Meet Clay Siegall: The CEO, Chairman, and President of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Seattle Genetics. The firm focuses on the health of patients. He says that when he was 19 years old, his dad was diagnosed with cancer, which he struggled with for five years before he died. Observing the pain he experienced, he felt there had to be a better way than what was offered. His objective in life is to find a treatment for cancer patients than the cure that is presently available. He wakes up every day excited to work on his dream coming true; he has been for the past 30 years.

Siegall advice the young business people to learn every day of their life. He says that there is no time that the knowledge you got is ever enough. Siegall says that in his experience, he always thought that he knew everything when he was in his 20s. When he graduated to the 30s, he realized that he might have been wrong and perhaps not known as much. Now that he is in his 40s, he knows that he might not know as much as he thought he knew.

He says that one factor that has led to the success of his firm is cooperation in the firm. He says that collaborating with industry leaders and exchange of ideas has significantly impacted the growth of Seattle Genetics.

There is no success with no failure. It is through failure that we learn new things to do and not do things. The failures do not contribute to our downfall; it is how we react and handle the challenge that determines our fate. For Clay Siegall, when he felt like things were falling apart in his firm, he didn’t succumb to the fear, he put more effort, and this paid off in the long run.

Clay Siegall, believes that the only way to be successful is through hard work. He agrees with Charles Darwin when he says that the only thing that differentiates the success of investors in the society is hard work. Charles Darwin says that everything else; the degrees, IQ, the people you know comes later.

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