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Bachelorette Bombshell Attends the Academy of Art University, San Francisco

If your guilty pleasure is watching Bachelor in Paradise, you are in good company. The most recent season has viewers captivated with Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile. Because of her charming and quirky behavior, Kendall quickly became a fan favorite on the show. During the show, Kendall made it to the final 3, while “Joe” went home empty handed after appearing separately on The Bachelorette. Since wrapping the season, “Joe” has been spending quite a large amount of time in California where Kendall studied at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. The school focuses on building artists’ report throughout a variety of art professions, and has been doing so since 1929.

Neither Kendall nor Grocery Joe have confirmed whether their fling is the real-deal. But, they have left a digital trail on social media. On reddit, fans speculate that they are in love by digging up clues from Instagram stories and deleted videos. The photos and film clips definitely point to a lot of share time together, which seems more than just a coincidence. Kendall continues to reside on the west coast after school as she is a California native.

While at the Academy of Art University San Francisco, Kendall Long earned her bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications. Afterwards the 26-year-old worked in the entertainment industry as a creative director before joining the Bachelor’s 22nd season.

The Academy of Art University San Francisco is a brick and mortar art institution which allows online learning as well. They boast multiple studios and media rooms, which can be viewed on an in-campus tour. They offer different financial options which make paying for your education simple. Lastly, they have produced alumni that work creative roles in highly prestigious companies such as Samsung, Disney, the fashion house of Chanel, and Google to name a few.

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Alex Pall Talks About the Evolution of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo whose members are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers came to be as Alex was looking for a replacement for the initial member of the duo was leaving. Taggart got word of the opening and the Chainsmokers as their fans know them now was born.

With there being such a large concentration of DJs in the music industry, Andrew Taggart understands that set themselves apart from the rest would be a challenging task. While Alex does understand that sometimes you have to follow the popular pattern to get your foot in the door, it is very important to develop your own style after perfecting your craft. The Chainsmokers managed to do just that with singles such as Roses, Waterbed, and Don’t Let Me Down all of which sound much different than anything that they have put out before.

The newest approach from the Chainsmokers is sure to catch their fans off guard. The duo actually sings on some of their new material. Aside from the singing, the duo felt the need to personalize those lyrics by talking about things that are going on in their own lives. Pall acknowledged that the current era of fans likes to feel a connection to the artist. Making lyrics and telling their personal stories will provide that connection.

A common issue with most artists is that they don’t evolve with their audience. Paul is very aware of this lack of awareness among most groups, and he is determined to keep his shows fresh and adapt to his group’s growing audience. Paul believes that complacency is one of the main reasons groups become less relevant, so he is in constant communication with his visualist on how to make every show a little different. Paul has noticed that most groups that he idolizes tend to lose ground when they take extensive amounts of time off. Although he acknowledges all the heart work that his band does, he feels that it is important to stay active and take minimal breaks.