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The Shining Future Of OSI Industries

The path to becoming of the world’s most vital food distribution companies is not something that can achieved in the blink of an eye. It requires thoughtfulness, perseverance, and most importantly simply a little luck.

OSI Industries has been building up its brand image for over a century. The company began in the most humble way possible as a small city in a bustling city. It grew and expanded step-by-step over the following decades. Leadership changed hands and partnerships were formed, each step bring the company closer to vision of long-term sustainability. In a recent Gazette Day article, they describe how the past and present, are culminating in the future of OSI Industries.

The company is presently operating not far from its Chicago origin point in Aurora, Illinois. From this center they operate a strong domestic distribution system, in addition to its international network. Towards the turn of the century, present CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald took their positions. Both of these individuals bring a unique touch, but one with huge long term potential. They are active in the community along with never ensuring they never stray too far from the humble roots that make up the core of OSI Industries.

In recent years, OSI Industries has taken huge steps to expand globally. They first move began with a new domestic plant to secure more resources for its operations. The first major international purchase was Baho Foods. It was quickly followed up with Flagship Europe. The combined assets brings the companies product into 17 countries across most of the European region. All pre-established routes also belong to the company, which further expands their influence outside of the main countries and into other parts of the world.

CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald have made great strides in moving OSI Industries into the global sphere through its series of acquisitions and domestic backbone at home. They know a sustainable company has to be humble, but also dominant in its actions. The company has a bright future ahead, as it slowly cements place as a 21st century modern company.

Unveiling Rick Shinto – CEO of InnovaCare Health

CEOs have one of the trickiest jobs; everything about the company is pegged on their performance. When the company is performing well, they will receive a lot of praises. However, when things seem not to be working, they will get the lion’s share of the blame. At InnovaCare Health, CEO Rick Shinto and his CAO Penelope Kokkinides understand this situation too well. It is because of this understanding that they have put together a team of dedicated leaders who want nothing but the best for the company. This strategy seems to be paying off.


Who is Rick Shinto?


As the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto is known to change the way the company offers its services. He only took over after the acquisition of Aveta Inc. in 2012, but his style is already changing the company for the better. During his few years at the helm, he oversaw drastic changes that made the company earn more customers and increase profits. This is all attributable to the fact that he has a lot of experience in managing similar companies.


About his education, Rick Shinto studied at the State University of New York Graduating with a degree in Medicine. After that, he Joined Redlands University for further studies. His quest for knowledge also saw him join the University of California. During his early career days, he worked as a pulmonologist and an intern in a hospital in Southern California. It is through his illustrious career that he earned various awards such as the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. When he is not busy at InnovaCare Health, he authors medical journals and books.

Who is Penelope Kokkinides?


The lady is the force behind efficient operations at InnovaCare Health. She has been in the industry for over 20 years, and therefore, she knows what the clients need. Having headed various projects across America, she was at Aveta Inc. during the time of its acquisition. Since coming on board in 2015, she has worked well with the CEO and other professionals. About her education, she was a student at the University of New York and the Columbia University School of Public Health.

About the company

InnovaCare Health is a company that has devised new solutions in the Medicare Advantage Plans industry. Operating from Puerto Rico, the company serves a lot of customers spread across the entire North American region. It is through the combined effort of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides that they achieved their greatest success.

Felipe Montoro Jens: A Businessman Of Unbridled Ambition

An integral cog in myriad Brazilian industries, Felipe Montoro Jens is a multifaceted businessman of seemingly endless insight. His expertise runs the gamut from project management to infrastructure relations, and his boundless wisdom is in large part why Jens is well-thought-of in the business domain. The finance industry, specifically, is Jens’ forte. So much so, that Jens facilitates financial handlings between the Brazilian government and private industries. These cooperative arrangements are dubbed public-private partnerships. Read more about Jens at

Jens’ merit has elevated him to extraordinary heights, and he continues to diversify his skills in the hopes of sating his appetite for success. Over the past few decades, Jens has held numerous illustrious titles, with CEO, executive, chairman, and director being among a few. Jens attributes his enduring prosperity to his industrious disposition and evolving work ethic. In fact, Jens claims that he seldom relies on anyone else to get a task done as people aren’t often as motivated as he is to execute a deed meticulously. What’s more, Jens states that he dedicates minimal time to social media and office small talk. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, these elements are mere hindrances that impede his productivity. In short, Jens upholds a “less is more” motto regarding leisure.

Within the foreseeable future, Jens hopes to unveil revolutionary projects. Jens maintains that “reading serious and curious news” arouses his ingenuity. With that said, he often explores the unknown in the hopes of bringing ideas to life. Moreover, Jens enjoys creating a dialogue with like-minded individuals who share his enthusiasm for business endeavors. Jens subscribes to the notion that “getting together with smart people” bodes well for innovation. It’s for this reason why Jens makes fast friends with keen professionals. As his career evolves, Jens hopes to adapt alongside the ever-shifting and exciting nature of business.



