FreedomPop Has Made Overseas Calling As Easy As Can Be

Getting to travel the world can be one of the most amazing things to happen to a person in life, but one thing most people don’t think about is making phone calls when they travel. It can be so hard to make one phone call or many phone calls when a person is overseas in another country. Some feel that they have to have an unlocked phone and must purchase a local calling plan to make phone calls when they are overseas, but a Freedompop review proves that the company is changing things. Those who have a Freedompop cell phone currently with a sim card can get great benefits.

Freedompop has enabled their 3-in-1 sim card to be an international sim card, which means that as long as a customer is using the card within one of the 25 countries that Freedompop works in, they can get free calls from country to country, especially back to the USA. No roaming charges are assessed when the plan is used. The CDMA phones from Sprint will not do this, but the sim cards that Freedompop sells will operate in 25 different countries. This means that a sim card user in the UK can call different countries like Spain, Denmark, and the USA for free.

As long as a Freedompop cell phone user has a plan in place, they can make their phone calls with their international sim card. Fortunately, even those that have a free cell phone plan that Freedompop offers can take advantage of the international calling plan from Freedompop. So many countries love to take advantage of people when they go to other countries and need to make a phone call, so it’s not unusual for users to get charged five dollars or more for a single minute of talk time.

With Freedompop’s great international calling plan, one never has to miss a beat and can call anyone back home when they’re ready. Those that want to get a Freedompop sim card only need to purchase it online. The Freedompop sim cards vary in price but are usually around $4.99. Any phone that uses a Freedompop sim card must either be directly from Freedompop or must be unlocked to work with the service. Also, those that may want an international calling plan to call other countries that are not included in the 25 country calling plan can get international calling minutes from Freedompop as well.

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