Running a business is not as easy as it seems. So many aspects have to be taken care of, and that is why Southridge Capital LLC comes in to help companies find innovative financial solutions. Southridge is open to all for any advisory services such as economic analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisition, restructuring analysis and bankruptcy advice.


Since its foundation in 1996, Southridge has become well versed with the marketplace. The firm has succeeded in delivering financial solutions. Southridge has financed more than 250 companies and made investments worth $1.8 billion. These public companies are spread globally making Southridge a global solution for financial needs.


Southridge Capital’s team is focused on giving companies solutions that are viable and will not be a burden to them. The company has developed plans aimed at enhancing their creditworthiness and securitization solutions. The firm together with the companies’ creditors works to eliminate debt by monetizing assets that a company possess through loans. Southridge also implements its solutions according to the liquidity levels of companies, offer convertible debentures and extend the Equity Purchase Agreement.


Based on linkedin, another factor that enables Southridge capital to manage to be a prominent company for financial solutions is their leaders. The founder and CEO of the firm, Stephen M. Hicks, keep the firm on its toes. They are always on the lookout for new opportunities and never forget to check up on the progress of the already existing investments.


Stephen and his team pride themselves with the experience they apply in their strategies to keep assisting companies to grow. Additionally, keeping an eye on current trends has still played a vital role in Southridge Capital operations. For the CEO, Cryptocurrency is the one trend that stands out and encourages people and businesses to jump on the opportunity.

Southridge Capital is involved in community development through volunteer work and philanthropic works. Such efforts strengthen Southridge and improve the society by making a difference in people’s life. Southridge in partnership with Daystar Foundation have financially supported Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship fund, Lounsbury House, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Ridgefield Community Center and many others. Daystar Foundation is a charitable organization started by Stephen Hick and his wife.

Southridge Capital has the best intentions for its clients. The firm’s ability to move from the corporate world into the social aspect in the form of philanthropic work solidifies their readiness to help companies. The firm continues to grow as the best finance investing company.



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