The Shining Future Of OSI Industries

The path to becoming of the world’s most vital food distribution companies is not something that can achieved in the blink of an eye. It requires thoughtfulness, perseverance, and most importantly simply a little luck.

OSI Industries has been building up its brand image for over a century. The company began in the most humble way possible as a small city in a bustling city. It grew and expanded step-by-step over the following decades. Leadership changed hands and partnerships were formed, each step bring the company closer to vision of long-term sustainability. In a recent Gazette Day article, they describe how the past and present, are culminating in the future of OSI Industries.

The company is presently operating not far from its Chicago origin point in Aurora, Illinois. From this center they operate a strong domestic distribution system, in addition to its international network. Towards the turn of the century, present CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald took their positions. Both of these individuals bring a unique touch, but one with huge long term potential. They are active in the community along with never ensuring they never stray too far from the humble roots that make up the core of OSI Industries.

In recent years, OSI Industries has taken huge steps to expand globally. They first move began with a new domestic plant to secure more resources for its operations. The first major international purchase was Baho Foods. It was quickly followed up with Flagship Europe. The combined assets brings the companies product into 17 countries across most of the European region. All pre-established routes also belong to the company, which further expands their influence outside of the main countries and into other parts of the world.

CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald have made great strides in moving OSI Industries into the global sphere through its series of acquisitions and domestic backbone at home. They know a sustainable company has to be humble, but also dominant in its actions. The company has a bright future ahead, as it slowly cements place as a 21st century modern company.

Banyan Hill Publishing Senior Editor Paul Mampilly Discusses His Career and the Evolution of the Stock Market

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He received his MBA from Fordham University. After receiving his MBA, Mampilly started his career as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. As he gained more experience in his field, Paul Mampilly eventually earned positions at ING and Deutsche Bank. Paul Mampilly operated a successful hedge fund while working at Kinetics Asset Management.

Eventually, Mampilly decided that he wanted to spend more time at home with his family. He decided to become a research and investment analyst. Mampilly’s newsletters include investment tips and advice to help people achieve their financial goals. In addition to writing his monthly newsletter Profits Unlimited, Mampilly writes for Winning Investor Daily while managing multiple trading services.

Recently, Paul Mampilly sat down with Eric Dye from Enterprise Radio to discuss his career. Mampilly notes that he has a successful track record of helping people achieve their financial goals. Mampilly cites his years of experience on Wall Street. He has a good understanding of what happens on Wall Street due to the long amount of hours that he spends analyzing the market. Mampilly generally tries to stay up to date on every aspect of the stock market.

Mampilly has noticed several changes in the stock market over the last decade. Mampilly believes that the different algorithms and emergence of artificial intelligence has made a huge impact. There are now advanced computers that track prices and also take note of how people are trading stocks. Mampilly also says that Exchange Traded Funds have changed Wall Street. ETFs have low fees and are known as passive investments. An ETF may have multiple securities, which makes it harder for investors.

Mampilly says that investors are using business models that focus on growth first and then profits. Innovation is seen as an asset. Mampilly advises investors to avoid putting a lot of money into one stock. Mampilly says that he is a big fan of Elon Musk. Mampilly cites Musk’s passion and ambition as traits that every successful entrepreneur should have.

Sujit Choudhry: Center for Constitutional Transitions’ Founder

The Center for Constitutional Transitions is among the best firms that offer knowledge and support of issues that surround constitutional construction. Its director, Sujit Choudhry, is a notable figure on issues of law, politics, and the constitution, see also ( As part of his campaign, Choudhry has traveled to more than 30 countries to address people on the related topics.

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He has also advised several countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine among others on matters that surround their constitutions. Choudhry has the ability to apply his knowledge of different governments and their cultures when issuing them with insightful opinions on law administration. When growing up in Toronto, his parents always made him read newspapers after school and this helped nurture his intellectual skills. As such, Choudhry had a passion for reading, and this landed him into the university where he studied law.

Choudhry was born in Delhi and his parents to Toronto, Canada, when he was still a child. Choudhry has researched several political and constitutional issues. These studies have helped governments across the world in the administration of law in their respective countries. For instance, Choudhry researched how to utilize constitutional design to help manage the transition from violence to a peaceful democracy establishment; hence establishing the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Apart from this research, he has also conducted studies in fields such as semi-presidentialism, official language policies, federalism, minority and group rights, and bill of rights among many others.

