Bernardo Chua’s New Business Tool

Bernardo Chua is a passionate businessman who grew up in the Philippines. As a Filipino, Bernardo Chua understands what it is like to grow up around poverty and understands that the best way to live a happy and focused life is through a healthy way of living. With this in mind, Bernardo Chua created a company called Organo Gold that is centered around educating people around the world about the importance of healthy living. Bernardo Chua started his company in 2008 and has since then spread his company to over 40 different countries around the world. Organo Gold specializes in selling beverages such as coffee, tea, as well as hot chocolate that taste delicious and have multiple health benefits attached. Some of these health benefits include encouraged weight loss, a better sleep cycle, as well as overall reduced stress. What makes this product such a success is the fact that it increases the overall oxygen levels in the body.

Bernardo Chua is a businessman who has decades of experience with the multi-level marketing industry. Mr. Chua prefers this type of industry due to the fact that it allows for anyone to join the company. The only requirement to join this company is to have a love for the Organo Gold products. In recent news, Mr. Chua has created a new rewards program that has been designed to reward all the loyal customers as well as the distributors of Organo Gold. Mr. Chua’s new rewards program has encouraged the company’s overall sales as well as distribution records.

What makes this rewards program so special is the fact that for any registered member who is loyal to Organo Gold, there is a 25 percent discount on the products that are sold. The only requirement is to register for the auto-ship monthly program which guarantees that each loyal customer or distributor receives a monthly amount of Organo Gold products. Thanks to Bernardo Chua, millions of individuals now have access to a healthy new product that brings many health benefits just by consuming the product. Bernardo Chua hopes to expand the company even more.

Whistleblower’s Under The SEC Recovery Program Have Received Millions Dollars

Classified or executive illicit activities are reported by a whistleblower to an outside agency. Fortunately, a whistleblower can now reported security violations to the SEC and have their employee rights protected. This information is restricted by Congress and usually an executive order. Recent Security Exchange Commission (SEC) reforms have awarded whistleblower’s millions in compensation. In fact, they may have to report private and public information. The new reform laws protect you from retaliation by your employer. A whistleblower should be able to report any insecurities within their company without the threat of them losing their job. Moreover, a SEC attorney can help you with your whistleblower claim.

What Is The SEC Reform Law

At legal professional experienced with SEC can help you with the linguistics of the whistleblower reform law. Congress enacted Dodd-Frank Reform and Consumer Protection laws to protect SEC employees from retaliation for reporting wrongdoing within their company. Under these laws you receive employment protection and financial incentives for reporting security fraud. Employees are encouraged to report all possible violations to the Security Exchange Commission. A SEC attorney will make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve.

Labaton Sucharow was the first legal firm in the U.S. to devote his practice exclusively to defending employees affected by the actions of their employer for reporting information to the SEC. His office provides a legal platform for litigating SEC legal cases and claims. He also played a leadership role in the Dodd-Franks Reform laws and is currently involved in implementing additional laws to protect employees. He is responsible for federal and state laws that now protect whistleblower SEC employees. Visit your local listings for a qualified SEC attorney in your area today.

How You’re Covered Under SEC Laws

The SEC is required to pay a whistleblower up to 30% of all monetary damages collected on behalf of the information that they provided. In some cases, additional awards are mandated based on the prosecution from additional agencies like law enforcement. Sucharow claims the information supplied by these employees saves Congress and other agencies time, resources, and money. Therefore, they should be titled to an amount of the money recovered and have their employment rights protected. Visit your SEC attorney for a free no obligation consultation of your SEC claim. A SEC attorney will fight for your employee rights for you.

Securus Lays Bare The Rotten Potatoes in Industry

Businesses should rise above the desire to make money to providing service to the society. It gets even worse when a business fuels that which it is its business to contain. This basically condemns the business to an enemy of its very client. This is what Securus intends to portray when it prepares to release additional reports on GTL over the next six months. Securus morality stand compels it to shame the carrier into acting with higher integrity.

In a Press Release on Securus Website, the company, a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, corrections, investigation and monitoring announced release of multiple reports implicating Global Tel Link (GTL) to wrongdoings and integrity breaches by the inmate communications provider. And according to PR Newswire to get a feel of what Securus has in store over the matter, Securus actually presented the first in its series of articles to be published.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technologies, Richard Smith expressed passion for the industry of service to law enforcement, corrections, inmates and to the general society. As such, he takes offense in a situation where a career compromises on its duty to integrity at the chagrin of the rest of the industry. According to Smith, Securus’ business mission goes beyond making money to serving customers interests.

Know more:

As a sneak preview of what Securus knows about the misdoings at GTL, Securus found among other things that:

  • GTL maliciously programmed clocks in their telephones at correctional institutions, adding either 15 or 36 seconds to each call’s duration.
  • GTL artificially inflated charges to its customers
  • GTL engaged in billing a single call more than once

These and other gross misconducts by the company are unacceptable in the industry.

