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Cotemar Mexico Setting Records For Industries In Mexico

Along the Gulf of Mexico stands the mighty Cotemar, an awarding winning service company in the oil and energy sector. The company was began in 1979, with its headquarters at Campache a state in Mexico. The company has adopted the use of high end technology to best serve their clients in the oil sector. The company has a created a name for themselves as one of the best service industry in the world by showing an extensive understanding of their clients and their needs and pushing further to ensure they are satisfied.



Cotemar is known for its values and the culture created and cultivated in the company. The management communicate the need for having a friendly work environment. Employees are also advised to have maintain business ethics while treating their clients. Due to the diverse work force at Cotemar, employees receive frequent training on how to deal and interact with their colleagues well.



The company has also diversified their services to satisfy a variety of their clients’ needs. Cotemar is involved in offshore maintenance, drilling and development. The company has a pool of professionals who make sure that the offshores are up and running and are maintained in good conditions throughout. Secondly the company offers exquisite transport and holiday moments to their clients. The company has a variety of luxurious cruise machines that provide leisure to their clients.



Additionally, the company has extended their services to include catering and accommodation. Guests are received in hotels that are fitted with recreational facilities that help them relax. Moreover, there are dining service and laundry services provided to the clients that enable them relax and have a good time with the company.



Cotemar has been named one of the best employers in the country and across the globe. The company cares for their employees’ well-being especially with the line of their works. There are training sessions every now and then to enable them work the machines with minimal accidents. Additionally, there are trainings for them to improve and advance their careers that are organized by the management every year.



The company understands their role in the society. Being in the oil industry, it is easy to be criticized about air pollution. However, Cotemar has made it easy for people out there as they work hard to make sure that all their operations are environmental friendly. Also there are programs implemented to help create awareness on the need to conserve and protect the environment.


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