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Why Bumble is Likely to be the Next Big Thing According to Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a great and an amazing lady in the technology industry and has been on the frontline working towards achieving success. She has been respected by so many people in the world of dating and has worked towards making dating an easier thing in the world. She happens to be the founder of Bumble which happens to position four most popular dating app in the sector. The dating app was launched in the year 2014 and they have been able to work marvelously in collaboration with the famous Badoo CEO. The great person has been on the frontline making sure that the company achieves success through proper governance. The company is always on the frontline making sure that it helps as many people as possible achieve in their industry.

Whitney also happens to have been the co-founder of the famous dating app known as Tinder. She has always been passionate about achievements and has always been on the frontline making her life a success. Her passion to grow in her career is awesome and she has always committed her life towards nothing else but just success. She was responsible for providing the company name and later got a chance to help in the marketing of the company. She has always volunteered her time and skills towards making her life a success. Later she landed into serious disputes that forced her to leave the company. She was allegedly assaulted by a fellow founder that was a great turn down to her promising career. She has subsequently refunded back her shares of $1 million. She left the company when it was the most popular dating app in the whole world and started venturing into another development which she was not sure whether she would achieve.

Whitney Wolfe also happens to have a great beginning and have been working towards making sure that she receives great recognition in the sector. She had capable parents who largely spent their time to take care of her welfare. The father was a renowned developer while the mother was a caring housewife who spent all her time taking care of her daughter. She later got a chance to join the famous University of Southern Methodist and was able to specialize in international studies. She has been a great student who worked with passion to achieve in her education and was always motivated by the desire to achieve in the sector.

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Fabletics Is Thriving With Its Subscription Based Stores

Fabletics is becoming increasingly popular every day. It offers quality products at prices consumers can afford. The big question is what sets Fabletics apart from other athletic wear companies? The answer is simple. They have a successful strategy in place and that has taken the company’s revenue to the tune of $250 million. Athletic wear is a popular item and isn’t just used for going to the gym. What consumers look for is for the apparel to be comfortable and also trendy in style.


Fabletics has changed the whole thought process of what is considered a high end product. Historically, high end products were based on price, which was usually expensive and the quality of the product. But now, high end is defined in a whole new light. The quality of the product is important. But a great customer experience paired with exclusive designs and recognition of the brand is what makes a product high end now.


Fabletics has an online store and physical stores. Their strategy contains 3 premises. Reverse showrooming, relying on data, and the growth of the consumer and their cultures. These three items is what has pushed Fabletics ahead of all the other athletic brand companies. They wish to give each consumer a personalized experience, tailored just for their needs and lifestyles. To start the whole Fabletics experience, the consumer subscribes to the company. The subscription service is popular because it does create a more intimate feel between the company and the consumer. As consumers sign up, they take a quiz and that quiz gives Fabletics insight on the consumers day to day. The company takes this data and uses it to custom tailor every shopping experience from that point on.


The company is a hands on company. They watch what is working and if a product doesn’t thrive, they take it off the market and replace it with something that will. This is imperative in the marketing world so that trends can be kept up with and the demands of the consumers are met. Without that recipe, that success wouldn’t be as much. Keeping up with the growing demands of the world can be challenging but is rewarding in monetary gains.


Kate Hudson is a successful, driven business woman that entered the scenes from in front of the camera to behind the camera. Fabletics apparel is a passion of hers outside of the movies. The company announced not to long ago that the Fabletics line is opened up to the plus side now. This is opening a whole new world for Fabletics.

Experience The Rich Colors Of A Leading Cosmetic Brand

Doe Deere is the successful creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Her unconventional way of thinking has contributed to bright colors that leave guys and gals feeling unapologetic about their makeup. Deere insists her members be creative with their makeup shades. LC is widely known for being one of the first of its kind to creative super-foil and velvetine matte based cosmetics. They strive to create vibrant colors that are hard to find from their competitors. Their makeup goes on with a silky smooth moisture that dries to perfection every time, leaving you covered in the right areas. They have an amazing collection of eyeshadow and lipstick products.


How Lime Crime Got Their Start?


Deere learned in her native Russia the value of entrepreneurship and marketing through novelty tattoos. She began to wear them and popularize them among her friends. Eventually, they became a must have among her friends. She later moved to New York and enrolled in design school. Ironically, design school sparked her creativity and she decided that it was important for her to create rich colors that quickly became popular among young adults and professionals. Doe Deere was the first cosmetic line to bring her costumers velvetine matte.


Surprisingly, Lime Crime is creating a Scandal on the internet among their 2.4 million Instagram customers. They are responsible for a purple-violet hue that is a favorite among their loyal customers. Their customers are excited about this unique color that delivers the familiar velvetine matte base that they have come to trust for long lasting stay power. In fact, their customers are completely 100% waterproof to ensure that it won’t smudge when you’re eating or drinking. Scandal is a fast growing cosmetic brand that is sold under the Lime Crime name is bound to inspire other daring colors.


They offer YouTube tutorials from actual users around the world that inspire their guests to be creative, find new ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics. In fact, if you’re looking for a great way to blend thier products that provide creative ideas. You can also find great clothing items, shoes, and accessories from their sister company Doll Kills. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details information and promotional offers associated with the superior Lime Crime cosmetic line.

