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How Waiakea Water is Different from the Rest

When the creators of Waiakea Water developed it, they knew there were things they could do that would help people see the positive options they have. They also knew others could make more from the things they were doing and that was something they felt good about. For Waiakea Water, the point of doing things the right way was offering bottled water to everyone who needed it and giving them the things they had as a result of it. Before Waiakea Water, the people who wanted to try Hawaii volcanic water had to actually go to Hawaii. Since Waiakea Water started, they could get more from the water than they did from any other time before. The company made sure people were using the water the right way and they were getting a great experience from using it. It also made sense for them to keep offering it to everyone who wanted to try it out.


As long as Waiakea Water continues growing and people continue seeing it as a way to make the best water possible, they know what will happen to the water and how they can make it better. They’ve always tried helping more people with the water and with the things they need for the water and that’s the point of the business. Since people can feel better about what they’re drinking, Waiakea Water can keep giving them a positive experience in every way possible. The company remains dedicated to those they serve and they help everyone who wants the water.

There were times when Waiakea Water had to start showing other people the things they needed and the options they used to keep getting better. They always wanted people to try their best and do the best job possible because they had so many different water options to choose from. Waiakea Water is one of the most profitable brands of water in the world and it shows in the things they do. Their customers get more from what they have and that makes sense for the company. They liked to give back to the community they’re a big part of.

Vijay Eswaran Provides Useful Tips for Anyone Looking to Lead People

Vijay Eswaran is one of the leading businessmen in the Asia-Pacific region, based in Malaysia. The MLM Company that he founded in the year 1998 has grown to become one of the largest conglomerates in the Asian region, with the annual turnover last year to be around $750 million as per Forbes. Vijay Eswaran has helped many people achieve their dreams through the inspiring and motivating speeches he has given world over at many different important events and public forums. Vijay Eswaran is also known for the many books he has written in the past few years sharing his business experiences and the importance of spirituality in life.

Vijay Eswaran has traveled across the globe and is also highly educated, which has helped his personal growth and the success he has achieved. Vijay came to know about the multi-level marketing when he was in the United States doing MBA from the Southern Illinois University. However, at that time, Vijay Eswaran wasn’t serious about pursuing it full-time even though it did intrigue him at the time. After completion of his MBA in the United States, Vijay Eswaran shifted his base back to Malaysia, which is when one MLM company named Cosway Group contacted him to handle their business in Malaysia. It is when he thought of giving MLM a serious try, and started the QI Inc, which went on to become one of the largest conglomerates in the Asian region, involved with telecommunication business, luxury products manufacturing, construction and real-estate, and more.

Vijay Eswaran says that the leader is the one who is able to look at the bigger picture and not only think of his or her personal development but that of the employees of the organization as well. Vijay Eswaran believes that the multi-level marketing model is perfect in this regards as it allows the members of the company to secure their future financially. Vijay Eswaran believes that unless the leader is ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the company and show care and respect to the fellow employees, the employees and the organization cannot function as one unit. Vijay Eswaran advises people looking to lead a company with useful tips. He feels that a leader should be able to teach their employees without expecting anything in return. When the employees feel that the leader himself is working so hard, they too strive to become like him or her and are happy to follow their lead.

Louis Chenevert Was The Leader That United Technologies Corporation Had Always Needed

Louis Chenevert served as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), and it was under his leadership that the company flourished for so many years and still does today. Before working with UTC, he served as the President of Pratt & Whitney and the Production General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. He earned his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management while spending time at the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). He also picked up an Honorary Doctorate while studying at the University of Montreal. He serves the public by sitting as the Chairman of Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and also sits on the Board of Directors of Cargill Inc.

Louis Chenevert has consistently put the right team together so that obstacles in the industry he worked in could be overcome. He has talked about the fact that he always appreciated his team members and that he always rewarded those who took risks. He helped to grow UTC by removing the obstacles that got in the way of its success and also by being a focused individual who was open minded. He has always said that each person is only as good as the sum of their team and that it is wise to surround yourself with the best of the best. When an employee solves a problem, he believes in rewarding them as to inspire them to do even more.

When asked what makes him a more productive entrepreneur, Louis Chenevert commented that all of his habits worked together to accomplish this. He believes that following up aggressively and being an optimist who works with passion are a few of the most important keys to success. Rather than getting tangled up in internal politics, he has always focused on the priorities and goals of the company. He also ensured that all of the executives in the company always had what they needed to continue to make their customers happy. Now that he is retired, many people are looking back and realizing what a great leader they had in their for all of those many years.