CEO Steve Ritchie Sees Opportunities

Given the fact that Papa John’s International Inc. is a publicly owned and traded company, it is required to report its earnings every quarter. Papa John’s 3rd quarter earnings were, not surprisingly, significantly lower than the third quarter of the previous year. With Papa John’s being is engulfed in controversy during the intervening period, it was expected that this quarter’s earnings would be comparatively lower. During earnings call, however, Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie said that he is “optimistic about the opportunities ahead.”

There are reports that at least four companies are interested in acquiring Papa John’s. These acquisition rumors have had a positive impact on Papa John’s share prices, sparking several huge price surges. And the improvement measures instituted by Steve Ritchie to win back customers’ trust appears to be working. According to several research firms, customer perception of Papa John’s has shifted dramatically. Now, they are either neutral or even positive. This positive progress is primarily ascribed to the “Voices” campaign it launched in September for the purpose of remaking its public image. The company desires to be seen more as an employee-oriented company. The “Voices” campaign undoubtedly resonated profoundly with Steve Ritchie Papa John’s as he started out with the company as a customer service representative in 1996.

Another improvement measure instituted by Steve Ritchie is the restructuring of its executive members. The aim of this restructuring is to facilitate the company’s ability to shift its focus back to their customers. This restructuring has resulted in the creation of four new VP positions, which revolve around the following critical customer touch points: customer experience, branding and innovation, menu strategy, as well as analytics and technology. More positive news exists for Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s. The 3rd quarter earnings report indicated that total international sales of Papa John’s stores climbed by 10 percent and that 300 new stores were opened last year. Based on the foregoing, can you blame CEO Steve Ritchie for being optimistic about Papa John’s future.

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Ted Bauman Gives Scenarios of A Market Crash

Investment expert Ted Bauman explained the possible scenarios of a stock market crash. While the current market trends may continue, they could also plummet. Bauman has both experience and success, making his investment advice valuable.

Average Ratio

The U.S. stock markets are overloaded. Ted Bauman uses the CAPE ratio, which is the adjustment of price to earnings ratio made by Robert Shiller. A ten year period is used to compare stock prices and corporate earnings. The CAPE of S&P 500 is now at 32, which is close to the historical high.A drop of over 35 percent would occur if the market goes back to the normal 17 ratio. It would take over a year for this drop to happen and there could be two distinct effects. The first is investors would realize those future dividends would not yield a return on investment. Investors would instead search for profits which would. The appeal of returns on alternative assets would increase. Ted Bauman pointed out that Congress recently locked in one of the largest budget deficits in history.

Recognition of Yield Curve

Another scenario is the recognition of the U.S. Treasury having a yield curve. There is a small difference between short-term yields and long-term interest rates since they are staying low. According to Bauman, bond experts do not expect anything extraordinary to happen with the economy.

Crash and Bounce

A drop could be followed by a rise. The market and the economy had nothing wrong with them would make this possible. Rules-based selling would be followed by a quick drop, then partial recovery. In late 1987, a similar incident occurred, and Ted Bauman believes it is possible it could happen again.

 Bauman’s Tips to Protect Investments

Bauman recommends that investors do not panic, and focus on both reducing risk and diversification of assets. Stocks with low volatility should be sought out, and the aid of an expert will help.Ted Bauman has a long history of success in the stock market and experience with the best investment strategies he shares with the average person.

Lime Crime Amazing Founder: “No Fear” Doe Deere

As a young girl, along with her mother and sister, Doe Deere (originally Xenia Vorotova) came to the United States from Russia with high hopes and very little money. After their arrival, the allure of the land of opportunity proved to be more of a struggle in reality, and the three small women found themselves working and scraping to generate basic survival money.

Fearlessly, the three plodded on and struggled, eventually finding themselves taking residence in a homeless shelter. Undaunted, the three worked hard, with Doe continually drawing her designs during her rare time off work. Eventually, with talent and a bit of ingenuity, her abilities found their way to a coalition designed to help women. She was offered a scholarship based on her skills and rudimentary designs, ultimately providing her with the opportunity to develop the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Ms. Deere’s love of animals plays a prominent role in Lime Crime’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan manufacturing standards. Her sister was also awarded a college scholarship, graduating with honors.