Securus Technologies is a service provider of emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis and other inmate related services. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They envisage making the world a safer place to live. See for more info.




Understanding The Benefits Of Assisted Living Facilities

An assisted living center is a long-term senior housing community that provides support services such as bathing, dressing, meals, transportation and access to medical services.

Typically, base rates for these facilities cover room and board and daily meals and are determined by the assisted center. Sometimes there residents are charged deposits, entrance fees, housekeeping and laundry fees. Since these all vary by facility or community, it is advisable to inquire about each community’s services and costs.

For many families, the benefits are plenty. Their loved ones receive proper supervision provided by professional caregivers, and senior care experts. Unlike nursing homes, which can seem very impersonal and institutionalized at times, assisted living facility seems to be the best option for many elderly people.

There many facilities and communities out there providing assisted living options but keep in mind that not all of these facilities provide the same level of service or amenities. It is extremely important to do your home work before choosing one. Make sure you consult with the senior care advisor at each facility you’re considering to find out all about their offers.

With so many facilities providing senior care communities and centers for seniors, it can be a daunting task to know which one comes highly recommended in the industry.

The Manse On Marsh has provided assisted living facilities for many years and is a leader in the field. Manse On Marsh provides high quality activities and services designed to ensure the comfort and safety of residents. Manse On Marsh, with their vast range of services and features, provides a senior housing solution for elderly people who need some assistance with daily activities. For many elderly individuals, assisted living centers provide just the kind of care they need to feel comfortable and relax in their new community.

Contact the professionals at Manse On Marsh to learn more about their facility and their amenities. Also check out their blog for more details.

Michael Zomber: Historical Genius and Philanthropist

There is something special about those who go into the antique business, and Michael Zomber is one of those people. Zomber spends his time collecting and selling antique items, specifically arms from between the 1500s and the 1800s. Most important to Zomber when it comes to antique weaponry is not necessarily the amount of money that can be obtained by the items, but instead the historical value.

Zomber has extensive knowledge spanning much of the old weaponry of America, Europe, Japan, and the Islamic faith. His biography states that he prefers dealing with those who have a similar desire to protect history as he does.

In addition to his work in the world of antique arms, Zomber has been involved in the creation of multiple films. One of these films in particular, Soul of the Samurai, is a documentary movie that he worked on. Not only was he involved in the film’s set design and props, he also did quite a bit of writing and researching for the script. He even worked on the movie project with the deceased yet well-known Buddhist master Kensho Furuya.

As a man with a vast amount of knowledge in regard to history, Zomber has also written several historical novels of his own. One is Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan, an educational text about Japanese culture, weaponry, and the samurai. Another short novel he published around the same time goes by the name Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. This piece saw the Civil War through the eyes of a young Kentucky girl, and was part of a trilogy.

Lastly, Zomber tops off his successes and antique genius by being actively involved in charity. For the most part, he donates to organizations dedicated to peace and love toward others, such as, the Global Exchange, Disabled American Veterans, and The Smile Train. He and his wife, Andrea, team up to give to these endeavors.

They live together with their children in Philadelphia.

Yeonmi Park Recounts Her Story

Yeonmi Park is a young woman who was born in 1993. What makes her a unique individual is not only that she is a North Korean defector, but also the fact that she is a young and female human rights activist who wants to prevent what happened to her. Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea in a prominent and well respected family. Though Ms. Park remembers receiving many privileges in her position, she remembers how the family’s luck had changed in the late 1990s when the economy in North Korea collapsed. As a result of this misfortune, Ms. Park’s father was forced to become involved in smuggling in order to make a living. Though food was provided for the family, eventually Ms. Park’s father was discovered and was thrown sentenced to a labor camp.
The story of Yeonmi Park’s travels are all now documented in her book called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom ( This book discuses all the starvation and isolation that her and her mother experienced which eventually encouraged them to flee North Korea. Yeonmi Park recounts her story on NK News of paying off one of the guards by the border in order to get through. In this book, Ms. Park also is able to communicate her experience as well as her hatred with human trafficking that she became involved with as they were fleeing to China. This particular experience is what influenced Ms. Park to become a human rights activist.

Yeonmi Park (see wikipedia), ever since a young age, has been finding a new home. Ms. Park fled the North Korean border in 2007 and has since then been finding ways to teach how abusive her former country is to their citizens. Her current goal is the unite North Korean refugees and defectors to speak out against their former country. Yeonmi Park’s book also does well to explain details that are often lost in translation when she attempts to explain her story. “The book is worth the read” says a Daily Mail review, and will give a true and heart breaking account of the brutality that one country has given to millions.



Fabletics: Monthly Athleisure Delivered To Your Door

When you think of comfortable clothing on, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably yoga pants. Yoga pants are part of a type of clothing line called athleisure, which has become a national trend among women, due to its soft, stretchy material and fitted looks. And with athleisure rising to become one of America’s most worn trends and lifestyles like in Fabletics, it is safe to say that this fashion statement is here for the long haul.

