OSI Industries, the leading food service provider

In this day and age, OSI Industries has proved itself in being the most prominent food service providers in the universe. It has twenty thousand operating personnel distributed in sixty-five centers located all over seventeen countries. The company was started by Otto Kolschowsky who was based in Chicago, Illinois. It was initially named Otto and Sons due to it being a family business. It rose steadily with the various business transactions it had with Ray Kroc who opened a chain of restaurants called McDonald’s. The company was the sole supplier of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation.

After twenty years Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries with the continued supply of its food to McDonald’s. Later on the introduction of the cryogenic food processing that used liquid nitrogen to freeze their food hastily opened the door for the company to expand its services. This also made the company become among the leading four suppliers to McDonald’s.

Later on, OSI Industries transitioned from not only being a major supplier to McDonald’s, with various facilities catered to the supply and production of their food but also towards other clients. It is currently priding itself with making sales of over six billion United States dollars as of two years ago. These other ventures include a partnership with K and K foods that is based in Taiwan which saw the start of the company’s Asia branch. Other branches include the GenOSI transaction that was developed in 1990 as well as the WFOE that was started two years later in China. China’s negotiated plan to enter the World Trade Organization saw the company catapult to the international stage as it would rise and be known all over the world.

At this point, OSI Industries had gotten various clients in China such as Yum and Starbucks as well as Burger King and Papa John’s. Subway was also another client as well as Saizeriya. The company’s growth was also evident in the US with deal with Nation Pizza and Foods that was started in 1994. This meant the development of a new plant that would cater for the new food products such as bacon and sausages. This plant was based in Oakland, Iowa.

The company continues to grow exponentially. It has branched to poultry as well as producing non-meat products for their clients and customers. It has various connections in countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as well as some parts of Europe.

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Sujit Choudhry Breaks Down The Problems With Constitutional Democracies

Berkeley in California is the home of one of the most knowledgable professors in the field of constitutional law and general politics. His knowledge of the two subjects is exceptionally thorough, and he has studied the transition of constitutional law as it has evolved over time. The professor has also been blessed with many opportunities to study these phenomena in real-world situations. While he has published a fair number of articles discussing various subsets of these topics, his most recent piece details how modern constitutional democracies are in danger of falling apart.

Taking and Making a Point on a Current Issue

To make a larger point, Choudhry begins by discussing the investigation into whether or not the Russians influenced the 2016 presidential and whether or not the Trump campaign and administration had anything to do with the influence (releasefact.com). There were rumors that Trump was considering firing Robert Mueller, the head of the special counsel for the investigation, but experts agree that could spark a powder keg of constitutional problems.

This is more than a mere fault of the democratic process at its core. For those who understand how to deal with the issues that face modern governments, taking advantage of the democratic process isn’t very difficult. For instance, in 2015, the Polish government was populated with a majority of members from the nationalist right-wing party. This gave them the control they needed to make changes to the constitution of the nation, so they have used their time in power to try to change as much of the democratic infrastructure in Poland as they can to better suit their party. Technically, all of their actions have been ‘legal’.

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Choudhry points out that at one point in history, the only way to overthrow a system of government was by force. That is no longer case, however. Now, the best way to gain control of a government is to get voted in legally. At that point, all you have to do is skirt the line between doing what’s in the best interest of your party and your party alone and those actions that might be considered red lines or public focal points in their constitutionality.

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Meet the Brazilian Law Guru: Ricardo Tosto

Some professions are considered noble and are only handled by individuals who are ready to sacrifice their time to learn the rules of the career. Law is among this professions. In Brazil, it is among the most practiced career. There are thousands of certified lawyers in Brazil. Surprisingly, this is just a third of the individuals who have undergone the law school. The other percentage have been denied the liberty to practice law as a result of not reaching the required standards.

Attending schools that do not have the right equipment or qualified to offer the degree is among the reasons why there are uncertified lawyers in the country. The government sees that they conduct regular checking of the law facilities. Law in Brazil is also the best-paid career. Brazil is among the top listed countries with the highest number of law schools in the country.

Ricardo Tosto is among the best lawyers in Brazil. In the big pool of lawyers, it might be challenging to choose the right individual to represent your interests perfectly in court. Individuals who have received services from Ricardo are very satisfied with the results they get from him.

