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Marc Beer Successfully Raises $43M for Pelvic Floor Disorder Kitty

Marc Beer started the Boston based medtech named Renovia Inc. The idea of starting the company was to help more than 250 million women suffering from pelvic floor disorders that result in urinary inconsistency through developing various therapeutic and diagnostic products. In the effort to get more funds to facilitate the company’s projects, Marc recently disclosed a series B round worth $32 together with a venture debt of $10 million totaling to $43 million. In April this year, Renovia Inc. received the approval of its first product, Leva, from FDA, Food, and Drugs Administration. However, a new generation of Leva device would be developed and tested alongside four more diagnostic and therapeutic products in the near future. The money raised through the Series B round will support the project. Learn more:


The leading firms that successfully facilitated the fund include Ascension Ventures from Missouri, Perceptive Advisers from New York and Longwood Fund that focuses on health care. In his appreciative remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc., Marc Beer thanked the firms that led the Series B funding for sharing the company’s vision to treat, diagnose, and as well improve the pelvic floor disorder problem. He added that the company would combine its proprietary and innovative sensor technologies to come up with a digital health platform, Through the platform, Renovia Inc. would serve its customers better through providing data on new treatment methods, teach them more facts about pelvic floor disorders and in lowering the healthcare costs on a long-term basis.


Marc Beer founded Renovia Inc. in August 2016 alongside the Managing Director, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorié. Marc has an experience of over 25 years working for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, and devices sectors. The three Executives closed a successful series A financing of the company that involved prominent healthcare venture funds. Beer worked with Viacell, a biotechnology company as the Chief Executive Officer from April 2000 for seven years. The company specializes in collecting, preserving, and developing umbilical cord blood stem cells and the company’s workforce grew to 300 employees under his leadership. Other companies that Marc Beer served include Genzyme as the Global Marketing Vice President, Abbott Laboratories in the marketing department and Good Start Genetics Inc. as the founder and Chairman to name but a few.