With a reputable title and enthusiasm that is evident across the business divide, Glen Wakeman is a man to focus all the attention to when it comes to business, enterprise ownership, mentorship, and publications. He holds a major in Economics from the University of Scranton and later was able to complete his Master’s in Business Administration finance option at the University of Chicago. Glen’s competence and strategic angle in finance have seen him successfully assume various management roles at GE capital and also P&L for the past twenty-one years with a turnover of $15 billion in property and more than 17,000 staffs under his transformative leadership skills.

Currently, he is the chief executive officer and a co-owner of the Launchpad Holdings a venture that deals and offers online planning services relating to business. Launchpad Toolkit is enhanced by a comprehensive and extensive pool of recommendations that are easily accessible and available to entrepreneurs as they establish their enterprise and is backed by a substantial network of capital issuers and consultants. The venture started with Glen Wakeman witnessing many startups coming up and afterward collapsing due to lack of a structured approach to innovative ideas, and this was the formative stages where he introduced the software that resulted in the formation of Launchpad.

Glen Wakeman for a long time has also been actively involved in investment and training forums with interests in business setups, new market contenders, acquisitions and amalgamations, company restructuring, divestment among others. His continuous blogging ability has seen him cover numerous topics on business reorganizations, international trade, the new marketplace, and management. With a transformative agenda of overseeing the progress of companies, he uses five well-known fundamental approaches in performance ( These include execution that consolidates procedures with innovations and people, governance allows useful opinions, human capital ensures ventures aligns to the vision, mission and the core strategies of the business, leadership mainly focuses on change management, while risk management targets to minimize risk occurrence. He is excited to see growth, innovation and has been offering encouraging advice to senior entities like Dreamfunded.

Glen Wakeman has attained international acknowledgment for his career contributions at GE, and he was named a role model in expansion and leadership. Glen is a Six Sigma Black Belt certified, and on an average day, he evaluates previous service accomplishments and daily transactions. He chairs conferences and conducts numerous research on customer progressions to come up with new innovative ideas.

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