Creating a Better Campaign with NGP VAN Tools

To start a progressive campaign similar to that of NGP VAN’s, you’ll first need to be aware of what tone you want to use when communicating your movement through social outlets. This is so people know what to expect when they see your campaign page. For instance, if the past few blog posts from your company take on a more informal tone, it might confuse your audience if you start making funny videos.


Next, you will want to focus on the best possible supporters, which can make or break your campaign. If you take the time to track levels of supporter engagement, you will be much better equipped at fundraising events or volunteering events. NGP VAN’s new digital tools make it easier than ever to track your supporters and their donations. The tools help by differentiating the various donors who help with your campaign by using different categories.


You can also use NGP VAN’s other new phone tool, the predictive dialer, which allows volunteers and candidates to not have to deal with disconnected and automated numbers because they are talking to a real person, which almost always improves the outcomes of the campaign. It keeps your phone from just sitting there silently because it calls people for you. Robocalls are standard when it comes to campaigns because it allows voters to connect with you, therefore participation rates likewise increase. This is a cheap tool that can really improve the effectiveness of your campaign that will pay for itself ten-fold.

Lastly, you can try using surveys or polls on your website so you can better understand the problems the public is facing, which will allow you to gain insight into how you can improve your campaign. Using surveys and polls with a small prize attached may be a great way to reach out to the younger crowd as well.


As long as you pay attention to your social media goals and focus on your supporters with the help of NGP VAN’s tools, you can increase the likelihood of having a good outcome of your campaign. It takes time and persistence to work, but like anything good in life, you have to work hard to get it!

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