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Gooee and Smart Lighting, A Match Made In Luminous Heaven

Gooee is changing the game of lighting, one microchip at a time. These tiny chips that detect light and can even detect light

Gooee Smart Lighting

at the same level of the human eye are aimed at being incorporated into lighting systems to make them more energy efficient and generally more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly all at once.


A photo detector chip currently developed by Gooee can take care of all of these things as it detects not only light but motion, ambient light, color temperature, and operating temperature. Because this chip is small enough to be incorporated into smart watches, laptops, light sockets, and bluetooth, it has the ability to be incorporated into “smart homes” or energy efficient homes that operate seamlessly to reduce energy consumption and make the overall living experience within the space easier, more seamless, and more pleasurable.


Smart lighting are the actual bulbs themselves that have these abilities for wireless and bluetooth controls. What Gooee’s Smart Lighting seeks to accomplish as installing these capabilities into sockets themselves, so the home can remain smart even if one of the smart bulbs burns out and an old bulb is needed to replace it. Having the hope equipped with the smart chip features in conjunction with smart bulbs can help to create a seamless application improving lives and reducing energy waste.