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A Breakdown Of Why Online Reputations Are Increasingly Important

Online reputations are gaining increasing importance in our lives. Our online reputations can influence whether we get a job at a company, whether someone wishes to do business with us and even is someone will go on a date with us. Reputation manager and author John Hall broke down some of the numbers that show how influential Online Reputation Reviews has now become. A short summary of his work found on on the importance of online reputation is found below.

John Hall writes that over 75% of human resource departments check a candidate online before they hire someone. In fact, writes Hall, many of these human resource departments are required to check a person’s background on the web before they can hire. Furthermore, up to 70% of human resource personnel said that they have rejected candidates for jobs because of info they have seen on the web. 85% of the HR staff meanwhile, also said, that positive content on the web helped them to make a decision to hire someone.

As the above statistics show, a good online reputation can help you land a job. A negative online reputation can mean being passed up as a hire on the other hand. This is how critical online reputations are in today’s employment market.

If you are applying for an executive position, the the likelihood of getting your online presence checked is even greater writes John Hall. Almost 9 in 10 executive recruiters do a thorough check of a person’s information and content on the web before deciding to make a hire or not. 82% of executive recruiters say that positive content helped them to make a hiring decision. About half also said that negative information they found on the web led them to decide not to hire someone for an executive position.

Executives are often the face or image of a company. This is why recruiters are even more adamant about having a positive or scandal free presence on the web for such candidates. To see more statistics on how online reputation affects hiring and business you can check out this Forbes article.