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Working For Traveling Vineyard Made Me Appreciate My Napa Trip More

I am one of the thousands of wine guides that work for Traveling Vineyard. It is really the perfect job for me because it gives me a flexible schedule and I get to utilize my people skills. The job is pretty simple — sell wine — but Traveling Vineyard wine guides sell this liquid a little differently.

Our job is to make wine unpretentious for the masses. We do this by hosting little wine parties for our friends. Eventually, we start hosting parties for strangers and friends of friends. These wine parties are where the sales go down. As a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard, I make up to 35% in commissions off all sales at my wine parties.

Traveling Vineyard really help you out. Yes, you have to pay a little bit up front but the cost covers a success package that comes your way. There are all sorts of little educational materials and trinkets in the package including decanters and wine bottle openers. Our job is to educate ourselves then use that education to help our friends understand wine a little better and to help them pick best wine that suits their tastes.

So we host these little wine parties all over our local communities. Sometimes we go to other people’s houses and set up a little wine and food station. From there we educate everybody that comes over for wine tasting. We may even give them a little snack that brings out the flavor of the wine they choose. Of course, we are always available for a wine order because we get a 35% commission off of all the sales.

I recently was able to get to Napa Valley. The place is incredible. It is this long, low valley that slopes out of the San Francisco Bay. The days are hot and the nights are cold which is perfect for growing grapes and olives. I was able to taste cashews with my whites, cheese with my reds and lightly salted crackers with my sparklings. And I have to say, my education really paid off.

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