All About Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a personification that one can climb from the lowest parts to the zenith of power and influence through self-belief and persistency.

Yet, the irony as his friend college roommate Lloyd Grove narrates in his piece published on the Daily beast. Anthony Petrello overcame major odds of growing up as a disadvantaged Kid in a public school on scholarship. Reminiscing his eager demeanor, Tony, as is popularly referred today is the CEO of one of the world’s largest land based oil and Gas drilling companies; Nabos Industries Ltd.

Notably, Tony went in pursuit of the American Dream. This, he did with utmost zeal. For instance, he excelled in his studies, getting a scholarship early in his childhood, his friend Lloyd Grove vividly recalls his math prowess in an article he has published.

Joining Yale University where he received an undergraduate degree and later Harvard University where he received a degree in law opened his world to the corporate sector. This made him understand the desire of power, status, position and influence.

Early in his professional career Tony served in a Manhattan company; Baker and McKenzie. This ultimately led to a job offer from one of the firm’s most important clients; Nabors industries. Here he worked to become president and chief operating officer in 1991.

Looking back, the man who dons many hats such as being on the Board of Directors at Stewart and Stevenson and Texas Children’s Hospital Has been a force to reckon with in the industry. His incredible story of beating all odds and rising to a position where he is today, rubbing shoulders with word political leaders and top managers of fortune companies is one of self-belief, hard work and persistence. This is a testament that the American dream is not a fallacy.

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