Sightsavers-Saving Sight

Sightsavers has some impressive accomplishments. They have transformed the lives of countless people suffering from blindness or other eye diseases. They are an organization that does charitable work in thirty countries. Some of these countries are among the very poorest in the world. Sightsavers has been a presence in India since 1966 and screens people to intervene before permanent blindness has the chance to set in.


Sightsavers provides antibiotics to thousands and they also teach the people in the countries they visit how to care for their eyes properly. Proper eye care is very important because it can prevent many eye diseases, prevent eye infections and even prevent blindness. Sightsavers may not always be able to help those who have the permanent blindness to be able to see, but they are able to help those who are blind to live productive lives and even support their families and to be independent rather than dependent on others.


Roughly 15 million Indians face blindness, and most of those cases are preventable. Many eye infections and diseases are simply caused because of unsanitary living conditions. Many people in India live in very remote villages, and they become recuse and dependent on their families. Many become so depressed that they even commit suicide. Sightsavers works with programs such as the Ganjam District Rehabilitation projects which helps to train people from these areas to help those living with blindness.


Sightsavers concentrates their efforts in the areas afflicted with poverty and the lack of resources the most and in areas that need the most help. Their volunteers and staff are involved in the lives of those they help and have a love for them. They want to help, and they are doing all they can to give them the tools that they need to get better and to become self-sufficiency.


Sightsavers is also forming alliances with key corporation s in order to do more good. They have already established a good partnership with many organizations and continue to be global leaders. Companies who partner with Sightsavers also get many benefits from helping out such a powerful organization. They become a good role model, and that boosts their popularity and ultimately their success. Sightsavers will not stop until they rid the world of preventable eye diseases such as glaucoma and they are dedicated to making a difference. They care, and they are dedicated to those they are helping.

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