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NewsWatch TV review taking business to another level!

Businesses are always looking for that edge, that advantage, an useful, productive tool which can elevate them to that next level. Of course, this can be easily stated but not as easy to implement. This is where smart, efficient strategies come into play to allow a business to flourish. Enter NewsWatch TV to the arena of business.

NewsWatch TV is an award winning television program that focuses on technology, consumer and entertainment news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, editorials, sponsored consumer electronic reviews and numerous topics effecting our lives everyday. It usually broadcasts during the Monday morning news hours on the AMC Network bi-monthly,and all Ion Television affiliates, as well as independently syndicated local stations across the nation weekly at 7 am. They have been on the air for 28 years becoming a staple in the industry.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and features special reports by Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest, and Susan Bridges. The show has featured more than 10,000 stories on numerous topics like medical breakthroughs, finances, travel, public policy issues and new product introductions. A prime example of how effective NewsWatch can be was shown in their story with Avanca. Avanca is a technology company who was creating a pocket PC called “Ockel Serius B”. They created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo looking for funding on their Ockel Serius B Pocket PC. Avanca hired NewsWatch TV to produce and air a promotional segment as part of their NewsWatch TV Reviews to promote the campaign. They ended up raising $456,551, 29 times above their goal. Now, that’s one effective tool for business bar none. Nathalie van Wijkvliet Avanca’s Marketing Director, stated, “We [worked with] NewsWatch, it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. Its great working with NewsWatch… We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team”.

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Detecting the Best Apps On the Market

The app world is filled with a lot of dating apps because there is so much demand for finding a soulmate. People that are interested in finding Mr. and Mrs. Right have so many options. Sometimes all of the many options that are out there have made it complicated for people to decipher which apps are going to be the best for them.

OK Cupid is a recent app that has started to gain attention. Tinder is another app that is getting social media buzz. Others like Match and eHarmony have been around for a while. Skout is an app that has really flourished in the last several years. It is getting a lot of critical acclaim because it allows people to remove some of the other apps that they may have on their phone. This app is like an all-inclusive app that has surfaced in order to help users consolidate their apps.

Skout is for networking men and women that want to cast a net for job opportunities. Skout is for meeting new friends for the possibilities for chatting and entertaining one another. Skout, most importantly, is one of the hottest apps because it caters to people that like to flirt first. That is appealing. Some people do not want to feel like they have been thrust right into the dating scene.

For people that sign up for sites like eHarmony, going on the date is the testing the waters phase. Everything moves too fast. With Skout people have the opportunity to slow things down a bit. They can move at their own pace. That may be the ultimate reason why there is such a love for these premium apps like Skout. There are a slew of dating apps on the market, but it is evident that Skout is among the best for the young adults that have gotten tired of the club scene.

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Skout Surveys Users About Friendship

Making friends online is easy today because there are some really great applications that allow users to easily mingle and chat. The main application that I use to make friends on the internet is called Skout. It is available for free on your mobile phone, and it is free to sign up for, as well. There are some options to upgrade, but the free version of Skout is packed with so much value that you will be happy that you downloaded it.

Friendship Day

We just celebrated international online friendship day at Skout. Everyone got really into it because we all like having friends to talk to online. The users from Skout actually participated in a survey that was published on PR Newswire about different peoples’ perceptions of friendship. The survey includes some fascinating statistics about having online friends. Have you ever tried having friends online? It can be fun to get to know people from around the world without leaving your couch. With Skout, you can get to know people in your city or across the planet.

The survey had some statistics that I wanted to share. Skout conducted the survey by asking 23,000 people on its platform the same series of questions. One interesting result was that three out of four of the people interviewed for this survey claimed to have at least one online friend that they talked to on a regular basis.

Skout is practically a marketplace for friendship. It’s simple to start. You can download the app for free. Then, you create your log in information. The app prompts you through creating your profile. You will be able to give as much or as little information as you would like. You can upload a picture if you would like to show people who your are. People with pictures get better results in making friends. People use Skout for finding friends and for finding romantic relationships. It’s up to you how you use your account, but you can always change the status of your account at any time. You can log on to Skout at any time from your mobile device and begin letting the new friendships roll in. To learn more about Skout and the survey the conducted, visit PR Newswire.