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Norka Luque, Latin America’s Phenomenon

Norka Luque’s message of hope and optimism has carried her up the ladder of stardom with voracity. She consistently remains on the charts with her soul rendering lyrics. Born in Venezuela, Norka lived a life sometimes wrought with peril, which she uses to fuel the fire behind her songs. Her parents were extremely supportive of her love for music and the arts from an early age and she enjoyed tutelage in song, dance and instruments. Once she graduated high school, she went on to study in France and achieved a Bachelor’s degree in business management. Norka also earned degrees in fashion, marketing and culinary arts.

She joined a band in hopes of being able to convey her spiritual message to others and was soon discovered by a successful producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. He spotted her and gave her a chance at a solo career. He took her under his professional wing and she was able to work with greats such as Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo. Her first single, “Can I do it Tu”, earned her a nomination for Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year. The song, Milagro, was her second big hit. Its sound is a mix of Reggae, dashes of Mediterranean vibes and Caribbean resonances. The song stayed at Venesuala’s number one for 14 weeks. It hit the Latin Music Billboards with a vengeance and people all over the world are enjoying her hopeful message, something she has always dreamed of.

Norka’s hope is to make a better world through her music. Her unique trademark of using her own experiences in life to write her songs is what spurs her popularity. Her fans know that she sings from the heart each time and that each song is a message from her own personal survivor story. It is inspiring and encouraging to all listeners. There is nowhere to go but up for this Venezuelan talent musician. Her newest single release is entitled “Tomorrowland”, released in 2016. It conveys the message of belief, hope and faith in an uncompromising world.

Eucatex And Ethical Standards

President Flávio Maluf Leads With Confidence
Flávio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He leads this company with strong sense of confidence. He is a well-educated leader who brought his own solid experience to this company. He is a respected businessman and he is also a mechanical engineer. On Twitter Flavio has said he is a graduate from FAAP. He is a president who is confident in the products that Eucatex offers. He also seems to also place his confidence in the team of professionals that he is leading. He is the president of a growing company that remains ethical and innovative in every way. He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since the year 2005.

The Brazilian Company and Social Responsibility
Eucatex is a Brazilian company that has an ethical framework that has guided this company in many ways. Social responsibility is incorporated within the overall Eucatex way of running this business. This is true because the environment has been well-cared for by this company since 1951. The term “social responsibility” may be a duty that maintains a clear balance with the ecosystems and the economy. Eucatex has done their part in keeping the environment clean and safe. This is a company that chose to use eucalyptus as a material to create the offered products.

The Products Provided
Eucatex is a company that has continued to expand and grow. They offer the following products:
* ceiling tiles
* panels for third-party companies
* paint
* laminate flooring
* vinyl flooring
These are a sample of the fine products that is provided. They offer environmentally friendly items that provide quality in all of their products while thinking of the environment.

Flávio Maluf Is The Son of A Politician
Serving and leading in society may be instilled in Flávio Maluf. He is the son of Paulo Maluf. His father is a politician. He is also a Brazilian engineer. Including social responsibility and Eucatex clearly displays a high ethical standard for the CEO of Eucatex.  After joining the family business, Flavio has done his all to make Eucatex more successful than ever.