Jim Hunt’s Creation – VTA Publications

When you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to study the masters of their crafts. One of the people that you should look at is Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt is a successful entrepreneur that launched VTA Publications. VTA Publications was something that he felt was necessary to come to being.

Jim Hunt’s VTA Publications

VTA was launched because Jim was a big player in the stock market. He learned a lot, and he was lucky with the trading. This has made him money. He wanted other people to learn how to do it to, and he created VTA. People can read his advice and tips about the stock market and trading on vtapublications.co.uk. He also has a YouTube account that people can also get information from too. This is because Jim feels strongly about people taking their finances into their own hands, and not letting the big banks control their money in any way, shape or form.

Is Jim Successful?

Yes, Jim is very successful with VTA. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a true entrepreneur that wants to help other people. His advice to people that want to own their own companies is to learn how to sell because that is what it is all about. They should also study people, and learn psychology, because that is also a part of being a success is knowing what makes people tick.

What About Jim As A Person?

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a dedicated professional. He has discipline because that is what it takes to be a success. He also has a balance between his professional and personal life. This allows him to enjoy his life tremendously.

His successes are numerous, and Jim wants to help others too. He knows that if they listen to his advice, they too will do really well. Looking into the future, he will continue to get more subscribers that want to hear what he has to say so they too can make more money, and live better.

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Tammy Mazzocco and Experience

Today Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate broker, loving what she does because she has had several mentors who she has been privileged to be around. She started her real estate career as a secretary to a commercial real estate group. She then managed a condominium development for seven years and got her real estate license at the suggestion of her boss.

Subsequently, she worked as a licensed assistant to a very successful top producer for RE/MAX where she learned what running a real estate office is all about. Finally, in 1999 she went into the real estate sales end of the business full-time and didn’t look back.

In 2016 the real estate market in Central and Northern Ohio was booming. People were working, and jobs were plentiful, so they had the money to buy houses. In mid-November of 2016, the market fell off quite a bit because there was a housing shortage. There were still potential buyers looking, but there weren’t enough houses.

By this time Tammy Mazzocco had enough experience to know that housing markets rise and fall, but the job of the realtor is to find somebody to buy a house. That is all that is needed, one buyer at a time.

Tammy likes to say on Facebook that she had to learn to form the habits of being a successful real estate person, and then she had to learn to apply those habits. She likes to set goals, and then break down those goals into actionable steps. That is the only way to get anything done because little bites are much easier to digest than big ones.

Tammy also say that when she learned not to take herself too seriously, live without fear of failure, and don’t settle for second best, was when she overcame her so-called obstacles to success in real estate.



How Rick Shinto Has Impacted The Growth Of InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is a sensitive area that the government holds dear and it is due to this sensitivity it created programs like Medicare Advantage, which offer plans to citizens that are tailored to addressing various types of ailments. To develop the healthcare system well, the government decided to partner with the private sector by offering private companies a chance to join the delivery of services through Medicare Advantage plans.

Many companies grabbed this opportunity with the aim of delivering unique solutions to the citizens. InnovaCare Health, which is based in Puerto Rico, embraced the offer and is among managed healthcare companies that serve a huge population through the Medicare program. With the huge numbers also came the need to expand and this allowed InnovaCare Health to look for ways to streamline the service delivery system.

Technology was a perfect option that helped the company to do away with the many barriers that prevented the provision of services to many people at the same time. Over the last five years, the company has seen a steady increase in the number of users of Medicare programs due to the seamless flow of services and strong infrastructure that was made available through the process of revamping performance. Most importantly, leadership played a vital role in strengthening the role of the company. InnovaCare Health reshuffled most of the top positions and some of the leaders hired include Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto.

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, a position he has held since 2012. He is a medicine graduate from the University of New York and he also pursued an M.B.A at Redlands University. His knowledge about the healthcare industry inspired him to write several journals and articles highlighting the state of the healthcare industry and proposing solutions. Before he joined InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto worked with Aveta Inc. as the CEO of the company from 2008 to 2012. He also served at other companies previously including NAMM California and MedPartners, thereby building vital skills and emerging with useful experience. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare Health in 2015 and took over as the chief administrative officer. She is a biological sciences and classical languages graduated from the Binghamton University and she joined the New York University, where she earned a master’s degree in social work. She is an experienced professional in clinical science and she has served for more than 20 years with different companies in the healthcare sector.