Fabletics Brand Uses Reserve Showroom Technique to Succeed in Fashion Industry


Showrooming the latest fashion designs is one method designers and brands introduce their products to retailers and the public worldwide. One of the fastest growing brands, Fabletics uses a different technique, reverse showrooming because the showroom method actually doesn’t attract average customers. Today, consumers looking for high-quality fashion at lower prices are able to do so online or at physical stores. According to Forbes Magazine, Amazon has gained approximately 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, as of November 2016. The Fabletics Brand is taking on the corporation and succeeding in global and national markets with revenue reaching $250 million.

Fabletics marketing strategies differ from competitors in various ways, including its membership & subscription model and reverse showrooming technique. In 2016, the brand is receiving vast growth in sales and expansion, reaching markets in Germany, France, and other countries. Store locations continue to open this year in the United States and an estimated 75 to 100 are planned to open within the next five years. During 2016, physical stores opened in Colorado, North Carolina, and Nevada. The brand’s strategies have placed Fabletics in a positive financial position to expand and attract more customers and members.

The reverse showrooming method Fabletics uses is the way the brand does its physical stores compared to other fashion brands. Forbes reported that 30 percent through 50 percent of the brand’s customers are members who visit store locations. Approximately 25 percent of walk-in customers who visited physical stores became members, proving reverse showrooming is effective for attracting shoppers. The brand continues to strategize their marketing goals by collecting personalized data to make shopping convenient for their loyal customers. Fabletics reversed the showrooming model by turning traditional in-store browsing to create and build relationships.

In July 2013, Co-founders Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg founded Fabletics and launched the brand three months later. When the brand was formed, the focus was mainly on women’s athletic wear for jogging, workout, gym, and yoga. Now, there’s a men’s line comprising of active wear that was launched in 2015 and uses the membership subscription model, as well. Remarkable growth has happened in 2016 for the brand, including the launch of swimwear and dress collections. Fabletics offers reasonable cost, quality, and stylish athletic and casual apparel for women and men.

Kate Hudson’s fitness brand is an affiliate of TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab, Inc., the inventor of membership subscription fashion. Becoming a VIP member at Fabletics comes with rewards of savings from 40 percent up to 50 percent, special promotion invites, and earning points. Members can use the points earned as cash to purchase free active or casual clothing from Fabletics. Each month the brand offers promotional specials for customers who become new members. During the month of December, new subscribers are offered two pairs of leggings for $24, which is valued little over $100.

Fabletics: Monthly Athleisure Delivered To Your Door

When you think of comfortable clothing on, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably yoga pants. Yoga pants are part of a type of clothing line called athleisure, which has become a national trend among women, due to its soft, stretchy material and fitted looks. And with athleisure rising to become one of America’s most worn trends and lifestyles like in Fabletics, it is safe to say that this fashion statement is here for the long haul.

In a recent article posted on the cbs website, it discusses some of the statistics of athleisure sales, and the importance of this newfound fashion. Last year, forty four billion dollars of athleisure clothing was sold to consumers. It goes to show how comfort has become such a huge factor to women when buying clothing. Also, it shows the versatility of athleisure. They have made the clothing to look suitable for just about any occasion.
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One athleisure brand that has helped to grow the fashion trend is Fabletics. With two hundred thousand dollars in sales last year, this large company offers something most others don’t: a subscription. If you subscribe with Fabletics, you’re signing up to receive athleisure clothing delivered to your door each month at a reasonably priced, fixed cost. It’s a great way to add new clothing to your wardrobe without having to search for the perfect pieces. With Fabletics, you simply customize your profile according to fashion preferences and your size, and wait for the beautiful, unique athleisure to arrive at your door. What’s not to love? 

Doe Deere: Fashion Rules Can be Broken

Doe Deere, Self-Expression, and Freedom
Doe Deere is the fascinating CEO and founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She radiates her own confidence and is glad to encourage anyone to add a little creativity to their style. She believes in freedom and self-expression for everyone. Creating a personalized style is within your reach. Doe Deere will be happy to encourage everyone to create a little magic in their own lives. Self-expression and freedom are two vital keys that may lead you to feeling actualized and unique. Doe Deere stands out in a way that no other CEO can. She is extraordinary because she has paved her own way and created her own vibrant style. She will catch the eye of anyone when she enters a room. She is colorful and stunning while she remaining professional and ethical with her business standards.

A Few Good Fashion Rules to Break
Doe Deere holds the belief that fashion rules can be viewed as guidelines. They do not need to be set in stone. She has a few good rules that she loves to break. These include:
*dress your age
* do not wear socks with heals or open-toed shoes
* bold on both your eyes and your lips is not appealing
* mixing too many colors is tacky
* mixing too many patterns is forbidden
* black and neutrals only if your hair is unnaturally colored
* stay with occasion center dressing
These are only a few good fashion rules that Doe Deere loves to break. Creativity and self-expression will have you “knowing” that you are unique. Fashion rules are not laws that must be adhered to. Self-expression, freedom, and added creativity will leave you radiating your own brand of confidence. Nobody has to feel intimidated by the ordinary fashion and beauty rules that have been set in place. Have fun as you create your own fashion style. Every person can be their own expert on fashion.

The Unicorn Queen
Doe Deere has been called the unicorn queen by many. She is lovely and filled with beautiful colors. She beats to her own fashion and beauty drum. She will encourage you to find your own unique style and show off your beautiful self to the world.

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