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Helane Morrison – Fighting Against White-Collar Crime

Helane Morrison is one of the most successful businesswomen and lawyers who have spend considerable time and effort to expose fraud in the US financial sector. As the Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners, Helane has more than $24 billion assets under management for some of the wealthiest individuals in the United States, who trust Helane due to her past record as a champion of ethical conduct in the corporate sector.

Early Law Career

After graduating from University of California at Berkley, Helane Morrison passed the bar exam with distinction. She was rewarded for her commitment when she gained valuable experience by working under the US Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun from 1985 to 1986. Known for her passion, she was asked to join the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where Helane excelled by becoming a partner of the law firm within just five years of service. Within a span of seven years, Helane had gain a solid reputation as a stalwart of justice who would continue to raise voice against the fraudulent practices of white-collar crime in the financial sector.

Working with Securities & Exchange Commission

Her efforts in exposing economic predators caught the attention of Securities and Exchange Commission, who were quick to ask her to join the San Francisco office. The newly found position allowed Helane to protect individuals against the nefarious practices of large corporations, who would allegedly take advantage of the weaker position of small businesses and individuals. In fact, the sheer commitment of Helane prompted SEC management to allow Helane run the affairs of SEC in California and five other states in the North West as the Head of Enforcement.

The new position allowed Helane to go after numerous high-profile executives of Fortune 500 companies, who were seemingly immune to punishment. During her tenure, Helane exposed the corrupt practice of illegal sale of securities to military personal. In fact, Helane also highlighted the dangerous trend of destruction of audit papers by auditors of Fortune 500 companies. As such, she was also prominent in exposing fraud at Ernest & Young. At the same time, Helane raised her voice against insider trading and certain online trading websites. As the Head of Enforcement, Helane also used her experience as a lawyer to defend a large number of senior citizens defrauded by corporate crime. In 2007, Ms. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners, where she is currently serves as a Managing Director.

Doe Deere: Fashion Rules Can be Broken

Doe Deere, Self-Expression, and Freedom
Doe Deere is the fascinating CEO and founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She radiates her own confidence and is glad to encourage anyone to add a little creativity to their style. She believes in freedom and self-expression for everyone. Creating a personalized style is within your reach. Doe Deere will be happy to encourage everyone to create a little magic in their own lives. Self-expression and freedom are two vital keys that may lead you to feeling actualized and unique. Doe Deere stands out in a way that no other CEO can. She is extraordinary because she has paved her own way and created her own vibrant style. She will catch the eye of anyone when she enters a room. She is colorful and stunning while she remaining professional and ethical with her business standards.

A Few Good Fashion Rules to Break
Doe Deere holds the belief that fashion rules can be viewed as guidelines. They do not need to be set in stone. She has a few good rules that she loves to break. These include:
*dress your age
* do not wear socks with heals or open-toed shoes
* bold on both your eyes and your lips is not appealing
* mixing too many colors is tacky
* mixing too many patterns is forbidden
* black and neutrals only if your hair is unnaturally colored
* stay with occasion center dressing
These are only a few good fashion rules that Doe Deere loves to break. Creativity and self-expression will have you “knowing” that you are unique. Fashion rules are not laws that must be adhered to. Self-expression, freedom, and added creativity will leave you radiating your own brand of confidence. Nobody has to feel intimidated by the ordinary fashion and beauty rules that have been set in place. Have fun as you create your own fashion style. Every person can be their own expert on fashion.

The Unicorn Queen
Doe Deere has been called the unicorn queen by many. She is lovely and filled with beautiful colors. She beats to her own fashion and beauty drum. She will encourage you to find your own unique style and show off your beautiful self to the world.

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