Three Advantages of Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal with a considerable impact factor. The journal is renowned for its open accessibility and publishes research papers related to oncology. It was launched in 2010 by Impact Journals.

Why You Should Publish in Oncotarget?

  1. Weekly Publishing

The journal publishes research papers online on a weekly basis. This leads to a quicker and more efficient process of submission, review and acceptance of a research paper. Authors can also request a print edition of their papers if they desire. This allows the scientific research to be shared quickly, rapidly and widely.

  1. Variety of Fields

Oncotarget encompasses all research related to cancer. This allows researchers from different fields of medicine and biomedicine to come forward and submit their exciting discoveries. The journal includes publications from fields of immunology, pathology, neurology, physiology and endocrinology.

  1. Peer-Reviewed

The experienced board of editors present at Oncotarget ensures the journal to remain open access as well as peer-reviewed. The honorable panel makes sure that all research published within the journal is authentic, original and credible. While authors who do not deal with cancer biology can also submit their articles, the quality standards of the journal remain consistent and flawless.

The mission of Oncotarget is to make scientific results widely available to the public so that discoveries can be shared as soon as possible. If you have a cancer-related research paper to submit and are looking for a reputable journal, Oncotarget should also be in your nominated list of medical journals.

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A Look At Entrepreneur Jason Hope And His View On Technology

Jason Hope is an Arizona based entrepreneur, investor, futurist and philanthropist. He grew up in the town of Tempe, Arizona, which is a suburb of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Hope later applied to and was accepted into Arizona State University, located in his hometown of Tempe. His undergraduate studies there were in finance. Later, Jason Hope returned to study at Arizona Study State University for graduate study. He obtained a masters degree in business from the W.P Carey School of Business of Arizona State University.

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Giving back is a big part of Jason Hope’s philosophy of life. He donates considerable time and money to organizations in his home state of Arizona as well as to national organizations that promote betterment of health and quality of life for all. Arizona based organizations that Jason Hope supports include the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix Arizona and the The Translational Genomics Research Institute, also in Phoenix Arizona. The Arizona Science Center focuses on educating the public about science through exhibitions and film. The Translational Genomics Research Institute’s goal is to apply breakthroughs of the human genome sequence to advances in health and healthcare.

The national organizations supported by Jason Hope include Teach For America, SENS Research Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Teach For America is a non-profit group that mobilizes recent college graduates in education and have them teach in rural and urban under performing schools to make a quality education available to everyone in the USA. The SENS Research Foundation is a healthcare research institution that conducts research into preventative measures and the application of regenerative medicine as a form of alternative treatment for disease. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is the largest non-profit group that is trying to find a cure for lymphoma and leukemia as well as symptom relieving drugs stemming for the diseases.

The view of Jason Hope in regarding technology, is that technology holds the key to unlocking new discoveries, innovation, benefits and advances in things such as medicine and science. Mr. Hope regards himself as a futurist and believes that technology will continue to be more interconnected particularly with regards to the internet. He sees great advancements in the internet of things as things become more and more connected and wired together. Jason Hope is also an expert in helping innovators in technology help their ideas to fruition through Jason Hope Business Consulting.

Cotemar Mexico Setting Records For Industries In Mexico

Along the Gulf of Mexico stands the mighty Cotemar, an awarding winning service company in the oil and energy sector. The company was began in 1979, with its headquarters at Campache a state in Mexico. The company has adopted the use of high end technology to best serve their clients in the oil sector. The company has a created a name for themselves as one of the best service industry in the world by showing an extensive understanding of their clients and their needs and pushing further to ensure they are satisfied.



Cotemar is known for its values and the culture created and cultivated in the company. The management communicate the need for having a friendly work environment. Employees are also advised to have maintain business ethics while treating their clients. Due to the diverse work force at Cotemar, employees receive frequent training on how to deal and interact with their colleagues well.