In a recent article posted on the cbs website, it discusses some of the statistics of athleisure sales, and the importance of this newfound fashion. Last year, forty four billion dollars of athleisure clothing was sold to consumers. It goes to show how comfort has become such a huge factor to women when buying clothing. Also, it shows the versatility of athleisure. They have made the clothing to look suitable for just about any occasion.
Read more: Dressing down: The rise of athleisure

One athleisure brand that has helped to grow the fashion trend is Fabletics. With two hundred thousand dollars in sales last year, this large company offers something most others don’t: a subscription. If you subscribe with Fabletics, you’re signing up to receive athleisure clothing delivered to your door each month at a reasonably priced, fixed cost. It’s a great way to add new clothing to your wardrobe without having to search for the perfect pieces. With Fabletics, you simply customize your profile according to fashion preferences and your size, and wait for the beautiful, unique athleisure to arrive at your door. What’s not to love? 

Detecting the Best Apps On the Market

The app world is filled with a lot of dating apps because there is so much demand for finding a soulmate. People that are interested in finding Mr. and Mrs. Right have so many options. Sometimes all of the many options that are out there have made it complicated for people to decipher which apps are going to be the best for them.

OK Cupid is a recent app that has started to gain attention. Tinder is another app that is getting social media buzz. Others like Match and eHarmony have been around for a while. Skout is an app that has really flourished in the last several years. It is getting a lot of critical acclaim because it allows people to remove some of the other apps that they may have on their phone. This app is like an all-inclusive app that has surfaced in order to help users consolidate their apps.

Skout is for networking men and women that want to cast a net for job opportunities. Skout is for meeting new friends for the possibilities for chatting and entertaining one another. Skout, most importantly, is one of the hottest apps because it caters to people that like to flirt first. That is appealing. Some people do not want to feel like they have been thrust right into the dating scene.

For people that sign up for sites like eHarmony, going on the date is the testing the waters phase. Everything moves too fast. With Skout people have the opportunity to slow things down a bit. They can move at their own pace. That may be the ultimate reason why there is such a love for these premium apps like Skout. There are a slew of dating apps on the market, but it is evident that Skout is among the best for the young adults that have gotten tired of the club scene.

Check out these reviews:

Venezuela Reaches Improved Oil-For-Loans Deal With China

Venezuela has recently been featured by Linked In, dealing with an economic crisis as its government is burdened with debt payments that it is struggling to make. China is the country’s main lender and has provided over $50 billion in loans during the last decade. One of the deals that was put in place between the two countries involved an oil-for-loans agreement. It involves Venezuela sending millions of barrels of crude oil each year to China as payment for much-needed loans.
This deal may have worked fine before says expert Manuel Gonzalez, but has run into trouble last year, as oil prices have fallen sharply. Venezuela has also been dealing with declining oil production due to lack of foreign currency to repair and maintain equipment.

Despite having the largest reserves of crude oil in the world, Venezuela’s economy has declined by around 6 percent in 2015. Economic troubles have led to shortages of electricity and food. Now that the country has been able to improve the conditions of its oil-for-loans deal with China, the government is hoping that it will be able to put its economy back on the right track. According to Venezuelan Economy Vice President Miguel Perez, this agreement will give Venezuela the “oxygen” it needs to move forward.

Renegotiating the deal with China is part of Venezuela’s efforts to come out of its economic problems. Other measures taken include cutting down imports and implementing a weaker foreign exchange rate.


Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park Shares Story Of Hope

Human rights activist and author of Amazon released book In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom Yeonmi Park never knew freedom existed while living in North Korea. All she knew is that she, her family, and many others were suffering under the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jung Il.

Like many others who were able to escape, the stories are all the same. Kim Jung Il ruled with an iron fist. You either went along or suffered the consequences. A number of people mysterious disappeared. Many were shot, imprisoned and even worse.

Yeonmi Park‘s story began at the tender age of 13. Her father – a government worker – was convicted of smuggling and sentenced to a brutal work camp. Once he reunited with his family, it was decided that leaving North Korea was no longer an option. Sadly, her father died of cancer before he could escape.

According to Park’s accounts, the human traffickers were just as bad as Kim Jung Il’s army. She and her mother suffered from starvation and subhuman treatment and sexual abuse while in their custody. It was only through sheer will power that she and her mother survived.

On a very cold night, Park and her mother were able to escape the trafficker and make their way through the freezing Gobi Desert. They also discovered that Kim Jung Il’s army was patroling the area. They finally reached the Chinese border where they were helped by missionaries. She never felt completely free until she and her mother made it to South Korea.

Thankfully, she was able to reunite with her sister, Eunmi, who was presumed dead after escaping before them. A few years after settling into life in South Korea, Park decided to devote her time to human rights issues. She felt obligated to help people who sharing the same ordeal.

Today, Park is an internationally known activist and frequently speaks out on New York Times about human rights issues and abuse.

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