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During the interview, he admitted that even though he has traveled to many countries across the world offering lecturers on issues concerning law, most of his research is about Canada’s constitutional law, refer also to ( He has more than 100 working papers, articles, and reports under his name. At the moment, he is studying fields security and law reforms in the emerging democracies. He is also helping these nations write and implement their constitutions.

Why Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Hair Care Products are the “Raw Deal”

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the inventor of R.A.W. a series of natural skin and hair products made from biodegradable materials. He wanted to respond to the ongoing needs and demands from customers by extracting ingredients from seaweed, honey and fungi. His products range from Bulgarain coriander and Moroccan volcanic clay. He even made sure that the packaging is biodegradable, and the bottles are made from recycled plastic. He stated that he wanted the manufacturing of the products to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Despite the challenges he faces manufacturing the raw product, he refuses to compromise his naturalness. He spoke of a time he faced challenges getting access to source clay. Rather than using an artificial substitute, he delayed the launching the product until the clay was available.

Spreading Environmental Awareness through Social Media.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada uses Instagram to educate consumers about the need for environmentally safe and biodegradable products. He spreads awareness by producing fun videos that teach sustainable business practices through Youtube. He does this by giving stylists and hairdressers’ advice and methods on ways to minimize water and power, thus making their daily routines more sustainable. He uses social media as a platform to spread community awareness. On his Instagram account many of his customers also share customer service satisfaction stories.

The future marketing strategy of RAW.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada can proudly say that RAW has seen a successful growth factor in the United Stated. The product receives 90 percent customer satisfaction reviews within the US. Customers testify that after using the R.A.W their skin and hair felt like it never felt before. It gives them a clean refreshing feeling that they do not experience using other products. Daniel feels that it is now time to introduce his product to the European market. He predicts the same success ratio and customer satisfaction that his clients experienced in Europe.

Where is Dan Bethelmy-Rada today?

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is currently the general manager for Matrix DMI. He is the youngest DMI General Manager for the company. Born in Venezuela he moved to Paris at 16 to attend school. He currently lives in New York. In his free time he enjoys traveling around the world and participating in leisure photo-journalism.

Dick Devos and his appointment by the FAA

As Betsy Devos was sworn into the office of the 11th US Secretary of Education, many wondered how the powerful, wealthy couple would do in the Republican Party. There was no question. For years, the pair had been working in Michigan for education reform. Now they would work together in Washington, as Dick Devos joined the FAA.


How did Devos get tapped for the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council? It started with his hometown airport.


Devos has always had a passion for aviation. It started when he was young. He became a pilot and eventually he started working with aviation business leaders, such as the CEO of Southwest and the CEO of AirTran Airways. It was during the early 2000s that he actually acted on those relationships, calling up the CEO of AirTran Airways to propose something new. It was a radical idea, but Devos was sure that it was going to help the hometown airport as well as his hometown.


The plan was to bring in more business travelers and traffic to the airport. Devos had already built the Devos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, and he wanted to bring in business travelers who would see that Grand Rapids is more than just a little town in Michigan. In fact, the town had been built up a great deal in the 1990s, including the Andel Arena and Devos Performance Hall.


So, the CEO of AirTran Airways agreed. Four new destinations were unlocked for the city, including Denver, St. Louis, Vegas, and Orlando. The new dsetinations instantly brought in more traffic to the airport, but it wasn’t until Devos began working with the airlines that there was a new strategy for bringing in and retaining new travelers.


By 2018, a $45 million renovation fund was in place to help the airport expand. Best of all, the expansion was paid for by the airlines and not the airport itself. It was these types of strategies that the FAA was looking for in its upcoming changes. The aviation industry had been challenged by President Trump to do better, and so the airport began a process of upgrading several areas, including food courts and technology in the terminals. However, the new business traveler center would stand out from all of that.


With the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Devos began to work with other CEOs like Southwest’s executive team. Southwest’s CEO praised the FAA for its decision. Devos will be meeting with the FAA for another year.


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