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William Saito; Leader In Business and Technology

William Saito is among the most influential people in Japan and provides advisory services to various governments. Mr. Saito started software programming while in elementary school and launched his company in high school. He is recognized as one of the central authorities in encryption, authenticating biometric systems and cybersecurity. His success in these realms coupled with his business skills enabled him to be named the Entrepreneur of the year by various organizations including Ernst and Young, and the USA today.

He sold his first business to the Microsoft Corporation and relocated to Tokyo and founded a new company called InTecur. The company deals with venture capital and provides consultancy services concerning innovative technologies. The company is also involved in developing and nurturing global talent and assisting upcoming entrepreneurs to be successful.

William Saito was appointed a council member that dealt with the development of national strategies and policies. He reported to Japan’s prime minister with regular updates of the best recommendations for policy development and implementation. He was also the chief technology officer while working at the Fukushima Nuclear accident where he led the independent investigation of the nuclear incident. Besides the provision of advisory services to the national governments, he also provided these services to other scientific and technological institutions.

When not occupied with consultancy and advisory services, Mr. Saito works as a lecturer at various universities. He is also a board member at multiple companies and comments publically on TV regarding political, economic and social issues. Mr. Saito has also authored various publications and writes several articles for a newspaper column weekly. He is an accomplished writer with a bestselling book on management and his autobiography. He is a member of the World Economic Forum board and was named by the organization as an accomplished global leader. Mr. Saito is also a council member of the global agenda. William Saito is driven by his unique outlook on business and technology. He believes although not all business and technological concepts will be successful, entrepreneurs cannot succeed without establishing the areas that worked well and those that did not implement the idea. Without this, entrepreneurs will never develop ideas and use them to create well-finished end products.


Nathaniel Ru: A Green Dream

Sweetgreen is a healthy, fun restaurant that started as an idea by a few Georgetown University students, including Nathaniel Ru. They really wanted somewhere healthy to eat that was also fun and easy. That’s where this idea for sweetgreen started and it just grew from there.

Ru and his friends then decided on a location for this restaurant idea. They found out who the landlord for a building they found and began calling her. The first time Nathaniel called her and explained why he was calling, she hung up on him.

He didn’t give up. Every day either Ru or one of his friends would call the landlord until she decided to meet in person.

Ru, dressed up in a suit and tie, met up with her and she proposed they find some investors and an architect to strengthen their initial plan.

Three and a half weeks later, they had their investors, architect, and a better plan which lead the landlord to give them an opportunity to follow their dream.

Sweetgreen is now a successful 21 store restaurant chain who prides themselves on buying a lot of their ingredients from local vendors and markets. So why is the company so successful? It is the way they run things that make them successful.

First, they follow a list of five values. This list is posted in every sweetgreen kitchen. Number one, win for the company, win for the customer, and win for the community. Number two, think sustainably or for the long-term. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Number three, every aspect of the restaurant is authentic from the employees to the food. Number four, be sweet so that customers have a sweet experience they can go tell their friends about. And five, the whole company needs to make an impact.

The company, sweetgreen, also connects with their customers by having an annual music festival, a mobile app where customers can earn reward points, and living healthy partnerships with yoga instructors and gyms.

Employees also help their customers with the door, leave coupons on windshields to make their day, and provide umbrellas at no additional charge. They truly want to help people and their community.

Nathanial Ru graduated from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in 2007. He and two other fellow Georgetown graduates and friends started sweetgreen in 2007. Nathaniel and his business partners also developed sweetlife in 2010. Sweetlife is a music festival that promotes good living, health and well being, community, and as well as sustainability.