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A look into the life and career of rally driver Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins is a 41-year old rally driver from Brazil. He usually participates in Prototype T1 races and has earned recognition nationally for his talents and skills behind the wheel.


Most Brazilians who are rally enthusiasts are familiar with Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo loved the thrill in rally competitions. His participation in the Sertoes Rally is among the most famous rallies he has ever participated in.



Terpins comes from a family that has sports people. His father, Jack Terpins was a basketball player; the brother, Michael Terpins was also a rally driver. The two brothers came up with the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which participated in many rally competitions.



Rodrigo participated in the recently concluded Sertoes Rally with his partner Fabricio Manchiana. The 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally was 2600 kilometers long and covered two states. Rodrigo and his partner finished 8th out of the 38 teams that participated. The off-road event is considered the most successful one in Brazil’s history since it drew the attention of different sponsors, fans with a lot of energy, and professional drivers. Check out for more.




Education and Career.



Rodrigo studied at the University of Sail Hilaire and was able to acquire skills in business management. The skills were put to use during his 16 years at Lojas Marisa, where he was able to raise the ranks up to the president of the company. In 2007, he left the company to pursue other things.



In 2008, Rodrigo was able to form his organization, T5 Participacoes. As much as he still has executive responsibilities, his career revolves around rallies. His newly created company has been dominant in organizing some of the most entertaining rally events in Brazil.



After all his achievements in Brazilian rally, Rodrigo gives credit to his brother Michael. The good thing is that the two still support Brazilian rally fully.



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How OSI Industries Grew From A Small Butcher Shop To An International Business

OSI Industries is now a multinational firm but when it started out it was just one among a number of corner butcher shops in the greater Chicago region. The year this company opened its doors was 1909. A German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky established this company. About 25% of the population of this area was German at the time and the city was known for butchering hogs, shipping wheat, and making tools.

When Kolschowsky’s two sons were old enough, in 1928, they joined this company and it was named Otto & Sons. They soon branched out to the wholesale side of the butchering industry. Otto & Sons continued as a successful Illinois company for decades but everything changed in 1955.

Both of Otto’s sons were friends with Ray Kroc. At the time franchising restaurants was a new concept and Ray Kroc was a franchise agent for a family in California who owned a family restaurant. They wanted to start franchising restaurants, beginning in Illinois. Ray Kroc opened the very first McDonald’s franchise in Illinois and he chose Otto & Sons to be the sole providers of his restaurant’s ground beef. As more McDonald’s locations opened in Illinois more and more of Otto & Sons’ business was tied to the success of McDonald’s.

In the late 1960s flash freezing was invented. This enabled companies to ship beef farther and at less expense. It also meant McDonald’s could cut its national group of beef suppliers down to just four, with OSI Industries being one of those. 1975 was another big turning point for this company. It was renamed as OSI Industries and a new business partner by the name of Sheldon Lavin got heavily involved as the new CEO. McDonald’s by this point was starting to expand internationally so OSI Industries did so as well.

Today, OSI Industries has food production facilities in nations across Europe and Asia. They are also in nations such as Australia and in Latin America. They have a number of facilities in America. They also sell food to many quick serve restaurants instead of just solely to McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin wholly owned this business today and still leads it in his mid-80s. He is still expanding the presence of this company in the world and it is now ranked by Forbes at #58 when it comes to American privately held businesses.

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Alex Pall Talks About the Evolution of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo whose members are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers came to be as Alex was looking for a replacement for the initial member of the duo was leaving. Taggart got word of the opening and the Chainsmokers as their fans know them now was born.

With there being such a large concentration of DJs in the music industry, Andrew Taggart understands that set themselves apart from the rest would be a challenging task. While Alex does understand that sometimes you have to follow the popular pattern to get your foot in the door, it is very important to develop your own style after perfecting your craft. The Chainsmokers managed to do just that with singles such as Roses, Waterbed, and Don’t Let Me Down all of which sound much different than anything that they have put out before.

