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Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Collection: Bold Move, Bad Result

Today is the day. If you have been waiting for Beyoncé’s new athleisure line, Ivy Park, well, you are in luck my friend because the release of Ivy Park is TODAY!

Think of today’s society. What is one of the hottest trends in fashion right now? Athleisure on Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. No one wants to be unhealthy! Plus, with the summer coming up, I know some of you want to show of your sexy curves at the beach. To cater this need, fashion industry has responded with the rise of athleisure products in the recent years.

Well, seems like Beyoncé has hopped on this trend as well! Being a Beyoncé girl myself, I could not wait to check these out. Well, I did, and guess what? To say the least, I was disappointed.

First of all, these are not something I can just wear at a gym without receiving some funny looks from everyone at the gym. Second, some of these just look like plain sweaters. It doesn’t even seem “leisure” to be honest. And lastly, I just cannot justify paying $65 to $85 for a pair of gray leggings.

I am sorry to say this Beyoncé, but I think this was rather a failure. A nice attempt overall, but I do not think the world is ready for your fashion yet. Sorry girl, but you know I’ll be getting your next album!

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