This year, after ten successful years running Lime Crime and with a husband and baby adding to her busy schedule, she (along with her sister) has created Poppy Angeloff. This new fashion site is invisible to the public, with access gained through a membership-like registration process. Featuring petite and unique jewelry selections, this site is yet another reflection of Doe Deere’s one-of-a-kind fashion vision. Frustrated with the meager selection of statement jewelry for women of small stature, Doe went about creating her own designs. Her style sensibilities were – once again – so warmly received that some styles sold out immediately.

When looking for a contemporary immigrant success story, one need look no further than Doe Deere. Her belief in her abilities, her fearlessness and tireless work ethic have proven the key to achieving her own “American Dream.”

The Taste of Volcanos, Waiakea Water.

Though the bottled water industry is quite young compared to others, it has picked up the past and developed into a multi-million industry. As a consumer, it’s quite hard to choose which water “tastes better”, since they’re more than ten different companies fighting to quench your thirst. This has caused the packaging companies to find other alternatives and names to back up their water, like spring water, filtered water fresh water and other types of waters. It’s hard to believe that this commodity, that was previously free and very available is making people billions of dollars across the globe with a majority of the consumers of in first world countries like Italy. Though lucrative, the water business is also one of the biggest contributors of ocean pollution, due to its extensive use of plastic for packaging. Out of the billions of bottles sold, in this industry, only about 20% gets recycled. This should be alarming to both the consumers and the producers of bottled water since most of this bottles have around fifteen hundred years before they naturally degrade.

This factors, plus more, bring us to Waiakea Water, that has not only raised the bars extremely high by the methods it uses to filter its waters but also through what they use as packaging material. Waiakea Water is based and was founded in Hawaii in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The company’s water easily stands out because of how it filters its water. The water is passed through 14000 feet of volcanic rocks before being bottled, earning its name Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. This is on another league compared to what is currently in the market and very creative of the 27 years old Santa Barbara native.

Waiakea Water and the environment.

Another factor that makes this water sell is the fact that they have made their bottles a little bit of environmentally friendly. Waiakea Water started producing and using degradable water bottles by using TimePlast during the manufacturing process. These bottles degrade by themselves over a span 15 years, 1% of the time the other water bottles take to degrade.


Waiakea Water has partnered with other institutions, like Pump Aid, in an effort to provide water for communities that lack.

Matt Badiali- An investor in the mining industry

Matt Badiali is an investor who has achieved a lot from the work he has done as an investor. He is one of the few credible investment advisers who are ready to show the average American how to make money from the stock market. Investing might seem easy, but getting rewards is a major problem. By investing in the stock market, you are projecting the possibility of a particular outcome. A prediction can come out true or false. You need to base your predictions on facts on the ground. You cannot say that a certain stock will go up, but you have nothing to support it. That will be gambling.

As an investor, some things need to be looked at keenly so that we can make an informed decision. If you do not have sufficient information to invest, you might as well stay out. Investments should be made based on facts. To know the facts, one needs to possess certain qualifications. An expert in investments should be an expert in matter finances. You cannot offer financial advice if you have never attended a finance class or have expertise in finance. The main point here is, you need to know what you are offering your followers better than they do.

Matt Badiali is an expert in mining. He has a masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has traveled around the world looking for information that can help him understand the global mining sector. He has been to countries such as Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, and others. It is these countries which offered him a better perspective about this industry. Today, Matt Badiali understands the international market so well that he can tell what a change in a certain country will mean to the global market. It is through such knowledge that he can offer information that is of great help to other investors.

Matt Badiali came up with the idea of Freedom Checks after studying the international energy market. He realized that there is a great future for American companies that produce oil. These companies will gain from a decline in the production in other countries.

