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Chain Smokers, One After the Other

If you haven’t heard of the Chain Smokers yet then you must be living under a rock, but that’s not problem because I’ll fill you in about them right now. The Chain Smokers are a dance music duo fully formed in 2012, at least that’s when the current group first started producing together. Akin to any other band or group of artists the lineup has changed from time to time. Altogether since 2012 they’ve stayed the same.

Alex Pall is a DJ who started playing venues in New York before he decided to really make a living out of dance music. Andrew Taggart a producer based in Maine, was in college at the time of forming the current Chain Smokers. Andrew also had some gigs under his belt and produced sets to post on Sound Cloud. The two met through a mutual connection of Pall’s manager.

One day Andrew was approached by their manager’s friend, explaining to Andrew or Drew as most people call him. There’s a kid in New York who’s got a group named the Chain Smokers. The other guy left and Pall was looking for somebody to replace him. Shortly after speaking together, Andrew made the trip to New York by bus, and the two immediately started working together.

Now that you’re caught up let’s speak a little about their song release covered by Rolling Stone Magazine. Their new single “Side Effects” is based in a hotel during an employee’s unexpected weekend shift. Throughout the video she is seen dancing to the duo’s single. The song features Emily Warren providing a welcome addition of female vocals. Although, female vocals are not a new thing for The Chain Smokers or for any other Dance Music group they make a good pairing. The video of the lonely and overworked employee fits perfectly to the dark and more subversive sound of Side Effects. The lyrics help to bring more of the dark atmosphere to the song. As the song goes on the videos shifts through different areas of the hotel. Some are covered in party decorations, balloons, confetti, some regular hotel areas and of course the pool. The video highlights different views of the inhabitants hotel rooms. As well as their lonely live’s comparative to the actresse’s life as a hotel maid.