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Creating a Better Campaign with NGP VAN Tools

To start a progressive campaign similar to that of NGP VAN’s, you’ll first need to be aware of what tone you want to use when communicating your movement through social outlets. This is so people know what to expect when they see your campaign page. For instance, if the past few blog posts from your company take on a more informal tone, it might confuse your audience if you start making funny videos.


Next, you will want to focus on the best possible supporters, which can make or break your campaign. If you take the time to track levels of supporter engagement, you will be much better equipped at fundraising events or volunteering events. NGP VAN’s new digital tools make it easier than ever to track your supporters and their donations. The tools help by differentiating the various donors who help with your campaign by using different categories.


You can also use NGP VAN’s other new phone tool, the predictive dialer, which allows volunteers and candidates to not have to deal with disconnected and automated numbers because they are talking to a real person, which almost always improves the outcomes of the campaign. It keeps your phone from just sitting there silently because it calls people for you. Robocalls are standard when it comes to campaigns because it allows voters to connect with you, therefore participation rates likewise increase. This is a cheap tool that can really improve the effectiveness of your campaign that will pay for itself ten-fold.

Lastly, you can try using surveys or polls on your website so you can better understand the problems the public is facing, which will allow you to gain insight into how you can improve your campaign. Using surveys and polls with a small prize attached may be a great way to reach out to the younger crowd as well.


As long as you pay attention to your social media goals and focus on your supporters with the help of NGP VAN’s tools, you can increase the likelihood of having a good outcome of your campaign. It takes time and persistence to work, but like anything good in life, you have to work hard to get it!

Kamil Idris’ Hypothesis on the Future of the African Continent

Professor Kamil Idris postulates that the African continent is on the verge of impressive growth within the next few decades going by the new market trends that have taken shape over the years. One of his supporting argument is the fact that majority of the African population consists of young people, unlike the aging populations of the rest of the world. Hence, the African labor will be more productive in a few years. There is also increased urbanization, a shift from the agrarian system. Urbanization is said to be more productive and it is only a matter of time before Africa sees a complete shift in its position among the world economic plays. The fact that technology absorption is increasing in Africa, and the fact that it helps level the playing field for trade and opportunities, professor Kamil Idris clams this is opening up new fronts that would otherwise be impossible with the older generation.

There are some challenges like low GDP per capita in Sub Saharan Africa as compared t the North. This may be countered by the high GDP growth rate of sub-Saharan Africa compared to the north. Political instability has hampered some countries too and there is little intra-Africa trade happening. When the nations open up their borders as they are doing, and the foreign direct investment continue, Africa will continuously develop over time.

Professor Kamil Idris is a Sudanese citizen who has held the position of the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization (1994-1997) and the International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (since 1997). He has also been a director, Development Cooperation and External Relations Bureau for Arab countries between 1990-1992. He has also served as Senior Programs Officer in the Development Cooperation and External Relations Bureau for Africa between 1982-1985.

Professor Kamil has a Doctorate degree in International Law (Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva Switzerland) Master’s degree in International Law and International Affairs (The University of Ohio USA), Bachelor of Law (University of Khartoum), Bachelor of Arts Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories (University of Cairo Egypt).

Jason Hope : Turning the Tides Against the Ageing Process

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur, tech investor and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University with an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. He supports many foundations that pursue new technology and challenges the way the medical community looks at aging. One of his larger donations was to the SNES Research Foundation (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence). In 2010 he donated $500,000 to help them build the Cambridge SNES Laboratory, and begin development on their new program AGE-breaker. Since then, he has donated a total over $1 million to this organization.

SNES is looking into regenerative medicine, a type of stem cell research that seeks to help organs and tissues regain functionality and recover from illness and disease. Their AGE-breaker program strives to isolate compounds known to accelerate ageing in the human body, and slow that process.They are also looking into shifting the perspective of the medical community; from attacking diseases once they’ve appeared to using preventative medicine. This approach will lessen the appearance of diseases, through full body wellness from the beginning.

Jason Hope believes that SNES and other organizations will discover the key to end certain diseases that prematurely age the body such as lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. He is a firm believer that certain diseases attack in more than just one way, which cause it to age faster. This greatly reduces the body’s efficiency and life expectancy. To Jason Hope, this research is so much more than just discovering the eternal fountain of youth. It’s about a healthy life that allows the human body to reach its full potential.Just a few of the other foundations he donates to are the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Andre Agassi Foundation, the Arizona Science Center, and Teach for America. In addition, he played an important role in the startup of many other research companies that focus on innovative technology and anti-aging.

Students and entrepreneurs can request grants from Jason Hope. On his website, they can fill out a form that shares their unique idea and if chosen, the grants will range from $500 to $5,000. There are a few stipulations: the requester must be using modern technology in their research, and they must be enrolled in classes either for high school or university. Jason Hope’s website also encourages readers to become philanthropists, and provides tips on how to accomplish that.

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Jason Hope: Prominent entrepreneur from Arizona

The Internet of Things is a term that many of us may have encountered, but do we know what the term means? The fact is that many of us do not have an idea about the Internet of Things. It is a technological term that is used to describe the future of advanced technology that is about to be rolled out. This is a technology that will change the way we do our tasks and essentially change the way we live as a people.

