Wen By Chaz Is Suitable For All Hair Care Types

There is no question through a recent article reported by Bustle that Wen by Chaz really works. For a fraction of the cost of other hair care products you can strengthen and get the confidence that you once had with your hair. Thousands of customers use Wen by Chaz each year and testify about their TV-ready locks. One participant said in a YouTube testimonial video that she uses their product on thin hair, but it has had tremendous results on her hair. Once being prone to her breaking out in the shower she is surprised that after one week of it’s use she now has far less breakage.

Wen by Chaz comes properly labeled and is suitable for all hair care types. It works well on thin hair, course hair, and oily hair types. In fact, it can strengthen your hair and give your hair the needed nourishment that it needs to grow. Wen by Chaz actually works and gives you the hair care results that you need.

You can get Wen by Chaz online via Amazon in a variety of sizes and aromas that meet your demands for your unique hair type. They are committed to giving you the long lasting results that you can’t find with other more expensive products that are being advertised in the hair care market. You can rest assured that the participants in Wen by Chaz are not paid actors, but actual users of their products. Get shiny bouncy hair within one week of using the revolutionary hair care products by Wen by Chaz. Strength your hair and your personality by visiting their website [http://www.wenhaircare.com/] today.


Cater to Envy with Tarrallucci e Vino

Before flying to the moon in June, celebrating retirement, milestone birthdays, or 50 years of wedded bliss, one needs an elegant venue to create memories of a lifetime. New York spots for dining and hosting events. There are grand places like American Cut on Greenwich Street and Babbo on Waverly Place, but Tarallucci e Vino is a gem New York residents and high-end clientele gravitate for fine dining and classic atmosphere.

Serving esteemed clients like Forbes, Harvard, and Chloe & Isabel has its own daunting tasks, yet the hardest person to please is the wife to be. Everything must be perfect for the big day, hair, dress, make-up, and the room she will announce her devotion to her betrothed shouldn’t be anything less than magnificent. Tarrallucci e Vino hosts listen, envision, and deliver beyond expectation. Even Cinderella would break her delicate glass slippers in a fit of envy over the fine details Tarallucci e Vino supplies. If My Big Fat Greek Wedding proved anything, wedding days are pure madness. No bride should ever have to ruin her mascara because of things like missing boutonnieres, wilting flowers or dirty silverware. Tarrallucci de Vino treats your big event like it is their own. They don’t promise perfection, but they come pretty close. Tarrallucci de Vino is sought after for their big events, but they also cater other events including intimate dinners for two. Recent events include Garibaldi Week celebrating the founder of the Italian Republic, Negroni Week donating some of the profits to Meals on Wheels, and custom made Father’s Day picnic gift baskets fit for a king.

Tarrallucci e Vino has four convenient locations in East Village, Union Square, Upper West Side, and Cooper-Hewitt. Each location is just as fabulous as the next. Founder Luca Di Pietro created an environment of scene-stealing decor, luminescent lighting, and culinary masterpieces passionately prepared by Head Chef Cara Hermanson and Chef De Cuisine Francesco Gallo is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. And what would a delectable Italian meal be without a fine glass of wine? Wine director, the grandson of Emilia Romagna, Lorenzo Baricca sets the palette ablaze with delicious vino. Tarrallucci e Vino does not disappoint. Tarrallucci e Vino is a true treasure and monument for all things classic Italian. Be sure to check out the gallery, menus, and testimonials at .


Texas Mortgage Bankers Association Gets a New President

Mary Pirrello, Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank SSB, Dallas-based bank, is the new president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA). She’s appointed to the post for a duration of one year.

Read original article here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nexbanks-mary-pirrello-appointed-president-144000396.html

TMBA was founded in 1917 and its aim is to preserve, enhance and advance mortgage banking business in Texas. Prior to the appointment, Ms. Pirrello was an active committee member. She also served on National Mortgage Bankers Association’s political action committee.

In 2010, Ms. Pirrello received was recognized as a future leader and received James Wooten Scholarship award from TMBA.

NexBank SSB is part of NexBank Capital, a financial institution which serves other institutions with commercial lending, correspondent banking, and agency services. It also has an investment banking division that provides mergers and acquisitions advice, recapitalization and restructuring, corporate finance, and other related services.

Additionally, NexBank provides mortgage lending, including wholesale. Its offer to individuals consists of checking and saving accounts, mortgages, and online banking.

