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All The Love For Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime is a revolutionary cosmetic line that was created by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur that was born in Russia. When she was just a little girl, She and her family migrated to the United States. Deere was a woman that always liked to be unique and she thrived on color, beauty, and fantasy. Deere knew that when she got older she was going to be in the fashion industry, but she did not exactly know what she wanted to do. Deere went to college and she got her degree in fashion design. Deere immediately started to make her own clothes and she would sell these clothes on eBay. Deere loved to be her own model, and she would wear different styles and colors of makeup when modeling.

Many of the individuals that would buy clothes from Doe Deere would make comments about how much they liked her make up. That is what inspired her to want to get into the makeup industry. Deere could not find make up that was highly pigmented enough for her, and so she decided to make her own makeup. Deere really did not know how she was going to be able to start her own business, because all that she had was an idea and a couple hundred dollars. Through her hard work and innovation, she was able to create the company that is now called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime sells cosmetics to boys and girls all around the world through retailers like Amazon. Deere encourages her fans to live a life that is completely and totally unapologetic. Deere’s makeup comes in bright pigmented colors that are very unconventional. Deere usually combines colorful eye colors with bright lips and blush. Even though that is generally not the way that fashion dictates that a woman should wear make up, Deere lives a life of her own and does not apologize for her unique style.  Now Doe updates Instagram with new Lime Crime looks to give other women inspiration.  She’s also very involved on Pinterest, which has a huge makeup community.