Robert Ivy and the benefits of joining professional associations such as AIA

In the year 1996, Robert Ivy was appointed the editor in chief of the Architectural Record that he aided to grow and turn out to be the best broadly read architectural journal worldwide. Under Robert Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record gained several publishing sector awards.

This is inclusive of awards such as the premier magazine journalism awards, the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Also, the journal also achieved 7 Ozzies and 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards. In the year 2009, Robert Ivy got the Crain Award that is the American Business Media’s superior award to a person. Later in 2010, Alpha Rho Chi, which is viewed as the national architecture fraternity, chose unanimously to announce Robert Ivy as “Master Architect” for his efficiency in passing on information pertaining the value of design.  Read more on

In an article posted on the U.S News website and written by Rebecca Koenig on 5th September 2018, school and on-the-job teaching train employees most of what they have to know to carry out their designated jobs effectively. However, for most positions, there is always much to be learned. To this effect, this is where professional societies such as AIA chip in. By 2010, there were more than 92,000 professional and trade associations in the United States.

This is about the American Society of Association Executives. One of the upsides of being in a professional society is educational programs. Additional benefits include opportunities to create networks and chances to develop credibility via taking on leadership roles and being competitive for industry awards. Trade associations usually prioritize political lobbying. However, a portion of professional societies have branches that make efforts to sway the policy makers into coming up with decisions that work to be beneficial to members.

In some sectors, being part of a professional organization gives credibility. Through belonging, one indicates that he or she is devoted to their field and that they keep in tabs with developments and trends. Professional associations such as AIA also provide information that is tailored to meet the needs of members. This type of information can be useful mainly to those just starting in the workplace.


David McDonald Journey In The Food Industry

When David McDonald was about to graduate and leave Iowa University decades ago, he was excited and optimistic that he was going to have a great career. Like every other young person leaving the university, the young man knew that there were many opportunities for the professionals like him.

Having acquired a degree in Animal Science, David was full of hope, and there were many companies ready to take him in and help in the growth of their companies. One company, however, seemed to have a promising opportunities to all young people. OSI Group is the name of the firm. When David McDonald got an opportunity to join this large firm, it was focusing on production and packaging of meat products to several cities in the United States.

When OSI Group McDonalds got his working opportunity at the food production company, he was not in a senior position as he is now. OSI Group McDonalds was fresh from the university when he got to work in the company as a project manager. At this point in his career, the businessman had little knowledge in the complicated industry, but he was ready and willing to learn and bring himself to be one of the leaders in the market. David McDonald did not joke around with his position as project manager, and he rose all the way to become the president of the global company.

Becoming the president of a company in the food market was not easy. However, when working as the company project manager, OSI Group McDonalds had been doing a very good job, and the board of directors knew that he was capable of handling the challenges of a company that was becoming international. Being OSI Group president has made David a key player in the achievements of the food production company in the recent years. The professional has helped the company to open new offices in different nations. Despite the legal activities and customer demands from the customers from all over the world, David has been keen to make sure that his firm is giving out the best products in the market. OSI Group McDonalds loves his job, and this makes him very productive.


Jacob Gottlieb Ready To Re-Join The Healthcare Industry With Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb, who owned Vissium Asset Management LP, is on the verge of launching his new business venture, Altium Capital. His former hedge-fund was founded in 2005, and managed approximately $8 billion at its peak. Despite its success, Gottlieb ended up closing the firm after an insider trading scandal erupted. In 2016, Sanjay Valvani, who was the firm’s portfolio manager, was charged by federal prosecutors with trading on confidential government information.

In addition, Stefan Lumiere, the former portfolio manager at Visium was accused by prosecutors with trying to mismark securities. He pleaded not guilty and was sentenced with a $1 million fine, 18 months in prison, and 3 years of being supervised. Jacob Gottlieb himself was never charged and was cleared of any wrongdoing associated with the scandal. From his role as the Chief Executive Officer he returned funds to the investors and continued to wind down the company for 2 years. He notes that he did not have the luxury to take a long break due to his busy schedule with liquidating the portfolios as efficiently as possible.