The newest approach from the Chainsmokers is sure to catch their fans off guard. The duo actually sings on some of their new material. Aside from the singing, the duo felt the need to personalize those lyrics by talking about things that are going on in their own lives. Pall acknowledged that the current era of fans likes to feel a connection to the artist. Making lyrics and telling their personal stories will provide that connection.

A common issue with most artists is that they don’t evolve with their audience. Paul is very aware of this lack of awareness among most groups, and he is determined to keep his shows fresh and adapt to his group’s growing audience. Paul believes that complacency is one of the main reasons groups become less relevant, so he is in constant communication with his visualist on how to make every show a little different. Paul has noticed that most groups that he idolizes tend to lose ground when they take extensive amounts of time off. Although he acknowledges all the heart work that his band does, he feels that it is important to stay active and take minimal breaks.

Vijay Eswaran Provides Useful Tips for Anyone Looking to Lead People

Vijay Eswaran is one of the leading businessmen in the Asia-Pacific region, based in Malaysia. The MLM Company that he founded in the year 1998 has grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in the Asian region, with the annual turnover last year to be around $750 million as per Forbes. Vijay Eswaran has helped many people achieve their dreams through the inspiring and motivating speeches he has given world over at many different important events and public forums. Vijay Eswaran is also known for the many books he has written in the past few years sharing his business experiences and the importance of spirituality in life.

Vijay Eswaran has traveled across the globe and is also highly educated, which has helped his personal growth and the success he has achieved. Vijay came to know about the multi-level marketing when he was in the United States doing MBA from the Southern Illinois University. However, at that time, Vijay Eswaran wasn’t serious about pursuing it full-time even though it did intrigue him at the time. After completion of his MBA in the United States, Vijay Eswaran shifted his base back to Malaysia, which is when one MLM company named Cosway Group contacted him to handle their business in Malaysia. It is when he thought of giving MLM a serious try, and started the QI Inc, which went on to become one of the largest conglomerates in the Asian region, involved with telecommunication business, luxury products manufacturing, construction and real-estate, and more.

Vijay Eswaran says that the leader is the one who is able to look at the bigger picture and not only think of his or her personal development but that of the employees of the organization as well. Vijay Eswaran believes that the multi-level marketing model is perfect in this regards as it allows the members of the company to secure their future financially. Vijay Eswaran believes that unless the leader is ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the company and show care and respect to the fellow employees, the employees and the organization cannot function as one unit. Vijay Eswaran advises people looking to lead a company with useful tips. He feels that a leader should be able to teach their employees without expecting anything in return. When the employees feel that the leader himself is working so hard, they too strive to become like him or her and are happy to follow their lead.

Louis Chenevert Was The Leader That United Technologies Corporation Had Always Needed

Louis Chenevert served as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and it was under his leadership that the company flourished for so many years and still does today. Before working with UTC, he served as the President of Pratt & Whitney and the Production General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. He earned his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management while spending time at the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). He also picked up an Honorary Doctorate while studying at the University of Montreal. He serves the public by sitting as the Chairman of Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and also sits on the Board of Directors of Cargill Inc.

Louis Chenevert has consistently put the right team together so that obstacles in the industry he worked in could be overcome. He has talked about the fact that he always appreciated his team members and that he always rewarded those who took risks. He helped to grow UTC by removing the obstacles that got in the way of its success and also by being a focused individual who was open minded. He has always said that each person is only as good as the sum of their team and that it is wise to surround yourself with the best of the best. When an employee solves a problem, he believes in rewarding them as to inspire them to do even more.

When asked what makes him a more productive entrepreneur, Louis Chenevert commented that all of his habits worked together to accomplish this. He believes that following up aggressively and being an optimist who works with passion are a few of the most important keys to success. Rather than getting tangled up in internal politics, he has always focused on the priorities and goals of the company. He also ensured that all of the executives in the company always had what they needed to continue to make their customers happy. Now that he is retired, many people are looking back and realizing what a great leader they had in their for all of those many years.

We Too Can Have Luxury

Many people from SoHo sat together and for the first time held expensive amounts of luxury in their hand. The RealReal is an online store where you can find secondhand luxury items for sale. It is really a good deal because they are lightly worn and mostly real. If not, you can send it back.