The Internet of Things technology will bring a lot of changes in the technological world as we know it. The manner in which tasks will be completed will be efficient. This will be the hallmark of this technology. Making life easy and reducing resources wastage will also feature as some of the benefits.

The Internet of Things technology will make it possible to connect all devices used in our homes and places of work. Take the example of connecting your TV to the smartphone in such a way that you can switch it on/off with the smartphone from wherever you are. This is the nature of technology we are about to experience. A technology that will help devices connect to each other via a network and share information amongst themselves. After they share data, they will be able to communicate with the human user on how the task is to be carried out. The Internet of Things, therefore, will make it possible for the human users to follow up on the performance of machines remotely.

The Internet of Things technology will not stop at that, it will also affect the business and industries. Production methods will be made efficient than we have ever experienced before. It will be possible to control all the operations of plant from a remote location. Machines will communicate with each other and complete processes on their own.

About Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is a tech enthusiast who have great passion for things related to technology. He is a person who has followed the Internet of Things technology since it was beginning. Born in Tempe, Arizona, he has been contributing on blogs about the future of technology.

Recently, he has moved an extra step of publishing an eBook entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” which is available in Amazon. The book gives insight on the impact of the Internet of Things.

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HuffPost Features Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina’s Marketing And Technology Expertise In Their Brand Evolution

The HuffPost, the new provider, which was formerly known as the Huffington Post, embraced Bob Reina’s marketing and technology expertise to rebrand. Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. He is highly experienced in direct sales and video marketing. The day before the Huffington Post rebranded, the news platform published Bob Reina’s first article, “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience.” Two days later, Bob’s second article, “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” went live too. HuffPost’s Editor-in-Chief, Lydia Polgreen, said that the brand has embarked on a new path to feature stories of individuals who had been excluded in the conversation.

Their mission is complemented by Mr. Reina who is HuffPost’s contributor and a visionary leader at Talk Fusion. Bob said that through his leadership and philanthropic endeavors, he has been able to understand the importance of helping people to succeed irrespective of their backgrounds. He also explained that a brand’s growth is incomplete without innovation. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as explicated in the link provided below

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has played a pivotal role in enhancing businesses through their video emails services. Through their innovative all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, Talk Fusion seeks to help business perform well in competitive environments. Their products, which make marketing more engaging and persuasive, help businesses to increase sales and make profits while boosting their customer retention. Talk Fusion’s ground breaking video marketing products are available in 140 countries. These products include video newsletters, video chat, sign-up forms and live meetings. Talk Fusion has thousands of professional template designs of video emails that hasten operations besides making business fun. Their high-impact video newsletters are customized to allow an entrepreneur to put in his or her logo with preferred colors and font.

Video newsletters help businesses to increase click-through, open rates, replies and allow fast forwarding. With Talk Fusion Live Meetings, one can arrange and host a full-featured global presentation in the shortest time possible. Live Meetings allow users to share files, stream video, chat live and upload PowerPoint slides with a maximum of 500 guests. The Video Chat feature allows face-to-face communication on any device, including tablet, PC and smartphone. Lastly, their customized Sign-up Forms allows a business owner to engage new customers and contacts. These award-winning products boost a user’s social media presence while providing real-time notifications of the visitors that are opening the user’s video emails and newsletters.


A Look At Entrepreneur Jason Hope And His View On Technology

Jason Hope is an Arizona based entrepreneur, investor, futurist and philanthropist. He grew up in the town of Tempe, Arizona, which is a suburb of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Hope later applied to and was accepted into Arizona State University, located in his hometown of Tempe. His undergraduate studies there were in finance. Later, Jason Hope returned to study at Arizona Study State University for graduate study. He obtained a masters degree in business from the W.P Carey School of Business of Arizona State University.

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Giving back is a big part of Jason Hope’s philosophy of life. He donates considerable time and money to organizations in his home state of Arizona as well as to national organizations that promote betterment of health and quality of life for all. Arizona based organizations that Jason Hope supports include the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix Arizona and the The Translational Genomics Research Institute, also in Phoenix Arizona. The Arizona Science Center focuses on educating the public about science through exhibitions and film. The Translational Genomics Research Institute’s goal is to apply breakthroughs of the human genome sequence to advances in health and healthcare.

The national organizations supported by Jason Hope include Teach For America, SENS Research Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Teach For America is a non-profit group that mobilizes recent college graduates in education and have them teach in rural and urban under performing schools to make a quality education available to everyone in the USA. The SENS Research Foundation is a healthcare research institution that conducts research into preventative measures and the application of regenerative medicine as a form of alternative treatment for disease. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is the largest non-profit group that is trying to find a cure for lymphoma and leukemia as well as symptom relieving drugs stemming for the diseases.

The view of Jason Hope in regarding technology, is that technology holds the key to unlocking new discoveries, innovation, benefits and advances in things such as medicine and science. Mr. Hope regards himself as a futurist and believes that technology will continue to be more interconnected particularly with regards to the internet. He sees great advancements in the internet of things as things become more and more connected and wired together. Jason Hope is also an expert in helping innovators in technology help their ideas to fruition through Jason Hope Business Consulting.