InnovaCare Health – Helping Americans Get Full Medical Coverage

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services in North America. The success of InnovaCare is based on its mission of offering easy-to-understand healthcare solutions for clients who are confused by the myriad medical plan option available to American consumer. In fact, the customized plans and medical services offered by InnovaCare Health focuses on establishing sustainable, cost-effective and highly integrates services for individual and groups.

Traditionally, most Americans are only aware of the Medicare Plan A and Medicare Plan B. As such, most of the medical services revolve around these two plans because they seem to cover most of the medical needs on For instance, Medicare Plan A offers in-patient services including nursing care. On the other hand, Medicare Plan B covers out-patient services including X-rays and medical checkups etc. Interestingly, Plan B also takes care of the physician and surgeon fee. Besides, there is also another Plan D, which offers coverage for drugs.

Unknown to most Americans, the Federal Government has also introduced a more comprehensive Plan C, Medicare Advantage Plus. According to the terms of Plan C, a patient is entitled to almost every service included in the initial Plan A and Plan D. In fact, Medicare Advantage Plus also covers Plan D, if required. What makes the plan extremely useful are additional services such as dental and vision care. In certain cases, annual medical exams and lots of immediate emergency plans are also available. Overall, it can be suggested that Medicare Advantage Plus is close to a full-coverage medical plan that offers a complete medical coverage solution for Americans.

It is also important to know that patients cannot enroll exclusively in Plan C. For them to take advantage of the service, they must also enroll in Plan A and Plan B. As such, Medicare Advantage Plus is introduced as a premium meaning that subscribers will need to pay additional fee for the service. Considering that the additional fee averages only $104 for Plan B, it makes sense to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plus as anyone can get all the benefits under one service umbrella.

It is practical to contact a professional who can help reduce the overall cost. As such, InnovaCare Health can provide a great solution because its CEO, Rick Shinto. Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, personally oversee customized solutions prepared for thousands of Americans. Perhaps, it is time to pick up the phone and review your medical coverage.

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