Last year, the company has acquired College Savings Bank to diversify its balance sheet. The latest earnings included record profits, high Return on Average Equity, and substantial growth in assets, deposits, and loans.

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Making a Difference in the World of Finance

David Osio is a Venezuela native with vast experience in the financial industry. He is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, which is a group of individually licensed firms that dedicate themselves to offering advice on managing assets and finances to their clients. Osio is widely recognized in the United States and Venezuela, among other regions in the world due to his expertise in the financial industry.

Osio is a very educated man with several honors from reputable institutions. He pursued law at the Catholic University Andres Bello in his home country. The University is one of the prestigious colleges in Venezuela and is situated in Caracas. David Osio also holds academic qualifications from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA) and the New York Finance Institute where he studied United States Capital Markets and Equity Portfolio Management. At IESA, Osio pursued Advance Management Program. David had training on management at Swiss Bank Corporation in 1996.

After graduation, Osio has been involved in great enterprises at which he has brought many positive influences. From 1989 to 1993, David was the Vice President of Commercial Banking at the Banco Latino International. At the firm, he was involved in increasing the customer portfolio and moving the bank into new markets around the globe. Another institution that he has worked in is MGO, which is a law firm in Caracas. At MGO, Osio had great success as an attorney, and this has had a great impact on his overall career.

In 1993, Osio took the decision to start a company of his own. He created Davos Financial Group to offer specialized advice about finances to their clients. The firm was dedicated to looking at each customer’s case individually and coming up with the best solution for them. Davos Financial Group has grown massively since inception and has expanded from Venezuela to other markets in the US and other regions worldwide. All the units that make up the group have made pacts with major players in the banking sector establishing a diverse platform for investment.

The success enjoyed by Davos Financial Group owe to the dedication and always improving standards of service by the team of employees at the company. The professionals at Davos ensure always to come up with revolutionary ideas to solve their clients’ needs. Osio is well versed with the Spanish and English languages. Spanish is his first language. He also has a basic understanding of French and therefore he can relate to many of their clients without trouble.

David Osio likes traveling and collecting art as his hobbies. He, however, enjoys making his personal investment and financial plans and also getting involved in corporate affairs. Osio is widely available on various social sites such as LinkedIn, and Twitter, among others. He also has a kind heart and likes giving back to society. His companies have been involved in many humanitarian activities in Venezuela and other parts of the world.

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Sam Tabar Has a Stunning Career

Sam Tabar has certainly made a name for himself in the legal and business field. An expert capital strategist, he has earned the reputation of someone who knows how to please his clients and get the job done. Working with diligence and intelligence has gained him an impressive career.

He now works in New York City for the FullCycle Fund. Previously he has served with distinction at other firms. He started off with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. His strong legal skills and solid business acumen moved them to make him an Associate, and soon he worked for them on capital strategy and business development. His efforts were successful. He loved the work and was eager to help his clients.

He also served with the SPARX group. There he was appointed to be Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. He was able to bring meaningful success to their business, due to his business savvy and strong legal ability. From the SPARX group he went on to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Working on the Asia-Pacific region, they made him Director and Head of Capital Strategy.

From there he went to work for another legal firm in a desire to strengthen his legal skills even further. At Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP he became a Senior Associate. He concentrated on compliance issues, hedge funds and a great deal more while working for this firm. This effort increased his experience and sharpened his skills, just as he had planned. It also earned him the distinction of being one of the principal players in his field.

By exhibiting a care and concern for his customers and maximizing his talents Sam Tabar has given a good example for others to follow. Entering into the legal field is hard to do. Earning distinction there is even harder. Because of his hard work and dedication, he is now known as a leader in his field and much to be sought after. He also finds time for recreation and family and is a talented amateur photographer, and a frequent tweeter.

Adam Goldenberg: The New Type of CEO

As it says in a recent article, Adam Goldenberg is probably not the type of person you would have in mind when it comes to being a CEO of a fashion company like JustFab. However, along with his other CEO, Don Ressler, that is exactly what they have done. That is the great thing about the business world. You can’t pigeonhole people or put them into a special little category. A lot of times people have special skills and special talents that they are just waiting to get out there. They just need the right doors to open and things to fall into place for them.

