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Lip Balm: The Forgotten Beauty Essential You Must Wear

Let’s face it; women love their lips. We adorn them with glosses and lipsticks in just about every sexy shade imaginable. Some of us plump them with dermatological fillers, because we desire the fullest lips around.
Whatever you like to do your beautiful lips, make sure that lip balm is included in your daily beauty routine. Your lips will always need extra moisture, no matter how thin or thick they are, because lips lack protective oil glands. Lips also don’t have much melanin, which means they need a shield against the sun’s rays, and lips are among the thinnest parts of your skin body.

Now that we know all that, a hydrating, pure lip balm is key. There are tons of lip balm choices out there, but not all of them are naturally made. We happen to like the celebrity favorite, Evolution of Smooth or EOS and not only for their variety of sweet smackin’ goodness.

Evolution of Smooth has to be the cutest little pot of lip balm ever designed. The round ball of balm glides easily across and around the entire lips, dispensing a formula of jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter in an organic base. Plus, the tasty flavors are so appealing. Britney Spears takes her Pomegranate Raspberry EOS balm everywhere she goes, on stage and relaxing at home.

Evolution of Smooth has amazing balms for the entire family. From their Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks, the brand has everyone covered and protected.

You can find Evolution of Smooth lip balms at your favorite stores like Walmart, Target and here at, where we discovered EOS‘ Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm. This is such a gorgeous, soft shade of pink with pure hydration.

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