Why come together

The Joint Ventures is a partnership between Gulf Western oil and gas industry players that have come together to revolutionize the industry. While they may have concentrated their efforts on the western gulf coast, these companies have pooled in resources, expertise, experience, and talent with the aim of fully exploiting the region’s natural resources.

To achieve this goal, the brand has centered its activities around exploring, acquiring and developing the domestic oil and gas reserves in the region. Their exploration and development is also relatively biased towards reserves with both geophysical and geological advantages such as the existence of well-developed structures as well as urbanized areas.

Strategic acquisitions

Just recently, the Mathew Fleeger-led venture acquired Orbit Gulf Coast explorations. The move granted it access to Orbits research materials such as 3D seismic data covering hundreds of square miles in Southwestern Louisiana.

Other critical acquisitions from Orbit energy partners included 13 producing well as and lose to 140 drilling locations that are estimated to hold over 30 million barrels of oil. The acquisition set the ball rolling in Joint Ventures and closer to the achievement of their goals.

About Mathew Fleeger

Mathew has over the years earned the title of an oil and gas industry expert and renowned business professional on the international circles. He is especially famed for his expertise in contract negotiations, strategic planning, and entrepreneurship. Before founding starting Gulf Western LLC where he serves as Chairman and CEO he had acquired Palm Beach Tan, a six-store operation, and turned into the biggest indoor tanning company in the United States.

The Different Sunday Riley Skin Care Product Treatments

Sunday Riley has become known as one of the high performance brands of skincare products on the market today. People that utilize Sunday Riley will have access to a number of different types of treatment options. They can get things that are going to help with oily skin. They can also get a brightening serum that is known to bring a certain type of glow to their skin. People that have problems with uneven skin tones will benefit greatly from this type of skin smoothing product line.

One of the most important things that any woman can do is to make sure that their skin is being cleaned before they apply makeup. So many issues with acne tend to happen when women are not taking care of their skin properly. If a woman has issues with porous skin and a lot of general skin care issues she has to take the time to consider products like the ones from Sunday Riley. These products cost more than the typical skin care products, but these are higher echelons of skin care brands.

These are products that have been proven to work well for various daytime and nighttime skin care treatments. If you have struggled with porous skin or an uneven skin tone it is advantageous to consider products that have vitamins and botantical substances that can help you make your skin look much healthier.

If you have struggled with skin care it becomes much easier to make the connection to products that are known to help with blemishes as your skin gets nurtured. You have the ability to prevent dry skin if this is an issue with Sunday Riley products. You also have the chance to utilize Sunday Riley to clear up the oily skin that can also cause a different set of issues.

What the creators of the Sunday Riley brand have realized is that there are a multitude of different skin complexions, and there are also different skin ailments. Everyone is not going to have the same problems so everyone is not going to benefit from the same skin care creams or serums.

Find out more about Sunday Riley:

Richard Liu Qiangdong and How He Built

Richard Liu studied sociology at Renmin University in Beijing. However, he would use most of his time to develop his coding capabilities by doing freelance projects. He then went on to study at the China Europe International Business School following which, he was hired by Japan Life. He was there for two years and served Director for Business and IT. Prior to joining Japan Life, Richard Liu briefly owned a restaurant while he was in college, but the venture ran only for a short time.

Richard Liu Qiandong opened his first shop in Beijing, in 1998. He used the last characters of both his wife’s name and his name to come up with Jingdong. The company had over 10 physical locations in 2003. In 2004, his money-maker was affected by SARS and he turned his business into, purely online store. Richard Liu also came from a background of entrepreneurs as his parents owned their own transport business.

At the time when Richard Liu began, China had one leading online store known as Dangdang. Companies like Amazon were not yet on the radar. Richard Liu decided that his company would only sell original goods and provide clear billing for its customers and this made the business more popular with its clients. started by selling computer and IT accessories and every year they would add a new category of products to the site. They did it this way because when they converted it into an e-store, they had a limited amount of capital available. By 2010, they had a wide variety of products.

Richard Liu Qiandong has over 150,000 employees in his business and it is estimated to be worth $60 billion making it the third highest market valuation in the online market in China. The company’s delivery system is very efficient in that, you are able to receive your order within 6 hours of purchase. They also have an international delivery service.

The most popular products are food and fashion. Richard Liu has 500 logistics centers for his company and they make sure to give all their customer’s the same service no matter where you are or who you are.

Matt Badiali: Don’t Count Out Copper Or Silver

One man with a solid track record for picking investments in the natural resource sector is Matt Badiali. He is a geologist and financial advisor who has traveled to numerous countries examining natural resource assets firsthand to prove they were legit. He first gained a reputation in the world of finance after investing in a resource company during the great recession and making a 4,400 percent profit. He now writes a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist which provides his subscribers with his recommendations in the resource sector. Some of his most recent advice has been trying to convince individuals to invest in silver and copper. While these metals have not been the best performers lately, Matt Badiali feels the fundamentals for copper and silver are strong and their prices may be headed much higher.

The strength in the US dollar has been the force holding back the commodities, particularly copper and silver. The trade war has created a lot of fear in the financial markets, causing many investors to buy the US dollar as a safe haven asset. When the dollar rises, commodities will usually drop in price. Many countries in the emerging markets have had their currencies depreciate rapidly against the US dollar, causing many to ditch their native currencies. If this trend continues, Matt Badiali admits that there could be a little more downside to commodities.

Silver has not performed very well, however, the gold to silver ratio hit an extreme of 84. Matt Badiali points out that every time this level has been breached, silver rallies substantially. It hit this extreme before it made an epic run to almost $50 an ounce in 2011. There are some analysts who feel that the next rise in silver could be as high as $130 an ounce.

Matt Badiali is extremely bullish about copper. The demand for copper is higher than the supply. Mr. Badiali anticipates that there will be copper supply deficits for the next few years, which will eventually launch copper in a major bull market. He feels the electric vehicle, which will require more than twice the amount of copper than traditional vehicles, will be the main driver of copper prices in the coming years.

Hollywood Hair Anywhere

Find me a woman who doesn’t seek to have hair that’s beautifully moist, manageable and shiny. Almost impossible! Enter the WEN by Chaz line of hair care products. Hollywood celebrities have discovered the results produced by these luxurious products, and now we can enjoy them too.

According to, it began with a love for photography which led to cosmetology school with a special fondness for hair care. Chaz Dean was hired in an upscale salon in Bel Air, CA which he eventually purchased before transitioning to Hollywood where he catered to celebrities providing a safe haven for their beauty needs.

Today wenbychazdean has developed into a full service hair care system which is convenient, affordable, and non-toxic. The raves it gets are due in part to the 5-in-one Cleansing Conditioner catering to all hair types. With no harsh sulfates or lathering agents, this Amazon sold product is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one.

One chooses the WEN by Chaz formula that suits one’s hair type assuring silky results. The delicious fragrances include popular sweet almond mint, suitable for all hair types, as well as pomegranate, tea tree, fig, lavender or cucumber.

The instructions are simple for home treatment: Simply rinse hair, pump the specified number of pumps into palms, rubbing together, add a splash of water and smooth over locks. Massage into roots and down to ends. Leave on for remainder of your shower. Rinse, repeat, and rinse again.

While many consumers are not accustomed to shampoo that does not lather, this exclusive formula will not strip natural oils. At a similar cost to traditional products, WEN hair care offers strength, moisture, and manageability. Now we can reach for the stars when it comes to hair care at home. All thanks to Chaz. Visit for more information.