FreedomPop’s Growth Is Stunning

FreedomPop is expanding from one frontier to the next. Commerce has a tendency to be successful when a company offers an enormously popular service.

FreedomPop’s origins are like many startups in the United States. The company launched an incredibly affordable budget phone service. The concept was novel. A heavily discounted smartphone would be sold to customers along with a set monthly amount of free service. The CEO of the company notes 40% or more customers upgrade to expand service and pay additional fees.

FreedomPop entered the U.K. market to great success. In the U.K., the company connected with frugal shoppers looking to save money on mobile phone service. The success was so overwhelming, and the reviews say FreedomPop has been able to sign carrier agreements with two dozen more countries. The raising of $50 million in additional venture capital funding has helped this cause.

Several different plans are being put into motion. The venture capital funding is intended, in part, to set up a global Wi-Fi hotspot. Even without the hotspot, FreedomPop offers the ability to avoid paying roaming charges thanks to the expanded service in 25 countries.

Consumers all over the world enjoy cutting costs. The cheapest mobile phone service of all definitely helps with the cutting of expenses. Look for this amazing startup in grow even more in additional global markets.

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