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End Citizens United Looks For A Major 2018 Midterm Campaign Fund

Established in 2015, End Citizens United was originally seen as a traditional PAC which may struggle to survive because of the limited mandate of its goals revolving around the protection of campaign financing regulations. In fact, the development of End Citizens United has been important to the left-leaning side of the political spectrum as the President of the PAC, Tiffany Muller has decided to back Democrats in upcoming elections as they are seen as being more open to reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

End Citizens United has become a major part of the drive in the U.S. to protect the regulations already in place for election financing and fighting to reverse the powers provided to Super PACs and “mega-donors” by the Citizens United decision. As the 2018 Midterms draw closer the role of End Citizens United is growing even more with the focus of many on developing candidates who will benefit from the projected $35 million war chest the group is creating through grassroots donations not permitted to total more than $5,000 per member per election cycle.

Recently, the power of End citizens United has been shown in the growth of the PAC on a national scale which has seen them protecting the important work completed as part of the Johnson Amendment which separates the power of Church and State. The work of the PAC also extends as far as examining the different options open to politicians who wish to follow or not to follow the regulations in place regarding funding their campaigns.

The Herald-Tribune reports the End Citizens United PAC has grown increasingly concerned about the campaign finances of Florida Governor Rick Scott and recently filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about his New Republican PAC. In paperwork filed to establish the PAC, Scott stated it was devoted to extending the work of President Donald Trump and encouraging young people to support the work of the GOP; however, End Citizens United reports the PAC has now switched its focus to backing the upcoming election campaign of the Governor which flouts election finance rules in a major way. As Scott attempts to shift his focus to a Senate run the use of funds raised for other purposes would constitute a major breach of the regulations designed to protect “testing the water” donations.

Randy Bryce Receives Able Support From End Citizens United

End Citizens United was established in 2015 with an aim of managing campaign finances and also promoting transparency within the financial sector that handles campaign money. The company has achieved this by supporting Democratic political aspirants with their campaigns because they believe that having them in office will fuel reforms for their political system.

End Citizens United get their funds from grassroots who are also in this fight against poor election systems. They have formulated rules and approached lawyers and judges of the Supreme Court to help in enforcing laws that promote transparency within the electoral board and the finance sector in campaign money for the political aspirants.

Additionally, End Citizens United also aims at terminating the Big Money by voting Democrats into their campaign finance offices. After electing these transparent leaders, they focus on supporting them in all that they will partake of to ensure that the political system of the United States of America experiences positive change. Democracy is one of their core values and they wish to promote it by achieving transparency in their country’s political spending. The movement has made a couple of files with the Federal Elections Commission and wishes that they continue to promote their electoral systems besides keeping citizens of the United States of America updated about their activities. This will be achieved by overthrowing Citizens United.


True to their word, End Citizens United recently endorsed an able aspirant with Democratic party ticket, Randy Bryce for the position of Congress. This was as a result of the great interest shown by Randy Bryce considering that he is also an ambassador of change. In the light of the support that he will receive from End Citizens United, he is positive that he will correct the setbacks facing their campaign finance offices. In this political race is Paul Ryan who is also vying for the same post. However, End Citizens United is doing everything in their power to ensure that their candidate carries the day when the citizens of the United States of America will be casting their votes.

End Citizens United believes that Randy Bryce is the best leader for the people of Wisconsin. Besides, Randy Bryce also aims at putting the interests of the people in need at heart before considering other citizens who are able. It is amazing how normal citizens donated huge funds for his campaigns and this is already a proof that these people can’t wait any longer to have him serve them. Indeed Americans are supportive and are yearning to be led by reliable and accountable leaders.

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Besty DeVos has Been Shaping the State of Education in America for the Last Three Decades Through Her Advocacy and Philanthropy

In the last three decades, Betsy DeVos has been one of the most active non-government actors in America’s education sector. She has diligently worked towards making the education system in the country more effective for the nation’s children, especially those who come from less fortunate backgrounds. In addition to her expertise and time, Betsy DeVos has also given a considerable portion of her personal wealth towards bettering the lives of millions across the country. This strong legacy of philanthropy and education reform led to her being named the country’s new education secretary earlier this year.

Betsy DeVos’ involvement in the education sector started out in the late 1980s. As a parent to school-going age children, she shared the desire of millions across the country to have their children have access to only the best quality of education available. However, she soon realized that many parents were not as fortunate as her and their children were not adequately served by the public school system. She decided to something about it and soon after started offering scholarships to a few students. While the scholarships helped a few dozen people, she soon realized that focusing her energies towards advocacy would likely help thousands more. Thus she began her journey towards becoming the education reformer known across the country today.

In 1989, Betsy and her husband Dick founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. For close to three decades now, the foundation has been the primary platform for Betsy’s philanthropic endeavors. The foundation is anchored on the same conservative values that Betsy and her husband strongly adhere to. Consequently, the foundation has particularly supported Christian schools in its education programs. It is also one of the largest private foundations in the country, raising in excess of $10 million every year. Working directly through her own advocacy and indirectly through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, it is estimated that Betsy DeVos has helped about a quarter of a million less fortunate children all across the country have access to a quality education.

Outside the bounds, if the education sector, Betsy DeVos has made significant philanthropic contributions towards art, youth, and community. Her contribution of $22.5 million made to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in 2012 remains one of the single largest received by the institution since its formation decades ago. She is also the chief backer behind the ArtPrize competition that is held every year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She launched the competition eight years ago and has gone on to issue approximately $500 thousand in awards every year. In fact, the prominence of the competition has since it named by the New York Times as one of the best events in the country to attend.


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