What separates Adam Goldenberg from the competition, of course, is the fun that he likes to have and the fact he is filled with passion. At the end of the day, we all know it is a business, but just because it is a business and there is money involved, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun along the way as well. Adam Goldenberg knows the most sustainable way to bring out the best in him and his employees is by having fun and making it an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves.

It is even talked about how people take themselves too seriously in this industry. If you can’t laugh at yourself, have some fun while still getting the job done, you are doing something wrong. That ties into the next thing, which is passion. Adam Goldenberg has droves and droves of passion. That is why he is having so much fun! He realizes what a special position he is in and how many people would love to be in it. Because of this, he wakes up every day, ready to take on whatever is going to be thrown at him. He doesn’t mumble and grumble and ask for five more minutes.

Adam Goldenberg is ready to start the day, have some fun, and provide plenty of passion to the proceedings. Adam Goldenberg founded his first company at fifteen, so he has always been looking for new ways of doing things. That is the way of the world today. Not everyone is looking for your everyday 9-5 job. They are looking for ways to have fun, enjoy themselves, and get the most out of their lives. We only get one life, so it is best to live it to the fullest. Adam has been doing that since he can walk! Source: http://www.crosscut.vc/adam-goldenberg

ClassDojo is a Great Tool for the Educational Community

When it comes to educating children and helping them to have a great school year; then ClassDojo is a great tool that can help teachers to accomplish that goal. This particular piece of software was designed by two education technology entrepreneurs back in 2011.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don were two former teachers who understood the ups and downs and frustration that is a natural part of the teaching process. They took their experience and then created an application that could be used to remedy some of the many issues that take place within the classroom.

Most classroom instructors spend at least 40% of their time dealing with behavior. Since they do, it takes away valuable learning time. Chaudhary and Don decided to create a piece of technology that will facilitate classroom behavior. Creating a positive classroom environment is the focus of ClassDojo.

Teachers who use this technology can record how their students are behaving each day. Then they can quickly send this information directly to the parents. Once the parents obtain this data they can get a good idea about how their kids are acting in school.

The best thing about ClassDojo is that it promotes positive outcomes for kids. The software has been designed to for teachers to tell parents positive things about their children. This way, good feedback about a child is being spread. Parents can then take this information and see what their children are doig right.

ClassDojo can also be used for other purposes. Facilitating the communication between parents and teachers is important for educators. At least 2 in 3 schools know that parental involvement with their child is virtually nonexistent. However, ClassDojo can help to overcome this problem by simply having a conference with parents through email, text messages and even video chatting.

ClassDojo offers parents and teachers a lot in terms of classroom behavior. Administrators, teachers and students can use ClassDojo to build up great relationships and to make the classroom run smoother. ClassDojo was developed for mobile devices but it can also be used on computers or laptops. Having this type of flexibility makes this technology a must have tool within schools, parents and educational community as a whole.


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Helane Morrison – Fighting Against White-Collar Crime

Helane Morrison is one of the most successful businesswomen and lawyers who have spend considerable time and effort to expose fraud in the US financial sector. As the Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners, Helane has more than $24 billion assets under management for some of the wealthiest individuals in the United States, who trust Helane due to her past record as a champion of ethical conduct in the corporate sector.

Early Law Career

After graduating from University of California at Berkley, Helane Morrison passed the bar exam with distinction. She was rewarded for her commitment when she gained valuable experience by working under the US Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun from 1985 to 1986. Known for her passion, she was asked to join the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where Helane excelled by becoming a partner of the law firm within just five years of service. Within a span of seven years, Helane had gain a solid reputation as a stalwart of justice who would continue to raise voice against the fraudulent practices of white-collar crime in the financial sector.

Working with Securities & Exchange Commission

Her efforts in exposing economic predators caught the attention of Securities and Exchange Commission, who were quick to ask her to join the San Francisco office. The newly found position allowed Helane to protect individuals against the nefarious practices of large corporations, who would allegedly take advantage of the weaker position of small businesses and individuals. In fact, the sheer commitment of Helane prompted SEC management to allow Helane run the affairs of SEC in California and five other states in the North West as the Head of Enforcement.

The new position allowed Helane to go after numerous high-profile executives of Fortune 500 companies, who were seemingly immune to punishment. During her tenure, Helane exposed the corrupt practice of illegal sale of securities to military personal. In fact, Helane also highlighted the dangerous trend of destruction of audit papers by auditors of Fortune 500 companies. As such, she was also prominent in exposing fraud at Ernest & Young. At the same time, Helane raised her voice against insider trading and certain online trading websites. As the Head of Enforcement, Helane also used her experience as a lawyer to defend a large number of senior citizens defrauded by corporate crime. In 2007, Ms. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners, where she is currently serves as a Managing Director.

