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Eli Gershkovitch As A Pioneer in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Most people do not consider Canada to be competitive in the production of craft beer. This is due to the domination of American companies in the industry. However, the Open Beer Championship that took place in the United States proved that Canada is gradually gaining ground in craft beer. Companies from the country bagged 24 awards in different categories, and this demonstrated their competitive edge in the beer industry.


Breweries like Cameron Brewing, Niagara College, Steamworks, Lighthouse Brewery, and Muskoka Brewery have been on the vanguard of producing popular brands. Consumers in Canada and in some parts of the United States enjoy flavors like Foreign Stout, Pale Ale, English Pale, Fruit Beer, and Oatmeal Stout. These brands won distinguished awards during the 2017 Open Beer Championship.

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So, who pioneered the craft beer industry in Canada? Although different stakeholders were involved in the process, Eli Gershkovitch’s outstanding contribution cannot be overlooked. Eli conceived the idea of producing craft beer in Canada when the industry was dominated by daunting companies like Bell, Stone Brewing, and Coors ( The companies had extensive markets in both Canada and the United States.


After studying law, Eli visited Europe, where he profoundly studied the changing drinking behaviors. The people’s reference for craft beer was on the rise and this gave him an idea of venturing into the industry when he got home. Eli’s acquaintance with the business laws in Canada enabled him to comply with the composite bureaucracies of producing craft beer.


Eli Gershkovitch started with a small bar that later expanded into a wet bar, and finally into a bulbous brewery (VancouverFoodster). He became the founder of Steamworks Brewery, a leading company in the production of award-winning craft beer. Some of the company’s flavors like Pale Ale, Pilsner, and IPA have become popular in Canada and the United States.

The Canadian craft beer has earned a name in the list of popular brands courtesy to the creativity of Eli Gershkovitch. The competition that the brands unveiled during the 2017 Open Beer Championship was an indication of a promising future for Canadian craft beer. Therefore, when discussing prominent craft beer brands, Canada cannot be snubbed.

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