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Shah and the Autism Campaign

Sanjay Shah founded autism rocks some years back after his son was found to be suffering from the autism condition. Just like most billionaires, Shah had his focused more sharpened towards charity after he found himself in personal crisis. Shah had been participating in charity programs every year whereby he funded some organizations that have been helping children in India.
Autism Rocks is just but an organization that works by raising awareness and funds for autism through concerts. It is just like a business where people pay for the concerts and the money collected is then directed towards autism research. Shah has been working closely with the Autism researchers. Autism Rocks holds its concerts around the world and the amounts collected are all directed to for use in researching bout autism and helping victims.
Before the Autism Rocks campaign, Shah was not much focused on starting a charity foundation of his own. He had been working with organizations that provided education and health services to children in the underdeveloped regions of the world. For more than ten years, Shah had been donating funds every month to support the Plan International program. PI is a program that based its charity services majorly in India.
Apart from the charity foundation, Autism Rocks, Shah is also the owner of many brokerage companies that are headquartered in the United Kingdom. Solo capital is the biggest of these firms that are specialized in the financial investment. He worked for many banks and financial brokerage companies before starting his company in 2009. Shah had gone to college to study medicine but could not find it his head to work as a doctor. He announced himself as being a retired businessman at the beginning of 2016. His time is now fully dedicated to running the Autism Rocks project.
Sanjay Shah has been targeting to get more donors for Autism Rocks. He is aiming to increase the amount of money channeled to research and aid of autism victims by increasing the concerts. Each concert held is also targets more than 500 guests. The project is already making good progress and brings hope to patients.