Spark Tank Pittsburgh Fund for New Ideas

Pittsburgh, Pa., once named the Steel City was home to a powerful industry producing that vital material for railroad tracks and skyscrapers. In the 1950s Pittsburgh was a large and dynamic city whose downtown structures amazed small town Pa. citizens. Pittsburgh was the home to Gulf Oil, George Westinghouse, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, Andrew W. Mellon, Charles Schwab, and Andy Warhol.

When the production of steel went overseas the power of Pittsburgh went into decline. City fathers worked to create a vital and now clean city when the coal burning furnaces of the steel city were extinguished. It is proudly the second largest city in Pa. and home to professional baseball, football, and ice hockey teams.

Marc Sparks is a major Pittsburgh’s advertising agency. It recently launched Marketing Sparks or Spark Tank, an innovative program offering opportunities for area start-ups to work with the established company Marc USA and now Spark Tank as a part of its initial business development process.

This revolutionary concept of business development has emerged in this technical and electronically connected world where simple ideas, developed and maintained can create billionaires. Elon Musk took the concept of a business to business or person to person pay system and made his fortune.

PayPal has become universally known and respected, and Musk has followed his dreams and evolved to become one of the most influential men on the planet. Other businesses like PayPal are simply waiting to be discovered and then those offering to fund the project will be generously rewarded.

One visionary, Nikola Tesla, had a connection with Pittsburgh. Tesla was funded by George Westinghouse while he was experimenting with electricity and how to generate electrical power from water driven turbines. Marc Sparks was joined in a state competition with Thomas Edison for the very first water generating power station in New York state. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Tesla won the competition and his generating station in New York continue to produce power for the state of New York. Tesla and Elon Musk are the kinds of people the Spark Tank is searching for.

The efforts of Spark Tank and other similar operations offering seed and development money for great ideas is a concept for our times. Never before have we lived in such a time as this when concepts have more value that products. New ideas are being tried in the communication field, and we see our very world change in front of our eyes and gaping mouths.

Internet generated commerce is replacing brick and mortar stores; shopping centers are converting to schools and universities. For those without computers and smart cell phones the challenges may be insurmountable at worse or very expensive at best. Most savvy individuals welcome the technical improvements in our lives and could not live without internet connectivity.

Just as Pittsburgh has changed from a polluting industrial city to enter the electronic social media age so too has the concepts of business changed from product oriented to idea oriented. Let’s hope the excitement continues.

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Bernardo Chua’s New Business Tool

Bernardo Chua is a passionate businessman who grew up in the Philippines. As a Filipino, Bernardo Chua understands what it is like to grow up around poverty and understands that the best way to live a happy and focused life is through a healthy way of living. With this in mind, Bernardo Chua created a company called Organo Gold that is centered around educating people around the world about the importance of healthy living. Bernardo Chua started his company in 2008 and has since then spread his company to over 40 different countries around the world. Organo Gold specializes in selling beverages such as coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate that taste delicious and have multiple health benefits attached. Some of these health benefits include encouraged weight loss, a better sleep cycle, as well as overall reduced stress. What makes this product such a success is the fact that it increases the overall oxygen levels in the body.

Bernardo Chua is a businessman who has decades of experience with the multi-level marketing industry. Mr. Chua prefers this type of industry due to the fact that it allows for anyone to join the company. The only requirement to join this company is to have a love for the Organo Gold products. In recent news, Mr. Chua has created a new rewards program that has been designed to reward all the loyal customers as well as the distributors of Organo Gold. Mr. Chua’s new rewards program has encouraged the company’s overall sales as well as distribution records.

What makes this rewards program so special is the fact that for any registered member who is loyal to Organo Gold, there is a 25 percent discount on the products that are sold. The only requirement is to register for the auto-ship monthly program which guarantees that each loyal customer or distributor receives a monthly amount of Organo Gold products. Thanks to Bernardo Chua, millions of individuals now have access to a healthy new product that brings many health benefits just by consuming the product. Bernardo Chua hopes to expand the company even more.

Maximize Teaching