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Global Lender Notices Trend In Using Stock As Collateral

In the current financial landscape banks are getting stricter with the requirements for loan applicants. To meet these stricter standards applicants are now using their stock as collateral to acquire a loan. Traditionally, most lenders would require applicants to have a certain credit score before getting loans and if an applicant was below that level the applicant was denied. Now applicants can use their stock to acquire loans that are often greater than what could be achieved with credit based loans.

Known as equity lending, the practice of using stocks in this manner to acquire loans differs greatly from other types of fixed interest loans. Applicants do not have to be pre-qualified and there generally fewer restrictions on how the loan can be used. Equity loans have been ignored in the past because some lenders would take the stock of their borrowers and dump into the market. With those fears receding equity loans are gaining appeal.

Equities First Holdings is an example of a lender specializing in equity loans. Building on its success as a global leader in the lending world, the company has expanded its workforce and operations extensively over the years. It has purchased other equity lenders like Meridian Equity Holdings to further advance forward in providing its financial services. Since 2002 Equities First Holdings has been offering securities based loans to clients across the world. Over the course of the last 14 years the firm has rapidly grown into an international giant with over 700 transactions completed for its clientele.

Yahoo Finance mentions that, overall, Equities First Holdings represents the direction financial lending is going in the future. The economic problems that shook the world in recent years have made credit based lending less appealing and forced the financial world to consider alternatives to the status quo. Equities First Holdings has shown an example of how to handle the new world of money lending.

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