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William Saito: Pioneering Digital Security

William Saito was in the right place and the right time to fuel his love of technology. The amazement of computers grabbed a young boy and never let go. His parents added fuel to his curiosity, buying William a $5000 machine.

In the very early days of the internet, ideas were flying everywhere. A young man’s love of a bulletin board on a fledgling internet made it to Japan quickly. NEC and the technology world was seeking out the very brightest, William Saito was there with revolutionary ideas.

The very beginnings of William Saito’s I/O Software company was a blueprint for many other bright students. The future was the internet. Willliam convinced his college peers to join him in the creation of his company, and it worked.

Biometric software recognition was being condidered for every digital device on the planet. Saito’s revolutionary vision was a natural extension to his curiosity of breaking down software entry codes. His collaborations with Sony skyrocketed Saito’s ideas into the real world.

Sitting in a bar with Sony engineers, Saito developed the idea of fingerprint scanning. The brainstorming led to a small format, high-resolution camera. A short fixed focal point above a transparent surface and the scanner came to life. Sony’s short-sighted vision saw the device only for door locks.

The security of digital was at hand in the 1990s. William Saito took his curiosity of breaking software codes and developed the interface software. Developing breakthrough software and devices are immensely challenging; fingerprint scanners were no different. The challenge of the time was the tremendous amount of data to process. Once the fingerprint was processed through to the computer, the real work began. That single image needed to be compared to billions of other photos.

I/O software was a huge success. Saito was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst& Young in 1997. Saito’s biometric software paved the way for every smartphone in the world having a thumbprint scanner. The companies reputation was now established as a security software company. I/O had successfully cracked every commercially available software lock.

Microsoft acquired William Saito’s company in the early 2000s.