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The Shining Future Of OSI Industries

The path to becoming of the world’s most vital food distribution companies is not something that can achieved in the blink of an eye. It requires thoughtfulness, perseverance, and most importantly simply a little luck.

OSI Industries has been building up its brand image for over a century. The company began in the most humble way possible as a small city in a bustling city. It grew and expanded step-by-step over the following decades. Leadership changed hands and partnerships were formed, each step bring the company closer to vision of long-term sustainability. In a recent Gazette Day article, they describe how the past and present, are culminating in the future of OSI Industries.

The company is presently operating not far from its Chicago origin point in Aurora, Illinois. From this center they operate a strong domestic distribution system, in addition to its international network. Towards the turn of the century, present CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald took their positions. Both of these individuals bring a unique touch, but one with huge long term potential. They are active in the community along with never ensuring they never stray too far from the humble roots that make up the core of OSI Industries.

In recent years, OSI Industries has taken huge steps to expand globally. They first move began with a new domestic plant to secure more resources for its operations. The first major international purchase was Baho Foods. It was quickly followed up with Flagship Europe. The combined assets brings the companies product into 17 countries across most of the European region. All pre-established routes also belong to the company, which further expands their influence outside of the main countries and into other parts of the world.

CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald have made great strides in moving OSI Industries into the global sphere through its series of acquisitions and domestic backbone at home. They know a sustainable company has to be humble, but also dominant in its actions. The company has a bright future ahead, as it slowly cements place as a 21st century modern company.

IAP Worldwide’s Broad Array of Technical Service

IAP Worldwide is an international company that is renowned for offering top notch logistical and technical solutions. The proficiency of the firm is in expeditionary services, emergency responses, communication and networks, aviation and engineering control, logistics, and management of supply chains. The facilities that the company provides are created to help various clients in addressing natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. The operations of the IAP Worldwide are currently active in more than 25 countries. The company has offered employment to over 20,000 professionals to ensure that the clients get the best services. It was recently awarded a tender to support the United States Army in the Distributed Common Ground System. The contract was valued at $53 million. IAP Worldwide was chosen to provide its backup power solutions to Hurricane Mathew. The U.S Navy recently hired the enterprise as one of the contractors who would complete its $900 million projects.

The company trusts its professional in organizing, managing, and executing various technical missions since they are highly skilled and experienced. IAP Worldwide is an owner and administrator of many resources such as expeditionary facilities, emergency power generators, aviation and engineering infrastructure, military projects as well as IT and communication amenities. The clients who use the company’s services trust the technology and human resources that it offers.

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The mission of the enterprise is to exploit its remarkable technology, skills, ingenuity, and experience to offer excellent services to the customers. The approach that it uses in solving the clients’ problems is satisfactory since it devotes itself towards attaining their aims. IAP Worldwide is guided by four core competencies which are agility, determination, commitment, and capability. The firm appreciates that partnerships are an essential factor in the growth of an enterprise, and therefore, it has been focused on collaborating with any business that can grow its value.

IAP Worldwide is a charitable organization, and it has been giving back to the community through various contributions. It has been showing its support to the U.S war veterans by hiring them after they retire from their military missions. The enterprise is keen on environmental conservation, and therefore, it has been campaigning for low energy consumption by having LEED approved buildings. The company has also been facilitating various courses in the society. It teamed up with the United Way of Brevard and has given 4,500 canned foods and $45,000, which it raised in an annual campaign.

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