The company has also diversified their services to satisfy a variety of their clients’ needs. Cotemar is involved in offshore maintenance, drilling and development. The company has a pool of professionals who make sure that the offshores are up and running and are maintained in good conditions throughout. Secondly the company offers exquisite transport and holiday moments to their clients. The company has a variety of luxurious cruise machines that provide leisure to their clients.



Additionally, the company has extended their services to include catering and accommodation. Guests are received in hotels that are fitted with recreational facilities that help them relax. Moreover, there are dining service and laundry services provided to the clients that enable them relax and have a good time with the company.



Cotemar has been named one of the best employers in the country and across the globe. The company cares for their employees’ well-being especially with the line of their works. There are training sessions every now and then to enable them work the machines with minimal accidents. Additionally, there are trainings for them to improve and advance their careers that are organized by the management every year.



The company understands their role in the society. Being in the oil industry, it is easy to be criticized about air pollution. However, Cotemar has made it easy for people out there as they work hard to make sure that all their operations are environmental friendly. Also there are programs implemented to help create awareness on the need to conserve and protect the environment.


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Experience The Rich Colors Of A Leading Cosmetic Brand

Doe Deere is the successful creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Her unconventional way of thinking has contributed to bright colors that leave guys and gals feeling unapologetic about their makeup. Deere insists her members be creative with their makeup shades. LC is widely known for being one of the first of its kind to creative super-foil and velvetine matte based cosmetics. They strive to create vibrant colors that are hard to find from their competitors. Their makeup goes on with a silky smooth moisture that dries to perfection every time, leaving you covered in the right areas. They have an amazing collection of eyeshadow and lipstick products.


How Lime Crime Got Their Start?


Deere learned in her native Russia the value of entrepreneurship and marketing through novelty tattoos. She began to wear them and popularize them among her friends. Eventually, they became a must have among her friends. She later moved to New York and enrolled in design school. Ironically, design school sparked her creativity and she decided that it was important for her to create rich colors that quickly became popular among young adults and professionals. Doe Deere was the first cosmetic line to bring her costumers velvetine matte.


Surprisingly, Lime Crime is creating a Scandal on the internet among their 2.4 million Instagram customers. They are responsible for a purple-violet hue that is a favorite among their loyal customers. Their customers are excited about this unique color that delivers the familiar velvetine matte base that they have come to trust for long lasting stay power. In fact, their customers are completely 100% waterproof to ensure that it won’t smudge when you’re eating or drinking. Scandal is a fast growing cosmetic brand that is sold under the Lime Crime name is bound to inspire other daring colors.


They offer YouTube tutorials from actual users around the world that inspire their guests to be creative, find new ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics. In fact, if you’re looking for a great way to blend thier products that provide creative ideas. You can also find great clothing items, shoes, and accessories from their sister company Doll Kills. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details information and promotional offers associated with the superior Lime Crime cosmetic line.

Making it with Todd Lubbar

Meet Todd Lubar, the president of TDL Global Ventures, a Real estate and Technology company that focuses on building and controlling electronic corporations within the domain name system. Todd Lubar commenced his venture in the Real estate industry back in 1995. It so quickly became evident to him that Real estate and finance would become his long life career, because of the desire to help others, not forgetting his astonishment on every detail of the business. He spent some time in developing relationships with Real estate Agents, CPA’s, economic planners and insurance agents who currently are part of the base of a spectacular source of referral business.


In the line of advancement, Todd Lubar got an equity position with Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This gave him a platform to expand his lending capacities to be able to broker loans to outside investors and lend Mortgage bank.


2002 is the year that Todd Lubar decided to take his real estate focus a notch higher and opened up Legendary Properties, LLC. A residential development company. As a result of his establishment in the real estate community, there was a rapid movement of purchasing, rehabilitating, selling and profiting on more than 200 transactions varying from a single family dwelling to 20 unit multi-family properties. He was by so doing able to develop a relationship with persons experienced in all the building trade needed to produce a current quality product.


