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The Owners Of Handy Are Skilled At Raising Money

The owners of Handy, Umang Dua and his partner Oisin Hanrahan, come from a society where not much money is poured into the community. This is because majority of the businesses that were around them were between fifty and one-hundred years old. They never experienced the observation of a start-up company. This is why they believed it would be best to gain knowledge of the start-up business craft in a classroom.

In the process of learning all about a start-up business, they also learned how to raise money for a start-up business. They then began raising money on a daily basis. They ended up opening several different businesses. However, they had business idea that they believe would change the world. The company would be called Handy (, and this will be a cleaning service that promotes great work and low prices all the time. The owners knew they would have to raise a lot of money in order to get this business off the ground. They several different strategies in which they could raise money.

After executing all of their strategies, Umang and Oisin raised over one-hundred million dollars to get Handy off the ground. They were able to create headquarters’ in various places. They used a great deal of this money to hire the best workers in the world. They knew if they provided excellent services at very low prices that many would want to use their services. This is exactly what happened.

Handy was instantly known for amazing service. This caused investors from all over the world to contact Handy and ask to invest into the company. It is suggested that Handy will become one of the most powerful companies in the world. Business owners are baffled by this since it only took two people to build this outstanding empire.