The Forex report on equities first holdings

Equities first holding has come up with new strategies of lending. Mr. Al Christy has achieved many goals by lending to a better prosperity status of the company. Christy who is a well-educated person and works at a better firm pledges to build up the company and help people in raising their financial status. Their partnership is set to build a foundation in order to make things easier for the well being of their customers future. This improves the company and its relationship with its customers.The company ensures that people should get stock-based loans since they are easier and fast.Equities first holdings have offices in London since many investors have offered to have shares in the company. The step taken by the CEO is currently not taking place in other banks so this makes them special.Equities first holding has grown across the world where its main headquarters are in Indiana. To know more about the company click here.

Fortress Investment Group Specializes In International Investing Relations

Fortress Investment Group was one of the first investment companies of its kind when it was first launched back in 1998. Based on alternative assets, Fortress Investment started out as a private equity and stayed that way for nearly 9 years until they finally became a leader on the market. As of today, Fortress Investment manages roughly 70 billion dollars of assets for their investors around the country and abroad. Their alternative investments typically consist of private equity, luxury vehicles, and hedge funds. Fortress headquarters are in New York, where the company was founded, and over the past 20 years, they have amassed around 1000 employees throughout there locations around the country. The majority of these team members are experienced in vehicles acquisition, real estate, capital markets, financing, management, mergers, and asset-based investing. More Business News at

Fortress Investment was started by three financial experts, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Together, these men had more than 40 years of financial experience to contribute to the company’s success. These executives are well-known in the investment industry and the financial world in general for the extreme wealth they have gained. Nearly all of the executives for Fortress have become billionaires, including Peter Briger. Peter was brought into Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and was placed in charge of the real estate department and equity funds. Peter came to the company with more than 15 years of experience working at Goldman Sachs and he was largely responsible for the company’s public transition. In 2007 when the company turned public with Peter’s help, Fortress was finally featured on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fortress Investment Group was sold off by company management last year to SoftBank Corp, a massive multinational holding company in Tokyo. All things aside, nothing has changed at Fortress Investment Group since the acquisition and Randal Nardone even believes it will help the company expand even further in the future by bringing more attention to the company.



The Secret to How GreenSky Tapped into This Overlooked Market!

Just finishing up their initial public offering (IPO), the following company might be one of the most excellent fintechs ever. GreenSky makes its revenue by providing point-of-sale solutions for connecting consumer borrowers to regional banks. Its model based on fees frees it from most of the growth limiters included with traditional banking. The company has the ability to experience double-digit growth for decades to come.

The organization quietly drove almost $3.8 billion in volume for loans last year to their banking associates, this is an increase of more than 30% from 2016.

The Way GreenSky Functions

GreenSky serves as the middleman for connecting consumer borrowers to banks. They collect a substantial fee during this process. They count on merchants (mainly medical and home improvement professionals) to take in loan requests by offering to finance right where the sale occurs. Imagine the following scenario. A homeowner is looking to put new windows up on a particularly drafty portion of the house, but she can’t pay $6,000 in cash for the project out of pocket. The contractor suggests applying for a loan with GreenSky, so she can have 12 months of no-interest financing for breaking up the investment into small segments.

A contractor can scan the ID card of the homeowner on the spot using a mobile tablet or phone to provide most of the needed data to start the credit request. The homeowner will then enter her annual income, put in her Social Security number and verify additional information prior to tapping to submit the application. The data is then sent to GreenSky behind the scenes.

It will be matched to prospective borrowers based on one of the banking partners’ preset underwriting guidelines. Because the application adequately fit with one of their lenders, they can allow her a limit of credit for up to $8,000 instantly. The contractor lets his future client know that she got approved for at least $8,000. That’s more than what she needs to finance the $6,000 plan. He now has the chance to upsell more work the client might have otherwise declined if it wasn’t for the large credit approval.

CEO Steve Ritchie Sees Opportunities

Given the fact that Papa John’s International Inc. is a publicly owned and traded company, it is required to report its earnings every quarter. Papa John’s 3rd quarter earnings were, not surprisingly, significantly lower than the third quarter of the previous year. With Papa John’s being is engulfed in controversy during the intervening period, it was expected that this quarter’s earnings would be comparatively lower. During earnings call, however, Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie said that he is “optimistic about the opportunities ahead.”

There are reports that at least four companies are interested in acquiring Papa John’s. These acquisition rumors have had a positive impact on Papa John’s share prices, sparking several huge price surges. And the improvement measures instituted by Steve Ritchie to win back customers’ trust appears to be working. According to several research firms, customer perception of Papa John’s has shifted dramatically. Now, they are either neutral or even positive. This positive progress is primarily ascribed to the “Voices” campaign it launched in September for the purpose of remaking its public image. The company desires to be seen more as an employee-oriented company. The “Voices” campaign undoubtedly resonated profoundly with Steve Ritchie Papa John’s as he started out with the company as a customer service representative in 1996.