Gottlieb stated that he loves investing, that it is what he’s done since he was a teenager, and he expects to continue doing it for the rest of his life. In addition he mentioned that he is focused on investing again. He formed the family office called Altium Capital, which primarily manages his personal wealth, the office having 6 employees. Similar to Visium, Altium focuses on investing in the health-care industry, and already made bets on stocks in that area. The firm’s Chief Operating Officer is Gottlieb’s brother, Mark Gottlieb.

Due to Gottlieb’s medical background, he notes that for a new hedge fund which focuses on the healthcare sector. He mentioned that there have been a large number of companies over the last 5 years that went public, pointing out that the value creation as well as the value destruction is going to be large. According to him, the strategy behind the new hedge fund is going to be similar to one of Visium’s largest funds, being focused on methodical and thoughtful research.

Fortress Investment Group Has Recently Added A New Milestone:

As one of the world’s largest and most successful alternative asset management firms, Fortress Investment Group has developed a reputation in financial industry that could accurately be described as legendary. The firm was founded back in 1998. Its three co-founders are Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Today, Fortress Investment Group has offices located across the globe in critical financial markets and has been a publically traded company since the 2007 calendar year. Fortress Investment Group has had many seminal moments throughout its existence and there have been many significant accomplishments and milestones, but perhaps the biggest one came recently when the company was acquired by the Japanese company SoftBank.

When SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group announced the massive news that the Japanese firm would be taking over the investment management giant, the financial world was excited to see what would happen next. One thing is certain, the public face of Fortress will remain the core of Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger as the company’s heads will continue to run their world renowned financial operation in an as usual manner. There will be certain regulations in place that prevent SoftBank from taking a more hands-on approach, but at the end of the day, the business arrangement suits officials from both companies quite well.

The reasons that SoftBank wanted to acquire a firm with the financial industry clout that Fortress Investment Group has are numerous. One reason that particularly stands out is the fact that SoftBank had wanted to enter into the investment management sector for some time. Being able to acquire Fortress was huge for SoftBank in this regard because it is such an easy way for SoftBank to get into this business by acquiring a firm that already has the entire package accounted for. Fortress gains the benefit of having the Japanese giant behind them. It is a win, win for everyone involved.


Steven Hicks Idea on Good Investments

Steven Hicks is the sole founder of Southridge Capital which he founded in the year 1996 and has since then retained the position of the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is tasked with the responsibility to manage and execute business development plans and ideas. He has broad knowledge and experience in the investment industry for more than thirty years and has through that time learned and perfected his skills in investment banking, derivatives, financial structuring and derivatives. His educational background has also massively contributed to his success as a leader in his hedge fund. Stephen Hicks has a Bachelor in Business Administration from The King’s College based in New York and his Masters in Business Administration at Fordham University also in New York City. He basically went through school in the same City.

Steven Hicks was later employed in a hedge fund where he practically learned about being an investor and perfecting his trade which gave him the confidence to start Southridge Capital. The idea was prompted after his boss decided to move back to Australia. He then requested him to allow him to continue working for him as he heads his own firm. That is where his journey as a business owner begun.

Steven Hicks has self-discipline and is organized. For him to make profits and keep his Southridge Capital running, he wakes up and reviews the portfolio thus making a to-do list that guides him and his stuff throughout the day. In between his schedules, he makes sure that he is on the forefront in looking for opportunities and countercheck whether his investments are on track. He makes sure that he executes his responsibilities with diligence thus keeping the company on its feet and running. The dedication of time for new and upcoming investments has brought to life many workable and profitable business ideas into reality thus proving that he is interested in growing and grooming small businesses.

From His experience, Stephen Hicks has learned to be on top of his plans. He has learned to invest good money into good businesses and has shifted his focus on the money other than the returns. This specific lesson he learned through investing too much on Petals company which terribly failed thus losing a lot of money and put Southridge Capital in a bad financial position. Good money, bad investment. You can visit their facebook page.




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