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ClassDojo is a Great Tool for the Educational Community

When it comes to educating children and helping them to have a great school year; then ClassDojo is a great tool that can help teachers to accomplish that goal. This particular piece of software was designed by two education technology entrepreneurs back in 2011.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were two former teachers who understood the ups and downs and frustration that is a natural part of the teaching process. They took their experience and then created an application that could be used to remedy some of the many issues that take place within the classroom.

Most classroom instructors spend at least 40% of their time dealing with behavior. Since they do, it takes away valuable learning time. Chaudhary and Don decided to create a piece of technology that will facilitate classroom behavior. Creating a positive classroom environment is the focus of ClassDojo.

Teachers who use this technology can record how their students are behaving each day. Then they can quickly send this information directly to the parents. Once the parents obtain this data they can get a good idea about how their kids are acting in school.

The best thing about ClassDojo is that it promotes positive outcomes for kids. The software has been designed to for teachers to tell parents positive things about their children. This way, good feedback about a child is being spread. Parents can then take this information and see what their children are doig right.

ClassDojo can also be used for other purposes. Facilitating the communication between parents and teachers is important for educators. At least 2 in 3 schools know that parental involvement with their child is virtually nonexistent. However, ClassDojo can help to overcome this problem by simply having a conference with parents through email, text messages and even video chatting.

ClassDojo offers parents and teachers a lot in terms of classroom behavior. Administrators, teachers and students can use ClassDojo to build up great relationships and to make the classroom run smoother. ClassDojo was developed for mobile devices but it can also be used on computers or laptops. Having this type of flexibility makes this technology a must have tool within schools, parents and educational community as a whole.


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