Another improvement measure instituted by Steve Ritchie is the restructuring of its executive members. The aim of this restructuring is to facilitate the company’s ability to shift its focus back to their customers. This restructuring has resulted in the creation of four new VP positions, which revolve around the following critical customer touch points: customer experience, branding and innovation, menu strategy, as well as analytics and technology. More positive news exists for Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s. The 3rd quarter earnings report indicated that total international sales of Papa John’s stores climbed by 10 percent and that 300 new stores were opened last year. Based on the foregoing, can you blame CEO Steve Ritchie for being optimistic about Papa John’s future.

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Lime Crime Amazing Founder: “No Fear” Doe Deere

As a young girl, along with her mother and sister, Doe Deere (originally Xenia Vorotova) came to the United States from Russia with high hopes and very little money. After their arrival, the allure of the land of opportunity proved to be more of a struggle in reality, and the three small women found themselves working and scraping to generate basic survival money.

Fearlessly, the three plodded on and struggled, eventually finding themselves taking residence in a homeless shelter. Undaunted, the three worked hard, with Doe continually drawing her designs during her rare time off work. Eventually, with talent and a bit of ingenuity, her abilities found their way to a coalition designed to help women. She was offered a scholarship based on her skills and rudimentary designs, ultimately providing her with the opportunity to develop the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Ms. Deere’s love of animals plays a prominent role in Lime Crime’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan manufacturing standards. Her sister was also awarded a college scholarship, graduating with honors.

This year, after ten successful years running Lime Crime and with a husband and baby adding to her busy schedule, she (along with her sister) has created Poppy Angeloff. This new fashion site is invisible to the public, with access gained through a membership-like registration process. Featuring petite and unique jewelry selections, this site is yet another reflection of Doe Deere’s one-of-a-kind fashion vision. Frustrated with the meager selection of statement jewelry for women of small stature, Doe went about creating her own designs. Her style sensibilities were – once again – so warmly received that some styles sold out immediately.

When looking for a contemporary immigrant success story, one need look no further than Doe Deere. Her belief in her abilities, her fearlessness and tireless work ethic have proven the key to achieving her own “American Dream.”

The Taste of Volcanos, Waiakea Water.

Though the bottled water industry is quite young compared to others, it has picked up the past and developed into a multi-million industry. As a consumer, it’s quite hard to choose which water “tastes better”, since they’re more than ten different companies fighting to quench your thirst. This has caused the packaging companies to find other alternatives and names to back up their water, like spring water, filtered water fresh water and other types of waters. It’s hard to believe that this commodity, that was previously free and very available is making people billions of dollars across the globe with a majority of the consumers of in first world countries like Italy. Though lucrative, the water business is also one of the biggest contributors of ocean pollution, due to its extensive use of plastic for packaging. Out of the billions of bottles sold, in this industry, only about 20% gets recycled. This should be alarming to both the consumers and the producers of bottled water since most of this bottles have around fifteen hundred years before they naturally degrade.

This factors, plus more, bring us to Waiakea Water, that has not only raised the bars extremely high by the methods it uses to filter its waters but also through what they use as packaging material. Waiakea Water is based and was founded in Hawaii in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The company’s water easily stands out because of how it filters its water. The water is passed through 14000 feet of volcanic rocks before being bottled, earning its name Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. This is on another league compared to what is currently in the market and very creative of the 27 years old Santa Barbara native.

Waiakea Water and the environment.

Another factor that makes this water sell is the fact that they have made their bottles a little bit of environmentally friendly. Waiakea Water started producing and using degradable water bottles by using TimePlast during the manufacturing process. These bottles degrade by themselves over a span 15 years, 1% of the time the other water bottles take to degrade.


Waiakea Water has partnered with other institutions, like Pump Aid, in an effort to provide water for communities that lack.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Medical Care That Is Also Convenient

“A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” is a way for people to understand some of the motives that drive this talented entrepreneur and physician. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to find a way to integrate everything that he loved about business in medicine. He found that he had a very strong desire to work in real estate. Real estate seems to be a good fit for him for a few years, but his business was based in New Orleans and it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. After helping with the relief efforts in the area, Dr. Mark McKenna believed that it was time for him to relocate his family to Atlanta. In Atlanta, he began to focus more heavily on his medical practice. This is when he came up with the idea to integrate his love of real estate, business, and medicine into one beautiful organization called OVME aesthetics.

OVME aesthetics is pronounced “of me” for reason. The eventual goal of the elective surgery practice is to allow patients to be more assertive in their medical goals. One way to do this is by offering patients the opportunity to visit with their physicians in their private homes and offices. This will allow them to have the best of both worlds. They will not have to deal with the cumbersome nature of an in-office visit and they don’t have to cancel important meetings or family time. The use of aesthetic services is growing but people are wanting it on their individual terms.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can develop something through app technology to help with that goal. He hopes to even help people obtain consultations through this software so that they can make decisions about their medical care. This would allow them to schedule visits without ever coming into the office for any type of pre-workup. What motivates Dr. Mark McKenna to do well in his industry is the exciting potential available for his patients. He wants them to receive the procedures and consultations that they are looking for in a way that it is convenient for them.