In his continued involvement in mortgage banking industry, Todd Lubar founded Charter Funding, a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the biggest privately held mortgage companies in the US. This association allowed Todd Lubar expand his businesses as he had an overwhelming access to a range of products and programs.


As he had observed the market for more than 12 years, Todd Lubar noted some underserved customers and thus formed Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, and is also a leading financial source for individuals as well as companies. It is Lubar’s involvement in more than 7000 transactions that has enabled him to sharpen his abilities to analyze the overall uncertainty of almost any loan scenario and make relevant decisions based on market situations.

The life, work, success and philanthropy of Betsy Devos

For the longest time, there has been an invisible glass ceiling that makes it just a little bit harder for women to make it huge in the world of business and investing than the men. However, regardless of the constraints, there are a few women that make it out of the tunnel and make it huge in the world of business and investing, managing to inspire an entire community. One of these exemplary female business leaders is Betsy Devos. She is an entrepreneur, education activist and a philanthropist.

Elisabeth was born on 8 January 1958. She started her early years in Holland, Michigan. Her father was the billionaire and industrialist, Edgar Prince who originally came from Holland. Her father is the founder of the Prince Corporation which sells spare parts to retailers in the state of Michigan. Betsy attended the high school at Holland and after successfully completing it; she joined Calvin College in Grand Rapids. She studied business administration and political science. Betsy was very much involved in campus politics from a very young age.

She was brought up in a very religious background, which explains her conservative roots. She has been a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and has always showed this in all her political undertakings, especially the politics of the republican parties.

In politics, Devos has been a member of the Michigan chapter of the Republican Party since the early 80’s. She between 1992 and 1997, she was the national chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan. She has always made her voice heard in matters that she believes in and sources close to her state that she has never conducted business in any manner that left people wondering where she stood. She was also very active in the recently concluded campaign for the 2016 Republican Party.

Educational activism

She has been a crusader for better education for all for the longest time. This is perhaps the reason why upon winning, the president elect nominated her to the position of education secretary. Accepting the nomination, Betsy said that it was time to change the manner in which things had always been done, stating that status quo could no longer work for the American masses.


One of the charities that Betsy helped set up is the Dick and Betsy Devos Family foundation. Its objective is to transform the community by helping promote leadership, speeding up transformation, and supporting the members in five different areas. These areas are leadership, community, arts, justice and education. She believes that when the less fortunate and those without access to resources are uplifted, the entire society will get a chance to improve itself. Betsy DeVos has a loving husband and four children.

The Mexican Oil and Service Giant

Cotemar is a Mexican based oil industry. The company has over 37 years of experience in the provision of its services. Cotemar offers practical and efficient solutions. The company’s results are validated and certified by their primary clients. The certification has enabled them to provide services that satisfy the desired needs in the marine and oil industry.


The company has evolved and continues to adapt to the changing customer needs. It has continuously changed along the value chain of the oil sector by training and hiring a staff that brings competitiveness in the market. Also, by employing and using efficient process equipment and indicators, it has ensured and guaranteed a place among the highest performing companies.


Cotemar provides quality services that meet the safety and environmental protection standards. It also ensures the services are effective to its clients. The company employs a cutting edge technology, committed staff and institutional values that help it in delivering. As each day goes by, the company works towards being a word class sustainable oil company known for its excellence. To generate value and offer innovative solutions to its clients and stakeholders. Besides its interests, the company aims at carrying out its work while putting the environment into consideration.


Cotemar offers a broad range of services all under three broad categories. The first type is the food and lodging service. On this platform, the boats through which the company operates with offer food and accommodation. Additionally, food preparation, washing, ironing, and cleaning of the common areas including the state rooms is provided. Under the food and lodging services, recreational areas that include the gym, TV rooms just to mention but a few are offered. The boats have a capacity of providing food services to over 4000 people simultaneously offshore.


Under the specialised and marine support vessels, the company offers housing platforms with the capability of holding over 800 people. For specialised ship services, they provide barges for transporting larger structures required for oil exploration. They also provide firefighting and rescue services in the sea.


The third major service is the construction, maintenance, and engineering. Under this service, they carry out engineering and maintenance services while complying with the current environmental regulations.

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