Ricardo Tosto owns a law firm. The good thing is he is committed to training his lawyers to become topnotch lawyers. Anyone in his team is perfect due to his frequent training. He also researches a lot to intensify his knowledge and deliver quality services to his employees.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in multiple fields. Tosto has been hired by several firms to help in legal policies. He ensures that the policies are in favor of the firm and they are best offers for the firm. He also helps the clients in politics when they are having issues with election policies or counting of votes. In all the incidences he has come out a winner.

His success in the field has led to valuable partnerships with other companies. He has also been named as one of the most influential lawyers in Brazil. The objective of Tosto is to see that all the clients are satisfied with the services that they get from his firm. The customers are the priority of the firm.

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The Business Model of Southridge Capital In and Out of the Office

Brian Harris of releasefact.com wrote an article detailing the recent activity of Southridge Capital. Specializing in financial advisement, Southridge boasts a client portfolio of over two-hundred and fifty publicly owned companies. Their advisement of these companies ranges from operational assessment based on the company’s services to controlling positive and negative monetary shifts to the company’s revenue figures. They also assist companies who are either in or looking to enter the process of the acquisition and or merger of two companies. Their strategy focuses on a detailed analysis of both company’s mission statement and aligning the business model accordingly going forward. Southridge Capital offers services relating to the restructuring of a company’s interior framework as well as companies struggling through or potential future bankruptcy proceedings. Their approach is to use sound litigation and a clear understanding of the law to minimize expense to their clientele.

Southridge Capital uses assorted financial techniques to implement their agenda. One in particular is Securitization, where the company compiles all debts accrued by the client company and redistributes them to third party investors. They also engage in Credit Enhancement in the effort of improving the credit profiles of their respective clients. Financing strategy is the third top-level technique implemented by Southridge. The aim is to create a platform that is specific to each company’s business model to raise capital, regardless of their current stock value within the market.

Southridge Capital is committed to efforts of giving back to society through a multitude of company-based and privately funded charitable donations. Chief Executive Officer Stephen Hicks launched an initiative entitled the Daystar Foundation. This effort is mainly financial assistance to several charitable organizations that he, along with his wife, strongly support within their local community. Southridge Capital has assisted in a wide-range of industries as well including scholarship funds, community centers, medical and or healthcare affiliates, religious entities, and other organizations relating to the betterment of the human society. The company believes that helping the less fortunate and giving back to the community as a whole is important in maintaining an image of integrity and compassion for a community that the employees at Southridge enjoy on a daily basis themselves. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.

Sujit Choudhry Shades Light on How Democracy Sidelined in Many Countries.

The state of democracy in many states is unpleasant. The rule of law is perfect but so many leaders continually sideline the power of democracy and brainwash their citizens to help them achieve their self-centered. The current misuse of office across the world is raising a red flag not only to the law enforcement bodies but to the entire human race. Using the nature of governance in countries today as our laboratory, it is valid to join the many studies from renowned scholars in a conclusion that democracy is surely disintegrating. So many scholars have voiced an alert on the state of democracy, such scholars include Sujit Choudhry who concludes that democracy is crippling in the entire world.

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A Look at His Contribution

Professor Sujit Choudhry has compiled many aspects of the current climate of politics, drawing examples from media and vivid examples from the many nations. According to the experienced elite, threats to democracy neither ended with world wars nor cold wars, however, it has developed over the time. He explains this using the case of Poland where a populist and a nationalist won the election through a public majority to parliament in the year 2015. Unfortunately, the government has decided to soil the constitutional democracy of the people to enable them, achieve their self-centered interest to ensure they retain future leadership with minimal resistance.

Disintegrating Democracy

Sujit Choudhry insists that the first threat to constitutional democracy in Poland was the Courts; ordinary and constitutional. He goes on to cite that the producers used to articulate their duties created a good avenue that was capitalized by the Polish government to choose their course of action. The voting, setting of an Interim President, assigning of judges to handle cases, and constitutional panels’ regulations were some areas with clear loopholes.