In 2011, The RealReal was founded by the entrepreneur Julie Wainwright. It was created mostly because Amazon cannot carry such luxurious items since they only like to carry mass orders of items. The online store has anything you would want for luxury like bags, jewelry, and clothing. Also, you can find the best labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. They are the best consignments for those who do not earn as much as the high ballers. Although many people will become concerned because of the fact that it may not be trending at the moment, they are still providing the latest trending fashion. And if you are a vintage shopper, well here it is! Vintage for the 50’s girl. It’s absolutely lovely.

The reason why people like to buy real luxury items because they have a good essence rather than a bag which smells like nail polish. Nobody likes that however, it is always a good feeling to have the latest trends because it brings people together. And, not to mention the animal skin could be put to use also. Which is also a scary thought but just in case, it is not 100% animals.

Also, when you are dressed in fine clothing, you will be getting the utmost respect from other people because it is a well known thing for people with the type of clothing to be presentable and known with characteristics. The RealReal is the place to shop for items you need to look presentable for the people. With that said, shop now and get that bag you’ve been wanting for a while now. Givenchy, Yves Laurent, Juicy Couture, you name it and they have it waiting for you to be used in your life. Always remember that you can return it, if anything.

Sujit Choudhry Comments on the Political Climate

Sujit Choudhry is a respected international scholar whose studies focus more on comparative constitutional law and politics. Some of the topics he dwells more in include constitutional design as a tool in managing the transition of violent democratic politics to peaceful democratic politics, constitutional design in societies that are ethnically divided, federalism, decentralization, and secession, constitutional courts and transitional justice, official language policy, and bill of rights among other issues. Mr. Choudhry also took part in writing the Canadian constitutional law. One of his most recent publications is a chapter in the Constitutional Democracies in Crisis.

In the book, Sujit Choudhry digs more into a tweet by Eric Holder, former Attorney General in the administration of President Barrack Obama. His tweet was published in December 2007. In the tweet, Mr. Holder warned against the termination of Robert Muller, White House Special Counsel. He termed the termination as an “absolute red line” that should not be crossed. He went ahead and asserted that if anything happened they were going to hold peaceful demonstrations.

Sujit Choudhry analyzed the tweet and explained that the call to action by Eric Holder was based on two concepts namely being symbolic, “red line” or uncontroversial constitutional boundary in America and allowing the people of America to decide whether government officials have misused their authority and have disobeyed the law (

Mr. Choudhry identified that the tweet was centered on the “constitutional self-enforcement basis developed on the focal line concept.” Since the constitution guides government officials and citizens about behavior of public authority by using constitutional rules, Holder wanted the people of America to decide whether Muller was to be suspended from his duties or not. Moreover, Mr. Choudhry noted that the violation of such constitutional rules did not warrant the court to tag them as that. Sujit Choudhry was also surprised at Holder’s tweet since Eric Holder who was once a top law enforcement officer did not state any legal claim to challenge the termination of Muller from office. Mr. Choudhry also identified the limitation of the presidential terms to only two years is also an example of a focal point.

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Tony Petrello And His Wife Cynthia Are Active Philanthropists

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to do good for others. There are lots of successful entrepreneurs and business people who give back but not to the level that Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia do. A lot of the causes they donate to are close to the heart, especially one in particular because it has to do with their daughter. Other causes they are passionate about are education, the arts, and health.

Nabors Industries is a global oil and gas company with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. Tony Petrello is the CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board for Nabors. Under his leadership there Mr. Petrello has been able to accomplish quite a lot using his keen eye for business and dedication to bettering his community. The Petrello’s daughter was born with a neurological disorder, which greatly impacted their family. No parent wants to see their child suffering so they started donating funds to research about childhood neurological diseases. So Far they have donated $7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. In addition they served at co-chairs of a capital campaign for the hospital. This was very success and raised over $500 million dollars.

