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Sujit Choudhry Shades Light on How Democracy Sidelined in Many Countries.

The state of democracy in many states is unpleasant. The rule of law is perfect but so many leaders continually sideline the power of democracy and brainwash their citizens to help them achieve their self-centered. The current misuse of office across the world is raising a red flag not only to the law enforcement bodies but to the entire human race. Using the nature of governance in countries today as our laboratory, it is valid to join the many studies from renowned scholars in a conclusion that democracy is surely disintegrating. So many scholars have voiced an alert on the state of democracy, such scholars include Sujit Choudhry who concludes that democracy is crippling in the entire world.

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A Look at His Contribution

Professor Sujit Choudhry has compiled many aspects of the current climate of politics, drawing examples from media and vivid examples from the many nations. According to the experienced elite, threats to democracy neither ended with world wars nor cold wars, however, it has developed over the time. He explains this using the case of Poland where a populist and a nationalist won the election through a public majority to parliament in the year 2015. Unfortunately, the government has decided to soil the constitutional democracy of the people to enable them, achieve their self-centered interest to ensure they retain future leadership with minimal resistance.

Disintegrating Democracy

Sujit Choudhry insists that the first threat to constitutional democracy in Poland was the Courts; ordinary and constitutional. He goes on to cite that the producers used to articulate their duties created a good avenue that was capitalized by the Polish government to choose their course of action. The voting, setting of an Interim President, assigning of judges to handle cases, and constitutional panels’ regulations were some areas with clear loopholes.

Outlining his Contribution

Professor Choudhry says that even though it appears that they are solving matters within constitutional boundaries, the dissenting opinions towards them equally have technical weight since they possess very refined evidence that the democracy is threatened by their actions. An ideal illustration is the creation of the Interim President.  For an additional reading, check

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