Outlining his Contribution

Professor Choudhry says that even though it appears that they are solving matters within constitutional boundaries, the dissenting opinions towards them equally have technical weight since they possess very refined evidence that the democracy is threatened by their actions. An ideal illustration is the creation of the Interim President.  For an additional reading, check blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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Turning Over a New Leaf with Jeunesse Global

Penned into being back in 2009, this alternative approach to staying young and healthy was originally formed as a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform that sold nine products under the Youth Enhancement System. This system has been pumped full of critical research that yielded verifiable scientific results and turned up developments for the greater benefit of people everywhere who sought to realize their natural potential once more. Randy and Wendy, the founders of Jeunesse, walked a long path from their entrepreneurial roots to finally emerge from retirement and bring the Jeunesse Family into existence.

We Are Generation Young

The Youth Enhancement System breaks up into nine equal parts that each address a unique aspect of the aging process within the body. There’s an endless supply of all-natural vitamins and minerals that’s packed into every offering, and each one comes in a different medium to optimize the blend’s introduction to the body. While the system may seem a little inconvenient for this reason, those who patiently stick by it tend to find real results in short order.

The system includes aids for sleeping, mood, daytime energy and fitness. Those who are looking to enhance the conversion of fat to muscle will find this system interesting, and it adds a dose of appetite control for good measure on top. There’s also a mental-sharpening protein mix that uses a signature CERA-Q formula to keep you thinking on your feet day-in, day-out. In addition, there are supplements that buff the immune system and stabilize cellular functions to aid the battle for wellness not just now but going into the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Lastly, the skin creams — all three of them work together to brush small blemishes off while reducing the effect of aging with the passing years.

Although the Youth Enhancement System sounds like it’s meant only for the older crowd, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The system is designed for all ages, and it doesn’t just undo the damage that’s already been done; it also helps to preserve what the user still has.


Democracy in the US is Failing According to Sujit Choudhry

Professor Sujit Choudhry has written about a lot of political issues, especially those concerning constitutional law and design. Recently, he wrote a chapter in the book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? that had a particular focus on a single tweet. This tweet was by former Attorney General Eric Holder in reference to the potential firing of Robert Mueller, White House Special Counsel.

Eric Holder stated that this action would be an “absolute red line” for the democracy of the United States that the people must speak out about. Sujit Choudhry finds it interesting that he is putting so much emphasis on the American people instead of the legal system to address this issue.

Choudhry believes that the American people making the final decision on the matter is a form of “constitutional self-enforcement” with the focal point being Robert Mueller’s employment at the white house. The nature of the tweet indicates that not all constitutional violations are deemed to be so in a court, which is especially interesting coming from the former head of the legal system in the United States. Only time will tell far how far these lines will have to be crossed before the American people take to the streets to express their dissatisfaction.

Sujit Choudhry has served as Dean of the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley where he is currently a Professor of Law. Before Berkeley, he was on the staff at both New York University and the University of Toronto. Highly educated, Sujit Choudhry has earned 4 degrees in Science and Law from McGill University, the University of Oxford, the University of Toronto, and Harvard Law School. For more than 20 years, Sujit Choudhry has worked as an international constitutional advisor.

The internationally known Sujit Choudhry has been published more than 90 times in books, articles, reports, and working papers (works.bepress.com). Currently, he is on the boards of several organizations including the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, Constitutional Court Review, and the Institute for Integrated Transitions. As a professor, he researches a broad spectrum of topics such as constitutional design and official language policy.

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Peter Briger Continues to Be a Driving Force at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is the Principal and Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, an alternative asset manager. Initiated in 1998, Fortress Investment Group oversees assets from 1,750 clients and private investors; these assets utilize private equity, permanent capital investment strategies and credit and real estate strategies. Fortress Investment Group began an IPO to the public markets in 2007. Peter Briger earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University. Peter Briger came to Fortress Investment Group in 2002 after working at Goldman Sachs for 15 years. He initially led the Fortress Investment Group’s debt securities and real estate ventures, and he currently is a principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger’s role as Principal at Fortress Investment Group is to lead a team of over 300 members that focuses on investing in distress credit investments and assets that are undervalued.While at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger co-founded the Special Situations Group, a highly successful and profitable group that helped drive Goldman Sach’s revenue over the next several decades. By buying and selling assets that had lost funding from mainstream capital sources, Peter Briger and his team were able to earn extensive profits for Goldman Sachs by selling shares when these companies became popular again in their respective markets. Peter Briger is involved in many charitable works, including participating with the Silicon Valley Council, a group that oversees funds for children around the world. Peter Briger spends much of his time and resources promoting other charitable efforts designed to support children in poverty by providing education and resources.