Tony Petrello and Cynthia even started their own foundation called the Petrello Family Foundation. It supports organizations around Houston that focus on the performing arts, health, and education. Getting a proper education is very important to Tony because he believes it creates opportunity and such for young minds. Tony Petrello came from humble beginnings himself but worked hard to get the education he longed for. He attended Yale University where he received his Bachelor and Master of Science in Mathematics. During his time at Yale Tony Petrello had a mentor ever-talented mathematician Serge Lang. In honor of his mentor and close friend he started an endowment fund for talented students. This came in form of an annual prize. Mr. Petrello continued on to get his JD from Harvard Law School.

Last November Tony and Cynthia honored and welcomed home Tommy Tune the celebrated Broadway star with an intimate party at their Houston mansion. 50 of their closest guests were treated to cocktails, appetizers, and live music to in honor of Tommy coming home. Tune was in town to perform the story of his life called “Tommy Tune Tonight” in front of 5,000 of his biggest fans. His live performance was at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, Texas.

OSI Industries, the leading food service provider

In this day and age, OSI Industries has proved itself in being the most prominent food service providers in the universe. It has twenty thousand operating personnel distributed in sixty-five centers located all over seventeen countries. The company was started by Otto Kolschowsky who was based in Chicago, Illinois. It was initially named Otto and Sons due to it being a family business. It rose steadily with the various business transactions it had with Ray Kroc who opened a chain of restaurants called McDonald’s. The company was the sole supplier of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation.

After twenty years Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries with the continued supply of its food to McDonald’s. Later on the introduction of the cryogenic food processing that used liquid nitrogen to freeze their food hastily opened the door for the company to expand its services. This also made the company become among the leading four suppliers to McDonald’s.

Later on, OSI Industries transitioned from not only being a major supplier to McDonald’s, with various facilities catered to the supply and production of their food but also towards other clients. It is currently priding itself with making sales of over six billion United States dollars as of two years ago. These other ventures include a partnership with K and K foods that is based in Taiwan which saw the start of the company’s Asia branch. Other branches include the GenOSI transaction that was developed in 1990 as well as the WFOE that was started two years later in China. China’s negotiated plan to enter the World Trade Organization saw the company catapult to the international stage as it would rise and be known all over the world.

At this point, OSI Industries had gotten various clients in China such as Yum and Starbucks as well as Burger King and Papa John’s. Subway was also another client as well as Saizeriya. The company’s growth was also evident in the US with deal with Nation Pizza and Foods that was started in 1994. This meant the development of a new plant that would cater for the new food products such as bacon and sausages. This plant was based in Oakland, Iowa.

The company continues to grow exponentially. It has branched to poultry as well as producing non-meat products for their clients and customers. It has various connections in countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as some parts of Europe.

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Sujit Choudhry Breaks Down The Problems With Constitutional Democracies

Berkeley in California is the home of one of the most knowledgable professors in the field of constitutional law and general politics. His knowledge of the two subjects is exceptionally thorough, and he has studied the transition of constitutional law as it has evolved over time. The professor has also been blessed with many opportunities to study these phenomena in real-world situations. While he has published a fair number of articles discussing various subsets of these topics, his most recent piece details how modern constitutional democracies are in danger of falling apart.

Taking and Making a Point on a Current Issue

To make a larger point, Choudhry begins by discussing the investigation into whether or not the Russians influenced the 2016 presidential and whether or not the Trump campaign and administration had anything to do with the influence ( There were rumors that Trump was considering firing Robert Mueller, the head of the special counsel for the investigation, but experts agree that could spark a powder keg of constitutional problems.

This is more than a mere fault of the democratic process at its core. For those who understand how to deal with the issues that face modern governments, taking advantage of the democratic process isn’t very difficult. For instance, in 2015, the Polish government was populated with a majority of members from the nationalist right-wing party. This gave them the control they needed to make changes to the constitution of the nation, so they have used their time in power to try to change as much of the democratic infrastructure in Poland as they can to better suit their party. Technically, all of their actions have been ‘legal’.

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Choudhry points out that at one point in history, the only way to overthrow a system of government was by force. That is no longer case, however. Now, the best way to gain control of a government is to get voted in legally. At that point, all you have to do is skirt the line between doing what’s in the best interest of your party and your party alone and those actions that might be considered red lines or public focal points in their constitutionality.

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