Peter Briger is a long-time supporter of Central Park in New York City and has invested upwards of $600 million to help conserve and maintain the park.Peter Briger is also on the board of many philanthropic organizations such as the Princeton University Investment Company, the Global Fund for Children and the Hospital for Special Surgery. Not content with solely maintaining a productive presence at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger continues to be involved in many other public interests and community concerns around the world. Peter Briger has been on the Forbes list of World Billionaires many times over the years and has always been willing to share his wealth with others. With his financial acumen and drive, Peter Briger is an asset to any business venture or philanthropic outreach.

End Citizens United Looks For A Major 2018 Midterm Campaign Fund

Established in 2015, End Citizens United was originally seen as a traditional PAC which may struggle to survive because of the limited mandate of its goals revolving around the protection of campaign financing regulations. In fact, the development of End Citizens United has been important to the left-leaning side of the political spectrum as the President of the PAC, Tiffany Muller has decided to back Democrats in upcoming elections as they are seen as being more open to reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

End Citizens United has become a major part of the drive in the U.S. to protect the regulations already in place for election financing and fighting to reverse the powers provided to Super PACs and “mega-donors” by the Citizens United decision. As the 2018 Midterms draw closer the role of End Citizens United is growing even more with the focus of many on developing candidates who will benefit from the projected $35 million war chest the group is creating through grassroots donations not permitted to total more than $5,000 per member per election cycle.

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Recently, the power of End citizens United has been shown in the growth of the PAC on a national scale which has seen them protecting the important work completed as part of the Johnson Amendment which separates the power of Church and State. The work of the PAC also extends as far as examining the different options open to politicians who wish to follow or not to follow the regulations in place regarding funding their campaigns.

The Herald-Tribune reports the End Citizens United PAC has grown increasingly concerned about the campaign finances of Florida Governor Rick Scott and recently filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about his New Republican PAC. In paperwork filed to establish the PAC, Scott stated it was devoted to extending the work of President Donald Trump and encouraging young people to support the work of the GOP; however, End Citizens United reports the PAC has now switched its focus to backing the upcoming election campaign of the Governor which flouts election finance rules in a major way. As Scott attempts to shift his focus to a Senate run the use of funds raised for other purposes would constitute a major breach of the regulations designed to protect “testing the water” donations.

OSI Food Solutions: Food Solutions At Its Finest

Food product research and food product development goes a long way, especially for food-service providers. There isn’t any time for guessing if you’re in the business of producing specific foods. OSI Food Solutions, an Aurora-based food company, has mastered the art of custom-food solutions. This company is dedicated to producing high-quality foods that are sold in grocery stores as well as served in restaurants. OSI has some of the top R&D specialists, and these professionals are highly trained in the subject at hand. These professionals work in some of the finest of facilities while using some of the most technologically advanced equipment.

For those who have a company in this industry, OSI Food Solutions can handle all of your needs. With its make-it-mentality, this company can bring manifest ideas into a reality. Yes, it’s that simple and the company will work with the client throughout the process. Image is everything, especially in today’s society. OSI will produce foods that are not only great tasting, but produce food that are pleasing to the naked-eye. You won’t find a more productive food provider that has this much know-how. When it comes to standard food, OSI Food Solutions covers the entire gambit with foods such as:

• Fritters

• Pizza

• Tomatoes

• Flatbread

• Turkey Products

• Poultry Products

• Cheese

• Desserts

• Chicken Nuggets

• Chicken Fried Steak

• Pot Roast

• Beef Patties

• Tofu

• And many more

Thanks to the wonderful leadership role of CEO Sheldon Lavin, this company has been able to flourish via acquisitions. OSI Food Solutions is constantly evolving, and it has acquired stake in Tyson Foods, in Flagship Europe and in BAHO Food. The future of the foodservice industry will continue to thrive and OSI Food Solutions is a main component of this success.

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